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The most successful low content books on Amazon KDP are those that cater to specific niches or audiences, you have to do good research and niche analysis if you really want a successful book. Coloring books continue to be popular despite the great competition, and there are several successful niches within this category. Take a look at this post to make $1k monthly creating coloring books to builds a well catalog for amazon kdp

Creating a successful coloring book requires careful planning, research, and execution, the easy part here is creating content because this kind of book has an average of 50 pages, but of course, your content needs to be great. In this article, we will explore the different types of coloring books that sell well on KDP and that means, you have to target these and niche down to create a best-selling book.

Coloring book niches for Amazon kdp

1. Animals

Coloring books featuring animals, such as cats, dogs, and wildlife, are popular coloring book niches to earn $1000, very appealing among animal lovers and children, if you look now on Amazon, you will get a lot of these, and of course, competition is tough, so niche down. These books often feature realistic or stylized illustrations of animals that are fun to color. Pet coloring books are really popular, try to niche down, creating a book about breeds or mixing pets with landscapes or sci-fi elements.

Wild animals coloring books are popular too, exotic animals with vibrant colors are really a great opportunity. You can create coloring books featuring different types of wild animals, such as lions, tigers, bears, and elephants, and their habitat. Sea creatures coloring books are popular among children and adults who are interested in marine life. Creatures, such as fish, dolphins, sharks, and whales are very interesting for almost every audience.

2. Mandalas and intricate designs

Mandalas are circular designs that are often used in spiritual and meditative practices, these kind of patterns are getting really popular on kdp lately. Intricate designs, such as patterns and abstract shapes, are also popular among adult colorists who are looking for a challenge. Geometric designs, such as tessellations and repeating patterns, are popular among people who enjoy more intricate designs, there are many forms of patterns to create and sometimes you can create these patterns with some simple design tools

Coloring books featuring designs inspired by different types of animals, such as birds, butterflies, and cats, are one of the most popular right now, so, try to create some of these, There are really great design tools that will help you create these patterns. intricate designs of different types of animals, or mandalas featuring animal-inspired shapes and patterns are great, of course, it requires patience and some knowledge about design tools.

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3. Floral and botanical

Floral coloring books and botanical designs are popular because they simply give some kind of peace while you are coloring. realistic or stylized illustrations of flowers and plants that can be colored and can be customized with different colors and shading techniques are great and of course niching down to some specific kind of plants, seasonal or regional, is a great idea.

Garden-themed coloring books are ideal for people who enjoy outdoor activities. try creating books with the different aspects of gardening, such as garden tools, vegetables, and herbs, or some that focus on specific garden themes, such as a butterfly garden or a vegetable garden, these sub-niches are great and have less competition and search results, so you can fit your book here.

Seasonal floral coloring books are another great sub-niche, one with more competition, but it’s still a great choice if you want to try. Each season has different kinds of flowers, and some of them are captivating, such as cherry blossoms in the spring, sunflowers in the summer, and fall leaves in the autumn.

4. Inspirational quotes and affirmations

Coloring books with inspirational quotes and affirmations are popular among people who want some therapeutic and uplifting activity. These books often feature illustrations that correspond with the quotes, sometimes these quotes can be strong words or swear, so pick your theme carefully.

There are affirmation coloring books that are gaining popularity among people who want to incorporate positive affirmations into their daily lives. You can create books with different types of affirmations and short quotes, such as self-love, confidence, and gratitude, or coloring books that focus on specific types of affirmations, such as affirmations for healing or affirmations for success, these kinds of books have fewer competition but have less search volume too.

Positive word coloring books are popular too and normally focus on positive words and phrases, this here is a good niche too, this is where all those swear books are niching down, so, you can try this sub-niche as it’s one of the easier content to create. You can focus on different kinds of phrases in your book, such as joy, peace, and kindness, or coloring books that focus on specific themes, such as positive words for a person or relative

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5. Holidays and seasons

Valentine’s Day is one of the most popular and full of competition seasons on Amazon kdp, you can decide to create some stuff here, but your book will sink at the bottom of the search results if you don’t spend on ads so, you will have to really niche down, a great sub-niche here is related to candy figures and designs.

