Ideas to improve your marketing ROI on 2022

Ideas to improve your marketing roi

Digital marketing is a serious business, you will need to invest money and time to start earning good money from the very beginning, and in some cases a great amount, in fact, you will have to learn the correct management of this two resources, if you are a beginner and want to start an online business, then you have to invest more time, creating content, learning about the strategies and tools you will use, this tutotial will give you some ideas to improve your marketing roi as you progress, so you start earning something to keep going, to avoid that feeling of “failure”, remember, this is a long run career, and the rewards can be great if you persist.

We call ROI (Return of inversion) to those first earnings from our business that will return the expenses we have made, there’s a lot of people out there investing great money and then, quitting in less than a year, and about 90% of the business will fail, as owners will not invest anymore on them or they will shut down their business as they are not earning any money, one of the main reasons why a digital business are earning no money is the lack of research and strategy, so keep reading and get your business ready to earning money.

Create an audience persona/ buyer persona profile

This is one of the most important steps, to start selling a product, you need to know the people that will buy your product, if you already have an audience, this will be easy, as you can collect some data from your analytics, if you don’t, start by creating your buyer persona profile, start by the age, sex, interests or hobbys, country, job, a detailed profile will help you know more about your potential customer and that way you will choose a variety of products your buyer persona may need and buy from you.

Creating a buyer persona profile will help you to understand the needs of your customer, and start creating content accordingly to engage your customer and then create convertions, once you have some experience on this, you will be capable of creating more strategies to keep your customers engaged, they will recommend you and share your content, this will be your first task as a digital marketer to start creating your business.

Plan your expenses and income

This is not a corporative secret, to avoid burning every dollar, you have to plan each of your expenses, measure all of your income and track your sales, avoid super competitive niches like gaming, insurance, health and finance at the start, try to use every analytic tool you have at your disposal to keep track of every move, this is a business, try to manage everything, this will keep you growing to get you further on your digital marketing career.

In fact, you have to plan your ROI, if you have high expenses, you have to plan a strategy to have a steady income and reach your ROI in a few months, that way you can keep up with your business, its not recommended to spend too much if your are not experienced or if you are on a risky or a very competitive niche.


Developing your own brand from day 1 is the most important thing you have to do, a brand is not just the name or company logo, a brand means trust, prescence and strenght for the customer, as you manage your brand, and set up the tools you need to create the perfect market strategy, it will be easy to get your ROI and start making sales to earn money, of course, branding developing takes some time and patience, in order to grow your business and get your brand to the next level, trials and errors must be done, so start from day 1 your brandig strategy.

Branding is one of the best ideas to improve your marketing ROI, as a brand you will be interested on creating your own products, and the best products to early get your ROI are infoproducts like ebooks, courses, webinars, podcast or videos, check out our guide on information products, here you will learn the basics to start creating your own, and by doing one you will be creating a product with a low budget, with the right strategy and well done branding, a cool infoproduct that fits your customer needs and will generate a lot of sales.

Run experiments to get your roi faster

Running experiments to compare marketing strategies is a long proccess that must be done, markets evolve every day, and doing the same thing you did ten years ago may no longer work for every business, so, start creating short trials, a landing page with a product you can highlight with 3 or 5 low competition keywords, then use interlinking to see if you can get some traffic from your high page rank articles, add banners to some of your posts to different landing pages, create 4 to 6 articles for an audience segment and see how this ranks and generate sales.

There’s a few tools you need to learn in order to reach success on your digital marketing road click here to know more.

Increase your business visibility even if you are not working

This may be the most difficult and time consuming task to do, there are lots of companies with a team dedicated to social media and to have visibility on a wide range of platforms, even some niches benefit from social media more than any others, like fashion, art, music or news blogs, if you are a beginner i always recommend doing this later, when you are a more established business, and choose 2 or 3 platforms to get visibility on social media, once you can outsource this task, i recommend you to start a strong company on each platform with at least 1 million pageviews monthly.

Choosing social media platforms to start is not too difficult, some social media specializes on some niches more than any others, but, once you have the time, create a lot of content for these websites and let it sits and age to get some ranks, for twitter and facebook, you have to upload or create content periodically to engage your audience, let your content be available on every platform and start getting all that traffic into your business website.


Creating an online business is always a challenge, you have to enjoy the every day wins you make along the way, creating a good strategy with good ideas to improve your marketing ROI is your first long therm goal, and once reached, you will get the required motivation to start everyday working hard to grow your brand and your business to the next level, i hope this post was useful to you, i will gladly read all your comments.

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