How many blog posts to get traffic in 2023

Learn how to get blog traffic in 2022

Welcome to the ultra-fast post on how many blog posts to get traffic in 2023, creating and growing a blog from scratch is a difficult job, there is too much to learn and too many variables to manage, to get traffic to your blog you will need at least 20 – 30 posts, you can get early traffic with only 5 posts if you are a good writer, you are on a super low competition niche and its an informational, evergreen content, but even with 20 – 30 posts you will be lucky if you get traffic on your first three months.

Unless you are a total expert or have the money to pay for ad campaigns, then welcome to the sandbox, you are here until google starts indexing, categorizing, and making users tests with your website and decide which user queries will get you on the first page, so, let’s start with the basics and going further to the most advanced tactics on how to get blog traffic, the best tactic, of course, will be your well made and crafted content, but there are some aspects that we all need to know.

create the perfect content to get blog traffic fast

As a beginner the most important is quantity over quality

That’s right, as you start a website, being a blog or not, you need to write content, add some videos and good images to start getting traffic, help people, and solve users problems, so you have to start writing asap, for that you will need to write 30 – 40 posts the first month, why? because you need to start ranking your website for as many keywords as you can, so stop being lazy and start creating content now.

In the beginning your posts will not be so good, it takes practice to write good, well-written, and user-engaging posts, but don’t worry, that’s why you have to write them yourself, and at least I recommend you to write 100 posts before yo start paying for them (outsource), this posts needs to be between 1000 and 2000 words length, you will than add images or videos to keep your audience engaged.

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How many words need a post to get traffic?

As many as your blog niche topic quantity lets you write, so let’s take this example, you have 20 posts and after 8 months you are getting 3000 views monthly, but just 2 or 3 posts are getting most of the traffic, this is often seen in most blogs, and its completely normal, so you have to keep writing as much as those 2 or 3 posts to keep getting more traffic, if you start doing things right, and create 100 posts as those 3, then you will get 100k or more pageviews monthly faster than you expect, so the sky is the limit, write as many posts as you can to get, this will get your site growing faster with each one of them.

As your website is getting traction and authority and you have a great number of great posts, you will slow down the pace, so, this will be a great time for you to begin promoting your content to get more and more traffic from another source.

Not getting traffic after 6 months and 20 posts or more?

Well, there are too many variables to keep in mind, niche, topics, keywords, engagement, and of course SEO, being the least the site design. First, keep in mind that Google will index your page after some time, taking even 5 days to appear and then it takes 8 months for your posts to start ranking, so, to start getting organized traffic you need to create the content and be patient.

analyze your blog traffic to understand your audience

A very important thing to do for your website to get traffic is SEO (for search engine optimization) is not going to hurt if you take some SEO course or masterclass, but for this, you may want to install an SEO plugin, there’s a lot available if you are a WordPress user, and some other platforms have SEO tools integrated, to do this you must know how to do great keyword research, then you must have to write your post using that specific word, careful, google penalize keyword-stuffed websites, so use that keyword about 4 or 6 times in 1000 words length posts.

Blogging format and layouts will be a part of your successful blogging experience

Blog format to get more traffic in 2022: Check out this layouts and blog formats to drive more traffic to your blog!

How to get blog traffic early

Social media, this will be the most important task to start getting traffic early, you have to start sharing your posts on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and quora and even making videos about your posts on youtube, linking those videos to your posts for viewers to go there, you don’t need to go all platforms, choose 2 or 3 of them, join Facebook groups within your blog niche and start asking questions, write good posts solving problems always linking to your site for more related info, don’t get spammy or be rude, you may want to create a group or a Facebook page to post there too, but keep in mind, this is to boost your traffic early, we need to grow organic traffic to get serious.

Create a wide variety of content

As a blogger, you will be writing a lot, but your work does not end here, keep creating, take photos to use in your posts, draw something cool, create Pinterest pins that link to your posts, and create a video about each one of your posts, that means you have to create a youtube channel and it will possibly grow this way too, podcasting is a good way to grow an audience, create a webinar, there’s a lot of things that will help you start growing your blog, and the most important thing you will be creating new ways to monetize.

create a publishing schedule to brin more traffic to your blog

Keyword research

Last but not least, keyword research must be done, and you need to learn the way to do it correctly, if your blog is not getting traffic after a good amount of time, this could be the problem, you need to search for well paid and low competition keywords to get traffic, and monetize your site, you may also check for every post if you are not using the same keyword, remember, every post is a chance to get more traffic and earn some money, and by using the same keyword for every post, it’s putting all your posts to compete for each other.

blogging platforms for beginners 2022

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Starting a blog could be easy and exciting, but the work needed to get traffic, and make a website succeed is a full-time job, too many people are not going to work a full year without getting nothing in return so, that’s why a ton of bloggers and websites go down, that’s why I always recommend being patient and be prepared to start a long journey of hard work and to start learning good technical skills to succeed.

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