How to monetize a blog without ads?

monetize your website without ads with affiliate programs, membership or crowdfunding

There’s a lot of doubts on how to monetize websites or blogs, you can create a web from scratch even if you are a beginner, with no experience and want to make some money from this, theres a lots of things to learn, but dont worry, just start now, and you will be creating content, and learning along the way, displaying ads is one of the first method you may want to add to your income sources, but if you want to know how to monetize a blog without ads, and get the most of your hard work, keep reading!

If you want to know how to monetize a blog without ads, you need to get knowledge about your niche, you first need to create content and identify your audience, google analytics its the perfect tool to do that, you need to analize their gender, age and if you can, interests and, so you can search or create products to fulfill their needs, our goal is to know the kind of topics and posts your audience will be interested in, then you can monetize with some of the next list:

affiliate marketing, the best method to monetize without website advertising
  • Affiliate programs: search for affiliate programs to sell products, an example of this kind of programs is amazon, with amazon affilate program you create your affiliate account, search for the product you want to offer in your webste, and create the affiliate link to paste it into your posts, this way people reading your post will probably click your link, and you get your comission once they buy the product ( once the product has been sent), comissions are variable, and amazon made comission cuts last year so, its a risk, but its one of the most popular affiliate programs.
  • Infoproducts: Once you know your audience, you may want to create an infoproduct, with an infoproduct you can create a great source of income, it can be an ebook, a course, podcast, video and so on, you can sell this infoproducts on your website, or another platform, if you want to know more about infoproducts click here.
  • Membership website: Once your website has a nice amount of great content, you can create memberships, there are a lot of plugins out there to help you crate a membership area, for your website, this way you can create premium posts, give free infoproducts or courses, and give more value to your loyal members.
  • Patreon/buymeacoffee: This is almost the same as a membership website, but, you can create an account on patreon or another crowdfunding platforms and start getting money from your audience, in exchange you can create premium content for them, a discord channel to chat once in a while and have some interaction with them.

Avoid doing this to create a good affiliate program website

Starting an affiliate program website from scratch can be hard, and sometimes people wants so desperately to get money, they do big mistakes, as filling their website with affiliate links or create posts where affiliate links is most of the content. Another common mistake is creating review posts only, this was the way to go for affiliate sites some years ago, but since google has made changes in the algorithm, this kind of site were wiped from google results and they will rank no more, so be careful.

There’s a lot of websites who utilize keyword stuffing into posts for ranking purposes, this is a very bad idea, google is learning and this kind of websites are even getting banned from google, so they will not show on google results.

Amazon is not the only affiliate program available

I often see very young websites with good quality content, premium themes, and even paid plugins, using amazon affiliate links only, thats not bad, but keep in mind that, amazon have a really low comission rate, so you will get a very low comission, unless you have pretty expensive products on your website, so start searching for affiliate programs.

There are a great amount of affiliate programs out there that will pay more and thats the objective of this guide on how to monetize a blog without ads, most of this affiliate programs offer higher comissions than amazon, there are sites with more than 20 affiliate program links on it, so dont worry, create good content and highlight your affiliate link posts.

amazon is not the only way to monetize your site without ads

Membership websites done right

Once you have a well written amount of posts, you can start a membership program, i recommend starting your membership program when you reach 50 to 80 posts, this way you will then create half content for free and half for your membership tiers, for this you will need to learn something about digital marketing, so you start promoting the membership benefits, if you did this the right way, you will have a good amount of sales and will start getting a steady monthly income.

Membership sites are a bit most demanding and requires a constant input from you, but once you have a good amount of members, your earnings will worth the hard work, so, you will need a good content strategy to get content every week for your site and keep adding more value to your membership tiers.

Display your own ads

Once your website has a good amount of pageviews, you can start selling ads space to third companies, you may do this from 10k pageviews monthly, so you can sell those ads starting from $200/mo, and increase depending on your traffic or convertion rate, there are plugins that will help you with this kind of analytics.

Guest posting is another way of making money, sometimes you will get emailed from people to write guest posts for you, and if you have the authority, traction and a great amount of traffic, you can charge for every guest post, by this, you are accepting external people to write posts for your website, so you get money and an extra post, you only need to review this kind of posts and see if it mets quality requirements.

sell space on your website for third companies paid ads


Displaying ads on your website is not a bad practice, creating content for free sucks, but you have to do that to get traffic on your website, so this little guide on how to monetize a blog wihout ads, is to avoid filling your website with ads that will certainly slow it down, even when i recommend you to apply google adsense, where you can adjust ads to the right number and do a good media optimization to enhance performance, if you dont want to display ads, you can do everything listed above, and start getting money once you did your job creating good content.

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