Is kdp publishing worth it in 2023?

is kdp publishing worth it in 2023? start your business today

Amazon kdp was launched in 2007 and has become the most important digital platform for writers nowadays, there are tons of books uploaded every day, and if you are looking for a great book to read, you can find a lot of them on kindle for free, there are many examples of authors who are making a great income from kdp, so this post will show you how is kdp publishing worth it on 2023.

Start your own business on amazon kdp now!

Creating ebooks to sell on amazon kdp is a real business, and as a business, you will have to create a great job and plan a good strategy to sell your products, so, of course, kdp publishing is still worth it in 2023, but you have will need to beat your competitors and work hard to create a great product line up to start earning money.

this are the cover dimensions for low content books most used nowadays

Cover dimensions for low content books on amazon kdp: Check out how you can optimize your cover, using the most popular cover dimensions!

Kindle publishing average income

As a starting point, Amazon kdp paid out more than $520 Millions in royalties in 2022, that amount of money alone is inspiring, but, how much money does the average kdp publisher make?

The average kdp low content ebook publisher is currently uploading up to 10 products monthly, and after 4 to 6 months with 40 – 50 products they start earning between $100 – $250, of course, it’s not only about quantity but quality, but some of your products will sink on amazon search queries, and some will come out and start selling.

There are a good amount of YouTubers out there claiming to be earning thousands of dollars monthly with kdp, but just a few of them have real proofs and teach some of their expertise in creating low-content publishing, of course, there are some who in fact, are earning thousands, but they are not just creating lots ebooks, but have a great ad strategy to sell.

What are Amazon kdp royalties?

A royalty is money you and amazon kdp get from the ebook sold, once you start making sales, you will start seeing royalties from 35 to 70% from amazon kdp.

Amazon pays with a direct transfer, deposit, wire, or check, so you will have no problem getting your royalties once you start making sales.

amazon kdp find your favorite book hardcover printed version

Get the hardcover version of your favorite book with amazon kdp: check out here how you can get hard cover versions for a lot of books only on amazon!

How much amazon pays in royalties

Amazon kdp has created a great opportunity for writers to self-publish their work, and not only writers but there also a lot of people creating great content for amazon kdp, you can start now and publish a novel, drawing book, journals, notebooks, and more, once published, you can start earning royalties after 24 hrs of publishing your first ebook.

There are different kinds of royalties you can earn on kdp, once you create a book, people can buy and receive a printed version, this is a paperback and the royalties are fixed at 40%, if you sell an ebook on amazon kdp you will receive from 35 to 70%, it depends on the exclusivity level of the company, selling your ebooks on other platforms may get you lowest royalties.

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Is KDP a source of passive income?

Once you have a good routine and a great product list, of course, kdp can become a great source of passive income, but at the start, is not as passive as you may think, of course, creating and publishing a low content book on amazon is a thing you can achieve in two or three days, but you have to make at least 30 to 50 and sometimes, you may not sell anything for months.

Publishing your first ebook will be a difficult task you have to overcome, but on your road to 50 or 100 ebooks, you will learn a lot and will have to start earning money with your expertise, more than you do with your designs or your quality products.

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How much money do I need to start?

Amazon kdp is a free platform, and you can use your pc software to start, like MS Office, you can search a lot of tutorials on youtube on how to start low content publishing, so, you don’t have to spend more if you already have a computer, wifi and your MS office.

Once you start creating a more wide variety of products, you may find it nice to pay for professional design software, the paid version of canva will be very useful, and there are a great number of websites that offer great quality templates and images to use on your covers and interiors.

So you don’t need money as you start, you can create a great amount of content with the things you already own, but once you start earning some royalties, it’s recommended to at least pay for professional tools to automate and ease your work.

Is KDP publishing worth it without paying for ads?

Once you start paying for ads, you are at another level of your business, of course, kdp publishing is worth it without paying for ads, but I will tell you, the main reason your business will scale from 3 to 6 figures, is a great ad and marketing strategy.

I recommend paying for ads once you start earning at least $200 and have at least 50 ebooks, with 5 or 10 of them selling at least 10 copies monthly, so start creating ad campaigns on your best sellers to scale your sales.


Starting an online business as a writer today is easier than before, but the number of people creating content is huge, and competition is tougher than ever, so, you will need talent, great content, and a more great strategy in order to start earning some money.

Is kdp publishing worth it nowadays? of course! but as with every business, you will work hard, and sometimes you will need to invest money and time in learning new ways to make sales.

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Low and no content publishing: earn money on amazon kdp don’t waste your time, check this out to see the wide variety of low-content ebooks you can start creating to earn a passive income on amazon kdp.

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