How to promote your blog content to monetize early

learn how to promote your blog on social media on 2022

Creating great content everyday to grow your website and start getting traction is tough, internet’s full of content made by professionals, and sometimes you will feel overwhelmed, if your content is already getting some views, growing an audience, that means you are on the right path, and thats because, for a beginner, making money off a website, getting organic traffic and getting traction will most likely be a difficult task, so im going to show you how to promote your blog content early to get traffic, on those first tough months.

First, you need to learn and implement SEO (search engine optimization) on your website in order to rank on google search, if you make a nice strategy, you can easily rank first for some long tail and low competition keywords, and that way is how you are going to get real steady monthly traffic, but for seo to start bringing pageviews to your site, it will take some time to get the traffic you want, and unless you have money to paid ads, you may want to know how to promote your blog to get some pageviews.

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Make a good research about your niche

Do a good research about your niche, the audience this niche will target and you will do great, this is because, there are some social networks or platforms where you will reach more audience than any others, sure, you can create an account on every social network known, but, doing this is time consuming, and you will burn out faster, so, take your time, do a good research, you have to know at least, age and gender of your target audience, then you will know the platforms you will be using to increase your traffic.

To start getting used to this strategy, i recommend, creating an account on at least 2 or 3 social networks, this accounts will be directly linked to your website, and the profile name must be the same, using the same colors and the same image, this is branding, and it will help you when people go from your social network to your website, they will recognise your brand and colors, and will more likely stay on your website longer.

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Use pinterest to promote your blog content and get early traffic

Pinterest is a good platform to get traffic to your blog or website, the fact that this social network has his own search bar has an impact on the content people is creating, you will see some great pins, good art for you to see and share with your friends, but you can post an URL on every pin you create, and place some description text, that way you will promote your blog early to get traffic on pinterest, so, the strategy here is, check pin formats and start creating some good ones, then you use a good description with your keywords and then copy your blog post url on the pin.

This platform however, has a big, and dedicated audience to some specific topics, fashion, cooking, hand crafted goodies, housing, landscapes, gardening, pets and so on, if you are on one of those niches, then it is mandatory to start creating pins and using your keywords to link to your url, you will be getting good traffic, it’s not a good idea for gaming sites, tech, education and finance niches, so if you are on these last ones, let’s move on.

Using LinkedIn to promote your website

LinkedIn is a social network to create professional profiles to interact with another people and companies who are recruiting people, this platform lets you post text, so here you promote your website early to get traffic to every article, posting some fraction of every post and adding a link to your website, this is useful if your niche is about finance, business, job opportunities, coaching and so on, post 4 to 5 full articles and then just add a fragment of your posts to engage people and get them to click on your link to get traffic.

In order to get this strategy to work properly, you have to change a bit your post, the fragment you will copy to likeIdn needs to have your keyword on your title, at least 3 times your keyword phrase in your text and at least one time on a sub header, work on your title to make it short, but engaging, use different font size and color.

Use facebook properly to promote your blog content

Using facebook to get traffic to your website is kind of tricky, you can create a page, and keep posting to get views and reactions, but you will be lucky if your post is displayed on the screen of more than 10 users, and even if your post is displayed on a lot of people screen, this post will be scrolled by the user and may be displayed never again, thats why promoting your blog on facebook, twitter or instagram is so time consuming.

The best way to promote your blog on facebook, is to search for groups related to your topic niche, join to these groups and actively make comments, help people, get attention, and then offer a proper solution, this way, people will start going from this group to your website for this helpful information, you will get people to know you and growing your audience, so this will help you get more traffic daily.

Creating a youtube channel is mandatory

It’s not a surprise almost every website has a youtube channel, creating a channel to upload your own videos is a fantastic way to create content for your blog in the video format, and to drive traffic from youtube to your website, if you get one viral video, your website can get millions of pageviews monthly,

You can start a youtube channel, and just start creating videos without showing your face, you just need to know talk and record every word you say, en then start editing you video, as you upload it, you will see you have to fill some information, title, description, tags and more, as a blog post, your video title will have your targeting keyword in, you can write whatever you want on your description, but try to write a 100 word engaging statement for pc users, once you uploaded your video, attach the link of your blog post related to that video on a pinned comment.

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Getting traffic to your brand new blog is pretty hard the first 6 months, so, you better learn how to promote your blog on multiple platforms, still, i always recommend this strategies later, when you have at least 40 to 60 posts, the first 4 or 5 months you have to create content, get used to a posting schedule and keep learning about seo, this is what will help you to get a good amount of traffic and start getting money, i hope this post was helpful to you, leave a comment to know what you think about this topic.

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