how to create information products an earn a full income

How to create value information products

As a beginner entrepeneur, you need to create a good amount of great content in order to start growing an audience and getting traction, i recommend at least having one site to promote this content, but if you are getting serious, start by creating a website, create a youtube channel and at least open an instagram and a twitter account, this will help you start growing on multiple platforms and increase your audience fast, then you learn how to create value information products or infoproducts.

Creating a value information product is not as difficult as making your first sale, you will need programs such as office, obs or streamlabs, and a video editing software, if you already have a website with a good amount of posts, start using those posts as the source for your first infoproducts, by doing this you will create your first 2 or 3 infoproducts fast and maybe will start creating some money off them.

How to create an ebook as your first information product

To learn how to create information products you may want to start with an ebook, this is one of the most easy to make information products to begin with, you can create an ebook with your own well written blog posts within 1 or 2 days if you have a blog, just copy and paste 5 or 10 of your posts into a word file, word count needs to be at least 10k for an infoproduct, but dont worry, if you think your ebook is of grate value, 5 or 8k its ok, create an index, an introduction and your cover, then convert this file to pdf and there you are, you have created your first ebook.

start creating a good income with your own infoproduct, and start making sales.

You may want to use your first information product or part of it as a magnet, this is, a product that you will use to give for free to your audience in exchange for their registration to your email list, you need an email list in order to send your users, your brand new content, and to sell them your infoproducts or to use with affiliate marketing.

So there are many programs to create infoproducts, office is not the only one, but the most commonly used for people and students, so you can use them for this purpose too, to create a good design of your covers you can go to, there are lot of tutorial on youtube to learn how to create good cover designs.

Create a series of podcasts as information products

Podcasts are getting more popular, there are many youtubers creating podcasts right now, they extract the audio from the video and upload this audio file to the most popular platforms, do a good research about podcasting topics, then train your vocalization and start creating your podcast, uploading to your youtube channel your video and extracting the audio

Video editing software

As with ebooks, there’s a lot of programs to start creating videos and audio editing software, but i recommend using obs to record your video, for video editing, you may want to use filmora, it is a good program i have used a lot and its super easy to use and to create proffesional edited videos with little to no knowledge, Da Vinci resolve is another one, but one is for free, it has a steep learning curve, but its a very powerfull software.

podcasts are infoproducts getting more attention lately

Audio editing software

One of the best audio editing software you may want to download, free to use, and very light and fast, is Audacity, you can download it, but in order to extract the audio from a video, you need to download a plugin, then you can start creating audio channels with sound and effects to the audio extracted form your video.

Creating your first course as a strategy to create full income from information products

Once you have reached some level of expertise on your niche topic, you can create a course, to create a course, you may want to do a series of videos or webinars to teach your knowledge to your audience, i recommend creating a course once you have launched at least 3 or 5 infoproducts and 10k followers or pageviews on your website or social media.

To create a course you need to do a study program, write the objective of taking your course, the goals people will reach after they complete all of it, you will want to tell your audience, for whom this course is created, its a beginner course, a mid level or only for professionals.

Why i need to create a course

If you have choose an educational niche site, creating a course can be considered one of your goals, you can create a full income of 10k/ month in a short time if you create one or more courses in your own website, there’s a lot of platforms out there that will host your courses, but they will take almost all of your earnings and most of them will force you to do customer support so, basically you will work for them.

Webinar is a good way to do an infoproduct or it will help you launch your already made ones

if you want to know how to create information products and make sales keep reading our posts

A webinar its like a kind of interactive slide show, its often used to launch a product, with webinars you create informative content about this product or service, and then link the people to your sales funnel, its a good method to get create more sales, creating engagement, and offer a limited time price to create the need for the user to buy your product, there are well know platforms to create webinars, one of them being youtube live, webinarjam, gotowebinar and so on, you can go live, or record your webinar and make a schedule to invite people and get them to watch your content.


Learning how to create value information products is the first step to be a successful entrepeneur, you just have to focus on the good quality of your content first, then to reach your audience, theres a lot of professional people out there creating information products, and making good money, so, be patience, it takes some time to create a product and start making good seales.

how to get affiliate partners, monetize your website early for beginners and newbies

How to find good affiliate partners on 2022

One of the most common ways to monetize your audience is affiliate marketing, this means you can promote products listed on a third party platform and you get a comission if someone buys that product, this is a good way to create a good income for the early stages of your blog, so if you are struggling with monetization and dont know how to find good affiliate partners, keep reading and this guide will help you make some money.

