how do personal blogs make money on 2022?

personal blogs make money from many sources

Internet is full of information, all kind of websites and a wide range of services, you can start now a business online and make money on internet, blogging is also a good way to start a business, to grow an audience, in order to do this you have to get your hands to work, and keep creating to get the success you want, of course personal blogs make money, but blogging has evolved, and to get more attention you have to create a good research for great topics and keywords.

Of course you can create personal blog and talk about yourself and your life, upload photos or videos and make money this way, but you have to do it the right way, theres a lot of influencers out there making money from social media, instagram, facebook, twitter, not precisely from a website, but you can start on social media, and then create a blog or an e shop, find places to travel, it does not have to be far from your location.

Become a local influencer

become and influencer and make money from your personal blog

Some influencers go out to restaurants, pubs or bars, make some videos or take some photos to share on social media, then they write and post on their website a full or more detailed post about that, you can go shopping and compare some products, talk about your experience with that product, write this post as a post with photos or video and add some affiliate links from amazon or another affiliate program.

There are a lot of vloggers on youtube creating great content visiting some places on new york, texas, seattle, new orleans, and so on, they usually visit cool places with their friends or family, and highlight the best part of their visit on a video they upload on youtube and a full post on their websites, so this is a good way you can create a personal blog and monetize your content and your audience.

Trending topics are your friends

This is not for influencers or bloggers only, you have to know how to take advantage of trending topics, this way you will get more traction and maybe go viral, remember, if you are starting, no one knows who you are, so even if you create good content, videos, or good posts, this is how personal blogs make money, it takes time to start getting attention, research about this trending topics to search for places to visit, to get attention from the people who really wants to see your content.

trending topics are your friends to get your personal blog getting traction

You may want to start using Google trends to search for trending topics, this may help you start creating content with a good search volume on google or social media, and you will start getting traffic on your blog.

Transform your blog into a business

So you are now a beginner entrepeneur, you have made your profile on social media, have a youtube channel, and have a website, keep in mind that you need at least 10k followers on a social media and almost the same pageviews on your site to start getting serious, for social media this is not so difficult, you can always start with your personal profile, creating content for your personal contacts to share, so you start getting followers.

Personal blogs make money after reaching a good amount of traffic, ig you get 10k pageviews its a bit more difficult, you have to create a good amount of posts and start ranking on first places to get to those numbres, so, start writing, at least 30 to 50 posts within 3 months, they have to be 1000 to 2000 word lenght, this posts needs to be original, avoid doing copy/paste from another sites, you can get banned from google, and you have to fulfill your users needs, ask some question, solve problems, that way you will start getting ranked on google and get traffic.

How do a personal blog make money?

As an influencer, you will make many sources of income with a personal blog, as stated before, you can become affiliate, so you add links from amazon or another affiliate program, so if your audience clicks those links, they buy the product you recommend on amazon, and you get a comission, there are many affiliate programs, many of them paying biggest comissions, so you may start looking for affiliate programs of interest.

Selling infoproducts is a perfect way to start making money, an infoproduct will take a little more time to sell, and to create, but its scalable and one of the early source of income for bloggers, so start thinking about your infoproduct strategy now for the next year, last but not least, you can make money from ads on your site, this is the most common way to monetize your traffic, if you want to know more click here.

Create and monetize a youtube channel

creating a youtube channel to post your videos will help your personal blog get more traffic and make money

Creating a youtube channel is one of the most smart thing you can do for your blog, not only you will have your only videos on your posts, but you will have the advantage to get traffic from youtube to your site or to get views to your channel, that will help you to get your channel monetized, adding another income source, so buy a nice cam, and start creating nice videos for your channel.

Youtube is platform with a different SEO approach, but you can start getting views from you website to get traction fast, also creating video content is a faster way for people to know you and your brand, and create a well monetized niche, you can even post affiliate links on your youtube videos and make money from them, so create a youtube channel, get your personal brand and start creating that content to get money.


Personal blogs make money online from different sources, but you need to create a niche site, do not make posts about your everyday routine, or about you, unless you are famous, people will not even bother clicking on this posts, create posts around trending topics, go visit some places and share your experience, make a restaurant review, compare products, travel to interesting places around your location, take nice videos and photos of this places and create a good post.

Blogs are business, and people will click you to search for some information, so you have to fulfill your audience needs, so you will be working hard to get those posts getting ranked to get traffic, but once you start, you will get surprised by the growth effect of these articles.

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