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start making money online on 2022

Right now, you can find a lot of information to learn how to make money online, most of this information can be false or may be a scam or trap to get your personal info, there are a lot of scams and most of the time you will be wasting time and money, there are just a few people making real money online, in this post you will learn how to make money online unemployed or not, with a very low or no budget at all, so, keep reading!

To make money online unemployed or while working full time on your daily job you have many options available, blogging, youtube, affiliate marketing, consulting, infoproducts, KDP, and so on, if you have no budget, you will have to invest time, and the will to learn everything you need to start with the process right away, there will be a lot of obstacles, you will get frustrated sometimes, but believe me, you will get there and earn good money.

Start right now!

One of the first problems for people to start a new business, it’s analyzing too much, don’t do that, start as fast as you can, don’t overanalyze, do it now, you’ll learn everything you know along the way, it’s gonna be difficult, maybe, if you know nothing about it, but the most important asset you have, its right in your head, so stop wasting time, and start making the difference.

its not hard earning money online, grow you audience and start monetizing

How can I make money online for free?

So, you’re intrigued, and want to know all about how to make money online for free, then, I will provide you with a list, of course, there are a lot more ways to do it, but let’s start with this:

  • Blogging/ Niche sites.
  • Programming (APIs, games, etc).
  • Making a youtube channel.
  • Infoproducts.
  • KDP/ low/mid content publish.
  • Patreon/kickstarter/Buymeacoffee.
  • Affiliate marketing.
  • Consulting.
  • Graphic art.
  • Being influencer.
  • Playing videogames (twitch, youtube, facebook)

As you can see, there are a lot of ways you can make money online, most of them requires you to grow an audience, and that’s the part you will need to work most of the time with some of these, so let’s analyze each one of them.

1. Blogging/ Niche sites

Blogging and niche sites are a great way to start a business, to grow a brand and an audience, to do this you’ll need to create a website, and write articles people may want to read, is highly recommended to share your posts on social media to grow faster, this by far is one of the best methods to get passive income, but keep in mind that you will have to write good content to keep people interested and it will take some time to start getting results.

Niche sites are the same thing, but are made to have less competition, by creating content about a very specific topic, most of the time these sites get authority and grow faster, you just need to choose a good, low competition niche, and start creating content and apply affiliate programs related to your niche.

Most sites have a wide variety of income, starting from ads, affiliate links, infoproducts and more, to start making a decent income you have to work hard, but it can become a great source of passive income.

Blogging platforms will help you create a website in minutes to create an online business check this post to learn more.

art blog post ideas to monetize your website and earn a full income

Art post ideas to monetize your art blog: Get motivated and start your art blog and monetize your great job to earn money online!

2. Programming

It’s not a secret that the internet is full of apps and programs made specially to get profit, so if you like programming or want to learn a programming language like python, c# or java, you can always start now, learn a coding language, start making programs or selling codes to people, there are many websites that will help you sell your apps, programs or scripts.

Nowadays you can write a full program script with IA, of course you need some knowledge, but IA can led your scripting skills to another level, start using IA to generate code, analyze it, and start using it to make things faster and you will be monetizing your knowledge really fast.

Most of the time websites depend on APIs, and some of these are very easy to code and sell, or use on your website and start getting the benefits of having a good API, there are a lot of websites where you can sell your codes or tools, a great site is codecanyon, check it out and start your programming business.

3. Making a youtube channel

There are lots of people making money from youtube, some of them even making more than a million dollars a year, so creating a youtube channel is a must, you have to do this because to start making good content to grow an audience you have to start making some videos, it’s your decision if you will show your face or not, but, to grow an audience, people need a face to familiarize with, by showing your face you will not only grow a brand, you will start making fans, followers and subscribers who will gladly pay for some of your products.

Creating a youtube channel is free and fast, to make videos you will require at least your webcam or your cellphone, then a good program to edit your videos, another program like canva to create your thumbnails and that’s it, you are ready to make some videos.