There’s a lot of affiliate programs out there, one of the most used by far is amazon affiliate program, you can register by going to, and asking some questions, and that’s what you have to do for most sites, you go to their website and go down to the foother website so you can see if they have an affiliate program, then you register, some of them will accept every application, another programs will check your website, social media profiles or another platform you have to make those sales.

starting a fashion blog to monetize on 2022

How to start up a fashion blog on a budget: Start your fashion blog now, show the world what you have in mind and share your knowledge and good quality material.

Analyze your audience to create a good affiliate income

One of the most important to know how to get affiliate partners is analyzing your audience, if you create a beauty blog, you will need to target your niche audience, so you should analyze age, gender, interests and hobbies, if you have a website, you can even search for more parameters once you some traffic, then you search the products depending on that analysis, if you have a very young audience, then you should search and go for not so expensive products.

analyzing your audience is a crucial step to get success on affiliate marketing

Using google trends and social media to see whats on trending topics within your niche is going to help you make a good amount of sales, go to google trends, search for the most recent trending topics on the US, or you can even search for trending topics on new york, next, create a good amount of posts on social media, your blog and some short videos to upload on youtube, instagram and facebook, you can start making sales even with one follower or pageview, but to start creating a good steady income, its recommended at least 5 – 10k followers.

How will people click into my affiliate links?

It’s not a secret that most of people avoid making clicks into ads or affiliate links, so you have to be smart and create a good strategy for people to click on your links, to do this you have to do a good promotion of the products you want to sell, reviews, comparisons, good looking image or videos, you can even create an in depth guide on how to use that product, that way people will trust your content and they may click on your affiliate links.

Avoid trying to hide the fact you will get some comissions off that sales, you dont have to advertise on every post on your website or social media profile, but, you have to create a page with your privacy policy statements, and there you should post you have affiliate links , same goes for your social media accounts.

How to find good affiliate partners outside of amazon?

Its a common mistake for newbies to rely on just one affiliate program, there are a lots of websites and big companies creating affiliate programs to make big sales, so start looking how to get affiliate partners on big websites, then go for small companies with a few products, and once you have a good amount of traffic, and your site has some authority, you can even make some calls to companies willing to pay you directly to make some sales.

in order to know how to find good affiliate partners you have to search the internet for a product, and a companie website.

Affiliate programs like amazon are a good way to start, but making your first sale can be tough and you will earn as low as 2 to 6% comission rate with amazon, so there’s a lot of sites who will pay even more, shareasale, shopify, clickbank, travelpayout, expedia, fiverr and so on, some of this programs will pay even up to 60% off the sale.

There’s no affiliate programs for my niche site

Wrong, you can monetize every website with a good and stable amount of traffic with affiliate programs, you dont even need to do product reviews, in order to learn how to find good affiliate partners, you just need to create content related to a product, most of the time you will be creating content, so put your affiliate link in those posts getting the most traffic to highlight your affiliate posts that way you will pass some rank to that url, and you have the oportunity to make your sale.

You can create a landing page or a funnel, so if you are getting traction with one or more posts, put a link in the text of that posts pointing to your landing page, there are more techniques i will teach you to do this, and i will show you how to create a good landing page and funnel, but for now, take your time to analize your most viewed posts and let those highlight your posts filled with affiliate links, so stop thinkig you cannot monetize your website, and start creating ways to convert those clicks into great comissions.

How can i start earning 1k monthly with affiliate links

learn how to find good affiliate partners with great comission rates.

Affiliate programs are one of the early methods for us bloggers to make money, it still depends on your strategy, but, you can start making money after some 5 or 8 months with your blog, creating a great amount of content, and having at least 5 affiliate programs running on your site, traffic is important too, even when you are monetizing early, those convertion rates will take time to raise, so you will start making sales from 1.5k to 3k pageviews, so unless you are a real pro, it will take time, and it will depend on your niche.

Best niches for affiliate programs

There’s a lot of niches to start an affiliate program, you can even choose some products, and start a full niche site around those products, by doing that you will start getting rank faster, you will become an authority on that kind of products and will probably make sales faster, just keep in mind that, in order to create a good website, to rank on google and get organic traffic, your affiliate content needs to be around 20 to 30% of your website only.


This short guide on how to find good affiliate partners has finished, remember, every website can monetize with affiliate programs and start making good money, your first sale will be hard, but its going to be great and it will be the beginning of your digital career, so, don’t be afraid and start monetizing right now, even if your site is too old or brand new, you can go with affiliate links to start monetizing those great posts you have made.

Start now as mommy blog expert and create content for beginners mom to earn money

Mom advice blog: earn money from your mommy knowledge: there’s a lot of people looking for your mom knowledge, start writing and publish your adventures and well known recipes, share your mom expertise and earn a good income.

