Blogs are dead on 2022

blogs are dead on 2022

Back in the 2000’s a person would start a blog for social purposes, to tell stories about their life, show shome good pictures about their travels, parties, and friends, bloggers where students and teens, who spent some time writing some lines between each picture they uploaded to tell their friends about their great adventures or how they felt, then as internet has evolved, blogging and bloggers has evolved to become business, nowadays people say blogs are dead because of the popularity of social networks

Social networks have surpassed the internet for sure, and people use this platforms to comunicate, play, entertain, read, work and to trade, so it has become so powerful, that it can be considered the new internet, but it does not neccesary means that blogs are dead, blogs and external websites are often part of social media, some networks don’t allow posting links, some others do, but blogs are still getting a good chunk of the traffic.

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Blogs are dead business

Unless you have money to outsource everything and run ads to start getting traffic fast, making money off a blog is a long run, however, if you have eperience you can get money early, with a good seo strategy and creating a massive amount of content fast, nowadays blogs are made for business, you have to write good and useful content that match search engine queries in order to get traffic and start earning, you wont earn money fast and maybe wont make anything within one year, but nowadays, blog business are definitely not dead.

There are millions of blogs out there, and thats why most of the people think its not business anymore, but just about 15% of the people who start a blog, keep working on it after one year, thats because people wont often work for free, creating content, writing and publishing without a revenue, so you will require, patience and passion for your topic or niche, and most important, to be constant, dont stop the grind, publish every day or every two days, keep a schedule.

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Online stores often have blogs

Creating an online store to sell your products, or a niche site with amazon affiliate links is one of the most used strategies for people to create a business online, one of the first mistakes these people do, is create a website full of affiliate links, even now, google will penalize a website with product reviews or posts filled with affiliate links only.

The most healthy and reasonable way to start getting traffic for your niche website or online store, is by keyword research, writing content about something, product comparisons, tops, best of the year, best brand, and questions and answer posts, creating 1000 to 1500 words lenght posts, to compete for keywords, is the best way you will get traction, so blogging is one of the most useful tool to start a successful business.

How much money can i earn with a blog on 2022

There are too many blogs out there, most of them earning no money right now, and thats because of bad strategies, or low knowledge, as there are pretty high competition niches, you will find the amount of content is the most important, starting a blog with 30 to 50 blog posts done, is a good strategy to start ranking early and earning from $200 to $500 USD within 8 months, but that numbers are not always as good as it seems, it will maybe take you from 100 to 150 posts, but with this quantity or more than 200 posts in 2 years you will be earning at least about $ 2k USD.

As you can see, making a full income off a blog is possible, but you have to work hard in order to make it happen, the most important thing about blogging, is you are getting traffic, people is there viewing your content, so, you have many opportunities to monetize this traffic, getting your audience to know you, and share their opinions, doubts and comments with you, that way you will know what this audience need, and will act properly, creating better content focused on those needs, creating infoproducts to get another income stream.

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Avoid listening to magical internet gurus

If you have been searching for knowledge about blogging and earning money online, you might have stumble upon youtube’s magical and rich gurus, this people will tell you that this is a fast, and easy business, and that you will create a passive income, earning 100k monthly in less than a year by just creating a crappy website filled with amazon affiliate links, beware of these fake teachers who just want to make money from you, selling their fake infoproducts that will tell you the same things over and over again.

There are some good examples of people creating good content and living off their blogs, and even when these people offer you a good course or ebook, think carefully before taking action and spending your money on these kind of products, there are a lot of videos and even blogs like this, with tons of content for free, to help you start your online business, even when one of the goals of this site is to create online courses, i will be selling these once i think is a valuable and good resource for people.

Blogs are not dead, they evolved

Yes, social media is there, trying desperately to get all the traffic, they don’t want to people leave their websites, they want all the attention they can get, this means money for them, but there are millions of people searching for useful things, asking questions, trying to buy something or looking to learn something new, so, thats the opportunity for us bloggers to grow our business, blogs are not dead, they evolved into online stores, schools, libraries, or newsletters, creating revenue and trying to grow even more every day.


Starting a business is always hard, not just blogs, every business will need an investment, and maybe a lot of time to start getting profit, it will requires a lot of patience and skills to get to the point you will start earning money, but believe me, it worth it, once you get there, it becomes a little more passive, and thats when you start another project, because once you have the knowledge to actually start another blog or website, you will create another to have another income source, i hope you enjoyed this post, and it motivates you to start now your online business.

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