How to create a blog content strategy for 2023

this guide will show you how to create a blogging content strategy

To plan a content blog strategy is very importart for you to make a schedule and not to burnt out, you can easily write a post everyday, but beware, that will get you exhaust quickly, so even if you are starting and have to create a lot of content to rank faster, i will show you how to create a blog content strategy, easy, to start the year.

To create a blog content strategy we will need a calendar, unless you have a season blog niche, like christmas or halloween niche, we will start by making content to rank fast and get as much traffic as we can, so at least starting january, you need to write from 20 to 30 posts, then you will be posting 3 or 4 weekly.

your blog content strategy is very important to get traffic fast

First month

You have to choose here, january has 31 days, posting daily this month will be a challenge, you have to take your time and create as great content as you can or, you can post two times from monday to friday for 3 weeks and then relax, remember, posting is just the beginning of your journey, you may want to create a wide variety of content as videos, podcasts, webinars, courses, ebooks and more, but, right now, focus on getting those 20 – 30 posts online.

Creating a blog content calendar strategy is a good practice to put some realistic goals, if you have a full time job, its going to be a hard task for you to create content everyday, so be realistic with your goals.

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Month 2 – 3

By the second month you have now 20 – 30 posts, so you may want to relax a bit, so i recommend writing 2 – 4 posts weekly, so by the end of the third month you will have more than 60 good pieces of content, it will be very rare for your website to start getting traffic even at the end of the third month, but a maybe you have 10 – 50 views per month, if you still want to do a hard work you can still posting daily and by third month you will have 90 posts, so, its up to you, but now you have a nice number of posts to start ranking.

Start promoting your posts on social media, create discussion groups, solve problems and ask question about problems related to your niche and provide links to your posts that solve the problem for those users, you will get your first pageviews like this, and will start gettint traction.

you need a blogginc calendar to achieve your blogging goals

Month 4 – 6

You can slow down a bit more here, write 2 posts weekly, lets invest a bit more time in website design, submit you website to google adsense to display ads, categorize your posts, if you have not, start looking for affiliate programs within your blog niche and add affiliate links, by the end of the sixth month you will have from 80 – 100 posts, and the first 30 posts you have published will start getting the most of the traffic, by this you probably have between 500 – 1000 page views, si you will still not making money, but you can start earning some with your affiliate links.

Month 7 – 9

Keep posting 2 articles weekly, i recommend you to create a youtube channel and start creating videos about the topics of your blogposts, yo can just speak in front of the camera or, just show your screen and speak to show the things you do, this will help you grow an audience faster, create a podcast or webinars to have more content, it doesn’t need to be new content, you may will create a podcast about one or two of your posts.

For you to start a business, you need to start creating an email list, there are many sites ou there who will help you to create forms and mails to start an email list, and for this you need a “magnet”. A “magnet” its an infoproduct, ebook, webinar, podcast or video with information created for your audience, you will offer this product in exchange for the subscription of this user to your emal list, and with this, you can start sending news, promote your website or next infoproduct directly to your audience.

At the end of the ninth month you will have 100 to 125 well written posts, 1200 – 1500 pageviews, and if you have made it right, you will be getting $5 – 10 USD from ads and more with your affiliate links, its not much but believe me, you will see a nice increase from now on.

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Month 10 – 12

By now, your site is now well monetized, you will be earing betwee $10 and $15 USD with ads and more with affiliate links, by here you will have betwee 2000 and 3000 pageviews on average, you keep posting those 2 good articles per week, or just one if you like, but i recommend you to start planning and creating an infoproduct, for this you may use some of your posts content, infoproducts its a good way to start selling your own product, and earn more money, you can use plugins to sell this on your website or with external platforms who will keep a percentage of every sale.

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I recommend to keep promoting your sites on social media, create digital marketing campaigns to sell, use your email list to send offers of your infoproducts to your loyal audience, by the end of the year you will end up with 120 – 140 posts, so you can even take a break from writing a couple weeks and just watch yout site grow, promote on social media or another websites and create strategies to grow convertion rates to generate more sales.

once you are used to your content strategy an see the results, you are going to achieve success

Start a posting routine

Its a bit hard to me to show you a work routine, if you have a full time job you could have a very little time to spare, so you will need 1 to 2 hours to post something, dont worry about design, images or video you can do this another day, first you have to write, then you will want to start adding images or video to your content, so, if you have time to spare in the morning, start writing, you will need from 30 min to one hour to make the research and then one hour or a bit more to write all the content.


A blog posting routine will help you get the job done properly, without starting to feel burnt out, so its important for everyone to learn how to create a blog content strategy, now you know what it takes to grow from zero, you only need to be patient and get to work on promoting all of your content to get a boost on pageviews, by doing this you will get more traction, traffic and potential customers for your infoproducts, thanks for reading, if you liked this post leave a comment, your feedback its very important to me.

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