Summer is a season that is associated with outdoor activities and is a niche with a lot less competition than Valentine’s Day. niching down on landscapes like beach scenes, outdoor sports, and other summertime events is recommended as always, try to avoid bees and summer flowers, those are really difficult niches.

Halloween is another popular holiday with a variety of themes and imagery and of course, great competition, there are a lot of ideas you can create here, mix mandalas with spooky images, ghosts, pumpkin designs, and so on.

Christmas is mandatory if you are creating seasonal coloring books, so niche down in order to avoid competition and make some sales, coloring books about ornaments, reindeer, Santa Claus factory, Christmas elves, candy canes, and festivities are great sub-niche ideas.

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6. Travel destinations and landscapes

Famous landmarks from around the world such as the Eiffel Tower, the Great Wall of China, and the Taj Mahal are great and all, but this is a difficult niche, so, take this idea and take it to a different perspective, or pick another kind of landmarks. National parks are home to some of the most breathtaking landscapes and animals, popular national parks such as Yellowstone, Grand Canyon, and Yosemite are great and have less competition and a great idea for your book.

Cityscapes and urban landscapes are great too, this books offer a great variety of things to color with different color tones. Skylines, street scenes, and iconic buildings from cities around the world are great, a great idea here is a book about rural towns and small communities.

7. Fashion and style

Books with famous designs created by Chanel, Gucci, or Prada are great and also have less competition, just keep in mind copyright, just avoid naming your book after a Trademark. This niche can be a great way to showcase your own unique fashion sense. Fashion accessories such as hats, handbags, and jewelry can be just as important as clothing when it comes to creating a stylish look, so, start creating good fashion designs with lots of accessories.

Books with fashion sketches of clothing, shoes, and accessories from different eras or fashion designers are popular, but it’s a relatively new one, so you can still fit something here. Wedding dresses are a popular fashion item that many people find fascinating, it has a low search volume and low competition. A book with different styles of wedding dresses, flowers and accessories, from traditional to modern and unconventional can be a great idea.

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8. Fantasy and sci-fi

Unicorns, dragons, and other mythical creatures are popular themes in fantasy coloring books, very popular for kids and of course, have high competition, but here you have a really vast niche so, you can niche down a lot. Unique and creative designs of these creatures can be a real challenge, but these books can become best sellers that make you hundreds or thousands of dollars.

Futuristic cityscapes are definitely great and have low competition right now, of course, the design here is difficult, so, if you are not a real artist, you will need some good tools. Cities of the future with towering skyscrapers, flying cars, and other futuristic elements, spaceships, rockets, and other vehicles from science fiction movies and TV shows are also popular themes.

9. Sports and fitness

Many fans of sports love to show off their team spirit by wearing team gear and logos. Detailed and intricate designs of sports team logos from different leagues and sports are a good idea, just remember the trademark and copyright rules and you will be safe. Sports equipment and moments are a really good niche, competition is high but try to niche down a bit more, a basketball player jumping with the ball ready to score, or two football players running.

Fans of sports love to see their favorite athletes in action. You can create coloring books featuring some athletes from different sports in different poses, capturing their energy and passion for their beloved sport.

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10. Artistic styles

Abstract art is a style of art that focuses on form, color, and texture and is very popular right now but you can still fit in.try creating designs inspired by this style, such as geometric shapes, fluid lines, and vibrant colors. Art Deco is a style of art characterized by geometric shapes, bold colors, and a streamlined aesthetic. Books inspired by this style, such as architecture, fashion, and decorative motifs are a great idea with low competition.

Impressionism is a style of painting characterized by short brushstrokes, and an emphasis on capturing the atmosphere and impression of a moment. this kind of design is difficult but is great and has less competition, if you are an artist this may be for you.


A very important aspect of creating successful coloring books for KDP or another self-publishing platform is to identify and target profitable niches with low competition as you start, then you can go for those coloring book niches that will earn you $1000 or more each month, creating strategies and paying for ads to have more sales. By conducting thorough research, analyzing trends, and understanding the needs and preferences of your audience you will succeed as a self-publisher.

The design quality is a very important factor too, high-quality and unique designs can attract more customers, receive positive reviews, and lead to more sales, these reviews can lead to massive sales. Whether you are creating intricate mandalas, beautiful landscapes, or inspiring quotes, your designs should be original, engaging, and aesthetically pleasing for your audience.

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