Can you make money selling planners and journals on amazon?

Can you make money selling planners and journals on amazon? of course you can, learn here how!

Creating low or no content books is becoming popular, every day people uploads thousands of low content books to the kdp platform, it takes hard work and patience, but, can you actually make money selling planners and journals on amazon? of course you can, even with all the competition out there, if you put some determination and creativity you will earn a pretty penny.

Planners have become a popular tool for individuals to manage their schedules, set goals, and stay on top of their tasks, even you will need a planner once you start working on your next book, so, this post objective is to guide you on your way to create a great planner, as these are a great way to start growing your low content book catalog, if you want less competition to earn money a bit faster.

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Competition in Amazon KDP for Planner Creators

Planners are always on demand, some people tend to write down every event and change on their schedule, so, planners offer a promising opportunity for you generate income as demand is high and competition is still not insane, however, it’s essential to understand and navigate the competition to stand out and achieve success as there are less competition, but its a tougher one.

competition can be tough, but you can still make money selling planners and journals on amazon

Guide on how can you make money selling planners and journals on Amazon

Focus on Quality and Design

Planners do have a great competition, of course, it’s not as high as journals or notebooks, but it’s there, and their quality and design play a significant role in attracting customers, so you have to ensure your planners are visually appealing, well-designed, and offer a great user experience, if not the same, better than your competition, and that will be the real challenge.

In order to stand a chance you will need to invest some resources in high-resolution graphics, readable fonts, and intuitive layouts that align with your target audience’s preferences, so, maybe this will be a more expensive niche, but one where you can earn money earlier.

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Create a Unique planner layout that define your product

Differentiating your planners will be key to attract customers, innovative layouts, specialized themes, unique functionality, or a combination of all these will be great to get your customers buying your planner every time, emphasize every feature of your planner in your marketing efforts and highlight how it benefits users.

Narrow down your target market and focus on a specific niche on every planner you create, instead of trying to cater to everyone with a single product, tailor each planner to a particular audience segment, this can include specialized planners for students, lawyers, physicians, dentists, engineers, parents or artists, doing these will result in some of your products selling more than others, and that’s how we can start analyzing our best performing niche.

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Customers reviews can scale your sales

Positive customer reviews are great and will significantly impact potential buyers decisions, once you start getting good reviews, your product listing and sales will grow, encourage customers to leave reviews for every planner you sell, offer some kind of customer service and promptly address any concerns to generate positive feedback, showcase these reviews on your Amazon listing and other marketing platforms.

Customer feedback will be of great value, use it to improve your planners too keep growing your sales and product quality, take note of customer suggestions, address any issues, and incorporate improvements into future editions of your planners, by continuously enhancing your offerings, you can build customer loyalty and maintain a competitive edge.

To stand out the competition, you will have to continuously innovate and update your planners quality, update it for your audience’s future needs, keep up with industry trends, customer preferences, and new planning techniques, introduce new designs with every planner update, new features, or formats to keep customers excited and engaged.

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Create and develop a brand your audience can identify

Establishing a strong brand presence is what you need to do if you really want to scale your sales and income. Create a brand logo and a good name, color scheme, and consistent visual elements.

Build a website or a blog to showcase your planners, share planning tips, and engage with your audience, social media platforms to connect with potential customers and build a community around your brand.

Collaborating with influencers, bloggers, or other planner creators can expand your reach and introduce your brand to new audiences, so don’t close yourself and use social media, talk with other self publishers about your work and go to planner-related events, conferences, or online communities to network with industry professionals and gain insights and experience.

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Step by step guide to create a planner to start selling on amazon kdp

Step 1: Define Your planner’s purpose and target audience before diving into the creative process, pick your planner niche and keywords, determine the purpose of your planner and identify your target audience, will it be a daily, weekly, or monthly planner? your design and template choices will be based on this last question and tartget audience, so think carefully.

Step 2: Plannners do need an outline, you don’t need to add it at the end, but it will help you to give a structure, common sections include calendars, goal setting pages, to-do lists, habit trackers, note pages, and inspirational quotes, ensure you give your planner a logical flow of pages on every section, planning the content in advance will streamline the design process, if you still have no clue on a good planner design, ask a close friend for one or one of your parents or family.

there's a lot of online tools to ease the entire creation process of your planner

Step 3: Design your planner’s layout and pages using design software such as Adobe InDesign, Canva, or even Microsoft Word, start creating the layout for your planner, there are great online tools that will ease your job like boltdesigner, determine the page size of your planner (commonly 8.5×11 inches) check if meets Amazon kdp requirements and create great templates with a consistent theme, fonts, and a good color scheme. let some white space for ease of use and readability.

Step 4: Adding functional elements make your planner practical and user-friendly by including functional elements, add reasonable space for writing, checkboxes, and lines for neatness, ensure there is enough space for users to jot down their tasks, appointments, or notes and consider incorporating helpful prompts or tips to guide your planner users through the planning process.

Step 5: Customize cover design, it has to be eye-catching and with a professional look that represents your planner’s theme and appeals to your target audience, once more time, you can use canva or another great online or offline tool if you know how to do it properly, sometimes, hiring a real cover designer is recommended though, always use high-quality images, typography, and colors that align with your brand, remember, even on a planner, cover is the first impression and it’s what get you sales most of the time.

Step 6: Edit carefully your planner’s content to eliminate any errors or inconsistencies. Check for spelling, grammar, and formatting issues. It’s essential to present a polished and professional product to your customers to get good reviews and good feedback.

Step 7: Convert to PDF format once your planner is designed and edited, convert each page to PDF format for easy uploading to Amazon KDP. Ensure the pages are high-resolution and properly formatted for printing.

Step 8: Upload and publish your planner in your Amazon KDP account, set the pricing, select distribution channels, and enter the necessary details such as title, description, and keywords.

Step 10: Market and promote your planner once published, if you really want to start selling early, Amazon ad campaigns are recommended, doing this of course, requires investment, and i don’t recommend doing this with your first book, leverage social media platforms, create a website or blog, and collaborate with influencers or bloggers in your niche.


Can you make money selling planners or journals on amazon? of course you can, it requires to learn a set of skills though, like keyword research, cover design, promoting and marketing, but as you write you will get more experience, and get more sales with every book.

Keep in mind that, there are a lot of factors why your book won’t sell, the first can be, your first book will suck, or maybe not, but you need patience and once you get some sales you will feel motivated to keep writing.

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