How to monetize a squarespace blog on 2022 and create a passive income

How to Monetize a squarespace blog on 2022

Choosing a blog platform or page builder to fulfill your needs can be a bit of a task, but to monetize your content created on that website, that my friend is the hard part, you will need some patience, and be smart to keep your audience hooked with your posts and get convertion clicks, squarespace is a website builder with a wide variety of services, their web templates, drag and drop functionality and easy to use tools to learn how to monetize a squarepace blog with an almost perfect design and a great performance.

As you can do with another platforms, to learn how to monetize a squarespace blog you need to know about your niche and create a good strategy to create sales, there are very few differences when trying to compare services from another platforms vs squarespace, as stated above, perfect design is why you need squarespace, even at their low tier service, they offer a great amount of professional designed templates to start creating your website fast and good looking.

Pros squarespace vs wordpress

  • A nice and well crafted amount of profressional web templates.
  • In depth classes and tutorials for the most tech things you need to know.
  • Drag and drop easy to use page builder.
  • Built-in SEO
  • Ecommerce optimization
  • Built in web and ecommerce analytics with android/ios app
monetize a squarespace blogg easy with their cool looking templates.


  • Not so good for SEO as most wordpress paid themes.
  • You can’t migrate to another server as templates are owned by squarespace.
  • Services can be even more expensive than most hosting sites.
  • not so many plugins options.
  • For ecommerce, squarespace may take a cut off your sales.

How hard is to monetize a squarespace blog?

To start monetizing a site you need to focus on traffic and content, your audience will pay for your service or click on your affiliate links on your posts if you made a good job writing great posts, theres a lot of squarespace users complaining though on how slow their websites are growing, the difficulties they have trying to get accepted into advertising programs and even the slowest updates to the platform.

As a platform that offers easy to build website creation, squarespace is a nice option, if you have a solid audience on social media where you already make sales and monetize, squarespace will help you to create a perfect brand design, even you can start your ecommerce on your website and start selling fast, but again, some people may refuse squarespace for taking control over everything.

How to monetize a squarespace blog within a specific niche?

Branding and design is very important, but theres a lot of reasons why i will recommend everyone using wordpress instead, and thats freedom and flexibility, something squearespace will restrict, so there’s really a small number of niches i recommend using squarespace to grow their audience and create a well designed website and those are fashion, beauty and health niches, i dont even recommend using squarespace for news because of the issue with seo they have nowadays.

If you are starting one of the above listed niches, and you have no knowledge of website development, then i strongly recommend squarespace, as you will have your site online with just a few clicks and with good looking templates, just keep in mind you have to focus on selling your products, ecommerce or driving traffic from this website to your funnel site or your social media product listing to get convertions.

squarespace page builder is powerful and easy to use

What monetizing sources will squarespace restrict

Theres a lot of users complaining about how hard is to get accepted into advertising programs for their squarespace blog, and how long it takes to rank on google, its difficult even to get affiliate links to work properly, and for some users this is a very important issue, so affiliate marketing will be hard, and eve if you get accepted on google adsense or another web advertising program, those ads will not be displayed properly and google will not count your clicks or impressions.

Ecommerce is not restricted, but its well know squarespace and another platforms will restrict the number of product listed, so you need to upgrade your service to increase your product list, even as you are using their platform to make sales, they will get a cut of your sales, so this could be something to avoid squarespace.

monetize a squarespace is easy, but the restrictions may be a real issue for professional bloggers

Will squarespace help me increase sales for my ecommerce?

Yes, in fact, one of the most powerful tools on squarespace is the store editor, not only for the template design, they will help your site to be in good shape to pc or mobile users, and help you create purchase funnels to keep people interested on buying your products, so if you are interested in ecommerce you may want to start here to simplify and start getting sales fast.

How to monetize a squarespace blog if you are a beginner, you will need tools to start doing things fast and right, and squarespace has a good amount of built in tools, the content planner, analytic tracker, email and social media campaigns, so this definitely a nice service to get your hands to work with a good and well organized schedule, so this is a good way to have lots of tools in just one place.

These are the best lead magnet ideas to take your business to the next level.


Theres a lot of website builders out there, you need to choose carefully or you will end losing all the work and money invested on your site, monetizing a website can be difficult and even if you are a beginner, i dont recommend using squarespace as your starting platform, you will be learning a lot of things along the way and you will get to a point of no return, where you will regret choosing a platform with too many restrictions, so at this starting point, go with wordpress instead.