4. Infoproducts

An info product is every kind of digital resource you can sell online, a podcast, webinar, video, ebook, or masterclass, to sell an info product, you need a platform to make those sales for you, or create an online store, if you already have a site, it would be easy for you to make an ebook from some of your posts and promote all your infoproducts there, add original and in-depth content to give more value and get your clients to recommend your products.

infoproducts will help your create a full income fast

It’s recommended that you start planning and designing your info product at least after your first year, with enough experience and at least 10,000 viewers, subscribers, or fans, you’ll start making good sales, its important to keep the good hard work, and not to get discouraged by the low conversion or sales, with info products you can make money pretty fast, and it’s not capped, so, the limit it’s in your head.

5. KDP/ Low content publishing

Amazon and their KDP program let you publish ebooks for free and earn money, low, medium, and high content books, low and medium content publishing is making digital books like a notebook, journals, drawing books, puzzle books, and much more, making the ebook it’s only a part of the job, you’ll have to do a keyword and niche analysis to start making sales, some people make 10 o 20 publish each month and start making sales after one year, so be patient.

6. Patreon, kickstarter or buymeacoffee

If you want to learn about ways to make money online every day early as a content creator, you need to register an account at patreon, buymeacoffee, or kickstarter, this is called crowdfunding platforms, here you can create monthly paid plans for people to support your cause, you can start with a little audience, the key to attract subscribers is, of course, quality content, you put the price, make levels for your loyal subscribers, and start making money monthly.

Getting supporters may sound easy, but it can be really tough at the start as nobody knows you or your content, just keep making good content for free to get your audience hooked and paid content to attract supporters, this premium content you want to give to your paying subscribers doesn’t need to target a specific keyword but needs to be relevant and solve doubts or problems to give value to your audience.

7. Consulting

This kind of service is an early monetization method, it depends on how much you know about the niche or a specific topic, then you start by asking your audience about their needs and problems, doing this you will offer a real solution to that problem and will most likely make money, the problem with this method is, you have to spare time for each client, so, the secret here is to put a good price, and get limited clients daily to avoid getting burnt out.

8. Graphic art

This is a wide niche, as a graphic artist you will offer your talent with a good portfolio, there are good platforms to make sales, you can even start a youtube channel where you teach your techniques, or show your drawing skills doing something cool, there are platforms where you can sell graphic art for videogames, if you are into this, like unity asset store, you can register, and start uploading your work to get sales and earn money, there’s a wide variety of ways to monetize, even some graphic designers are making thousand dollars from Patreon, so, keep up the good content.

9. Being an influencer

influencers can monetize fast a good big audience.

As an influencer in social media, you can start making sales with about 10,000 followers, you can even get to work with some brands, you just have to search for a good niche to start making content, on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and TikTok are your good friends here, but to be an influencer as good as it sounds takes a lot of time, unless you’re already famous, so, start now to make content for social media.

Let’s just analyze some numbers, as an influencer with 100k followers on Instagram, you can start working with some brands, so you will be paid for posting on your blog, your first fees will not be as high as thousands, but some $500 – 700 US for a good post, also, making an infoproduct with a $150 US prize for your audience with 10% conversion is 10,000 sales, that’s $1.5M (less with taxes) so, it’s a big opportunity for you to start right now.

10. Playing videogames.

Twitch, Youtube, and Facebook are platforms for gamers to make money, of course, you have to be competitive, it’s getting more difficult, but at least, if you make good quality videos, you have a really good personality, you can start getting viewers and getting money quick, each platform has rules and requisites, but it’s a good way to start for the people that love to play videogames and make some money.

Making money from videogames is not limited to these platforms, you can start playing an MMO and get into farming items to sell for real life, of course, this is more difficult and will probably get much more of your time, but it’s a good way to make money for the people that is good at playing videogames.


There is much to learn about how to make money online for free every day, these are just a few methods, you need to start right now if you want to grow an audience and get that good income in the next years, it’s not passive income because you have to work hard, don’t believe in false entrepreneurs selling the magic formula or method to make millions, its a lie, there are no shortcuts, but the good hard work will be rewarded, and as you learn, all your knowledge is auctionable and will take you to make more money at the end of the day.

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