Best seller book category in Amazon kdp

best seller book category in amazon kdp

We all know, writing a book is all about inspiration, our point of view of the world, and some other factors, kdp is the perfect platform for self publishers who are already creating content and have a low budget for their book’s marketing. every publisher and content creators need to know which book categories are the most successful on the platform. Keep reading because the next list is about the best seller book category in Amazon kdp.

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1. Romance

This is maybe, the best seller book category in Amazon KDP, almost every author earning some serious money on KDP has a good romance book catalog, from historical to contemporary, futuristic, and sometimes adding suspense to the mix, the genre is diverse and has a loyal following.

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Many romance authors have found great success on KDP, with several hitting the USA Today and New York Times bestseller lists, romance author Bella Andre is an example of a successful self-publisher in Amazon KDP, she has reported earning more than $1 million from her self-published books. She has also been quoted as saying that her self-published books have sold more copies than her traditionally published books, so that’s a lot for a self publisher who started with a low budget and now has a very lucrative business as a self publisher.

Romance books are enjoyed by almost people of all ages, audience who reads romance books on Kindle tends to read from the beginning to the end in a few days, and that’s a lot to keep in mind, as almost 70% of the people who start a book on kindle, does not finish the book, just think about that when creating your first book.

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More best seller book category on KDP

2. Mystery/Thriller

Mystery and thriller books are another popular category on Amazon KDP, there are some great authors with a lot of great books, if you already are interested in writing mystery or horror books, this category is great but has a lot of competition too, so try to go on a sub-niche of the genre. Avoid writing on a too crowded niche and analyze the query results to get some insights on how will your book perform against your competitor’s book, many self-publishers have found success in this genre and it sure has room for more.

3. Science fiction

Science fiction and fantasy books are well-received and have a large audience. This genre has a dedicated fan base that loves narrative, complex worlds, and great characters, authors creating content in this category tend to innovate on their niche, there’s a lot of competition too, but you can always create something new, and your audience will read it entirely. Start writing science fiction if you like complex worlds, interesting characters, and tech.

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4. Young Adult

Young adult books target audience ages 12 – 18, These kinds of books have become popular and have quite low competition right now, so you still have a chance write a book or a series of books, of course, some of them may require the author to have some psychology expertise, but normally, young adult novels just require people to write a great story with middle age characters and a great plot. These books explore themes of self-discovery, identity, and first love.

5. Children’s Book

Children’s books are without a doubt, the best seller book category in Amazon kdp, very close to the romance category. From picture books that are normally considered low content publishing, to middle-grade novels, parents and teachers are always on the lookout for new books to share with young readers to encourage good reading habits. Many independent authors have found success in this category, some authors have a massive children’s book catalog (up to 500 books) so, of course, is a competitive niche, but you can still create something to earn a good income.

The best you can do to start getting traction in the children’s book niche is to create books with interesting characters and keep creating series of books with the same characters with different outfits, tools, and accessories, doing this, your audience will be getting familiar with your characters, and you will get more sales.

6. Non-Fiction

This category is getting more attention lately. From memoirs to self-help, all kinds of coaching books can be found on Amazon and they are reaching an audience who wants to grow professionally or just want to get inspired for their everyday job, readers are always on the lookout for books that will educate and inspire them, to enjoy routine and sometimes even to plan their work strategies. many authors, influencers, YouTubers, and coaches have found success in this category by offering unique perspectives and insights on a wide range of topics.

7. Cookbooks

Cookbooks are very popular and have great competition on Amazon and are growing every day, with a growing interest in healthy eating and culinary arts, some people buy cookbooks for inspiration in the kitchen, quick and tasty ideas to prepare their meals, and avoid eating the same every day. Successful authors in this category often offer unique recipes, cooking tips, and beautiful food photography, this kind of books are often, the most expensive to print, if you have a passion for cooking and got some original recipes you want to share, you may want to create a cookbook.

Being this a niche with a lot of competition, I recommend you to sub-niche and try to create cookbooks with a topic in mind, for example, The TexMex Burrito cookbook, or The BBQ sauce catalog, some of these ideas may sound like very small niche with a very low volume searches, but believe me, these ideas can bring you a nice monthly income for years.

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These are the main reasons for the great popularity of romance books in KDP.

Emotional connection

The biggest reason for the popularity of romance books is the emotional connection that readers feel with the characters and story told. Romance novels focus on the development of a romantic relationship between two characters, and sometimes people feel connected with these characters, feel their joy, pain, or sadness, and they get familiar with them on every page. The reader becomes invested in the characters, the story, and sometimes their background, and they are often drawn in by the emotional ups and downs that come with the development of the relationship.


Another reason why romance and books, in general, are so popular is that they help people to escape from reality, to read about something so emotional makes their routine easy and interesting. Many romance novels are set in a different period or a different world, making an immersive story that everyone can enjoy. This can be a good distraction from the stresses and challenges of everyday life.

Broad appeal

Romance books have a broad appeal, as they can be enjoyed by readers of all ages and backgrounds, and that’s where you as a publisher needs to take advantage, of course, there is a lot of competition here, but it’s the most profitable because of the massive audience it can get. The themes these books touch are interesting for a wide audience, such as love, loss, and redemption, making the age for this niche really wide. Additionally, romance novels can be found in a variety of sub-genres, from historical romance to contemporary romance to paranormal romance, sci-fi romance, and so on, ensuring that there is something for every reader.

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Easy to publish

Another good point for the popularity of the romance category is that it is relatively easy to publish a romance book. Romance novels typically follow a specific formula, with a clear beginning, middle, and end. This makes them easier to write and edit, of course it depends on the writer’s expertise, the complexity of the story and characters, the background story, and the plot twists that sometimes adds some extra flavor to each story, this category can be more predictable for readers, who often know what to expect from a romance novel, but the most veterans writers on the category have their very unique touch to create the perfect story.

Strong marketing support

Finally, this category often receives great marketing support from Amazon, that’s why a lot of new authors get some traction at least once a year, increasing their sales drastically. Being often featured prominently on the Amazon homepage and in email newsletters makes wonders for authors to increase their sales, and they are frequently included in promotions and sales. This makes it easier for authors to reach a large audience and build a loyal fan base.


The best seller book category in Amazon KDP right now is romance, but some categories you will find at amazon kdp are most successful than others, some genres have a less audience but have a lot less competition, and that’s where beginner authors should start. If you are a beginner writer looking to self-publish on KDP, you should consider your strengths and interests to find a category that you are passionate about and can successfully market to readers. With the right combination of talent, dedication, patience, and time to write your story, you can write a successful story.

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