Best blog hosting platform to make money online

best blog hosting platform to help you start makin money online and automate your website

There’s no doubt, if you want to start an online business, create a blog to start posting good content, even if you are starting and have no knowledge about how to do it, i recommend you to start from the beginning with a professional hosting service, this is not expensive, you may even get some offers from the start, the best blog hosting platform will help you automate the proccess of creating a website and your blog, so you can start creating content fast, to rank on google search early.

So the best blog hosting platforms are websites that will sell you a service to host your blog or website to be available 24/7, so, even when you are sleeping, your website, blog or e commerce will be online, making money for you, so starting a website with a custom domain and with a paid hosting service from the beginning will help you to rank faster, and its going to make your site look professional.

website advertising is one of the most common way to monetize your site

Web advertising placement: create a passive income online: serving ads on your site can be done automatically, but sometimes you must plan a great strategy to optimize your ads.

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Free services with own domain

There are some blogging websites that will offer this service for free, but unless you buy a domain, the URL for your website will be assigned to you, normally this will be a sub domain and will not be looking good one, this sites will normally put their brands and ads into your website to make money and sales from it, so it will be better that you to start making money from ads instead of your free hosting website taking advantage of your great content to earn the money.

But branding and ads in your site are not the only reason you want to stay away from “free blog hosting services”, there are a lot of posts from professional bloggers who says that it will take longer for blogs under “free blog hosting services” with this kind of subdomains to rank for any search engine, and theres a lot difficult to migrate from a free platform to another paid one, and in any cases this will not be possible, so choose carefuly.

Best blog hosting platforms with low costs and offers

Ok, for this we will keep in mind that, as you are starting a blog or website, you must want a web or blog hosting that fits your needs, and for this we will normally go for a low price service, so for domain you may want a .com domain, this is because its the most popular kind of domains, nevertheless, you can choose .online, .co, .me, .tv, these are even chepest, but believe me, a .com site will get more clicks, so for a .com domain you have to pay $12.99 USD this is a year, but you will pay from $2.99 to $5.99 from a basic hosting service, many hosting sites will sell this service with a year free domain, so choose wisely.

Features to search for?

As a beginner you may only want a good, low cost, and automated service, so with a few clicks you will start crafting your website and creating content, unless you are famous and you have a big audience to start monetizing quick, you will mostly see little to no pageviews the first 2 o 4 months in your website, thats why you wont need to put attention on technical details about hosting service.

For those of you who want to know more about the technical data, you may want a service who offer at least 1 to 3 domain hosting, at least 50gb storage, unlimited bandwitdth, cpanel or support with wordpress or most blogging platforms, some hosting services may include website builders, templates or themes to create, i still recommend starting a wordpress, this is for its plugin and themes database.

Best hosting to start your online business

There’s a lot of hosting services out there, they offer from shared hosting in virtual servers, limited to one domain, to dedicated servers to host your sites, so this next list is based on most popular blog hosting or web hosting sites, who offers the best service for a lower cost and thats beginner friendly.

1.- Bluehost

One of the most popular sites across wordpress users, bluehost offers a wide variety of services, from virtual server shared hosting to virtual private servers, and dedicated hosting servers, their plans currently offer a free year domain, website builder with templates, their servers are pretty fast and well optimized, you can step up the basic plan to have unlimited storage, its a very complete service and perfect for beginners, the basic plan starts from $2.99 to with a free domain for the first year included, go for the next plan for $5.45 to have unlimited storage and websites.

2.- Godaddy

This hosting service as become one of the most popular, their prices are low cost but with high quality, as blue host their platform is one of the most beginner friendly, they actually offer mail service for $23.88/ first year, and a free domain ($11.99 yr value), so you will start with a free domain to start creating a your blog website, their basic hosting plan start from $5.99 USD, so for this price you will get a good service, my recommendation is to step up to the next plan, so for $7.99 USD you will start with a service with unlimited storage and unlimited domains.

3.- Cloudways

One of the best high performance and high tech hosting website, not as popular as bluehost, but its a very high quality service for a relatively low cost, taking bluehost to compare, the cost of cloudways basic plan is higher, but its nearly as good as bluehost tier 4 plan, so this is a good chance for you to start even as a beginner, in a service with a great capability, where you will not migrate your website from because it offers a good bandwith, ram and storage, so this is a very good choice to start with a blog hosting with a very high end performance for a very good price.

4.- Big scoots

This is a top tier hosting service, often used by advanced website or blog developers who normally have big and complex websites, they have a good service, high end, fast servers and a wide variety of services, even if you are a beginner, they have shared hosting as bluehost or cloudway, so you can choose this service, and upgrade when you need, their prycing is very similar to cloudways, but they have a better support team, with a fast response to every problem and doubts.

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Hosting services are one of the most important part of your blogging project, you are going to stay a good amount of time with this services, so you have to choose wisely, but dont worry if you already picked up and paid for a service and is not listed above, there are more services out there and some are great, also, you can always migrate your website from one company to another one, if you are a total beginner and dont even know how to install wordpress, go for bluehost, you wont be disappointed, but if you have a budget a little bit higher, then go for cloudways, take your time and start learning to start fast and creating great content.

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