If you are an influencer in the health, beauty, or fitness niche, i recommend you squarespace, this will cover the need to get a service provider with the best template designs, and a lot of built in tools to get started and keep track of your website metrics, if you are going to start an ecommerce, then you may want to see their store templates to see if they fulfill your needs, they are nice and you will keep tracks of every analytic.

monetize your website without ads with affiliate programs, membership or crowdfunding

How to monetize a blog without ads?

There’s a lot of doubts on how to monetize websites or blogs, you can create a web from scratch even if you are a beginner, with no experience and want to make some money from this, theres a lots of things to learn, but dont worry, just start now, and you will be creating content, and learning along the way, displaying ads is one of the first method you may want to add to your income sources, but if you want to know how to monetize a blog without ads, and get the most of your hard work, keep reading!

If you want to know how to monetize a blog without ads, you need to get knowledge about your niche, you first need to create content and identify your audience, google analytics its the perfect tool to do that, you need to analize their gender, age and if you can, interests and, so you can search or create products to fulfill their needs, our goal is to know the kind of topics and posts your audience will be interested in, then you can monetize with some of the next list:

affiliate marketing, the best method to monetize without website advertising
  • Affiliate programs: search for affiliate programs to sell products, an example of this kind of programs is amazon, with amazon affilate program you create your affiliate account, search for the product you want to offer in your webste, and create the affiliate link to paste it into your posts, this way people reading your post will probably click your link, and you get your comission once they buy the product ( once the product has been sent), comissions are variable, and amazon made comission cuts last year so, its a risk, but its one of the most popular affiliate programs.
  • Infoproducts: Once you know your audience, you may want to create an infoproduct, with an infoproduct you can create a great source of income, it can be an ebook, a course, podcast, video and so on, you can sell this infoproducts on your website, or another platform, if you want to know more about infoproducts click here.
  • Membership website: Once your website has a nice amount of great content, you can create memberships, there are a lot of plugins out there to help you crate a membership area, for your website, this way you can create premium posts, give free infoproducts or courses, and give more value to your loyal members.
  • Patreon/buymeacoffee: This is almost the same as a membership website, but, you can create an account on patreon or another crowdfunding platforms and start getting money from your audience, in exchange you can create premium content for them, a discord channel to chat once in a while and have some interaction with them.

Avoid doing this to create a good affiliate program website

Starting an affiliate program website from scratch can be hard, and sometimes people wants so desperately to get money, they do big mistakes, as filling their website with affiliate links or create posts where affiliate links is most of the content. Another common mistake is creating review posts only, this was the way to go for affiliate sites some years ago, but since google has made changes in the algorithm, this kind of site were wiped from google results and they will rank no more, so be careful.

There’s a lot of websites who utilize keyword stuffing into posts for ranking purposes, this is a very bad idea, google is learning and this kind of websites are even getting banned from google, so they will not show on google results.

Amazon is not the only affiliate program available

I often see very young websites with good quality content, premium themes, and even paid plugins, using amazon affiliate links only, thats not bad, but keep in mind that, amazon have a really low comission rate, so you will get a very low comission, unless you have pretty expensive products on your website, so start searching for affiliate programs.

There are a great amount of affiliate programs out there that will pay more and thats the objective of this guide on how to monetize a blog without ads, most of this affiliate programs offer higher comissions than amazon, there are sites with more than 20 affiliate program links on it, so dont worry, create good content and highlight your affiliate link posts.

amazon is not the only way to monetize your site without ads

Membership websites done right

Once you have a well written amount of posts, you can start a membership program, i recommend starting your membership program when you reach 50 to 80 posts, this way you will then create half content for free and half for your membership tiers, for this you will need to learn something about digital marketing, so you start promoting the membership benefits, if you did this the right way, you will have a good amount of sales and will start getting a steady monthly income.

Membership sites are a bit most demanding and requires a constant input from you, but once you have a good amount of members, your earnings will worth the hard work, so, you will need a good content strategy to get content every week for your site and keep adding more value to your membership tiers.

Display your own ads

Once your website has a good amount of pageviews, you can start selling ads space to third companies, you may do this from 10k pageviews monthly, so you can sell those ads starting from $200/mo, and increase depending on your traffic or convertion rate, there are plugins that will help you with this kind of analytics.

Guest posting is another way of making money, sometimes you will get emailed from people to write guest posts for you, and if you have the authority, traction and a great amount of traffic, you can charge for every guest post, by this, you are accepting external people to write posts for your website, so you get money and an extra post, you only need to review this kind of posts and see if it mets quality requirements.

sell space on your website for third companies paid ads


Displaying ads on your website is not a bad practice, creating content for free sucks, but you have to do that to get traffic on your website, so this little guide on how to monetize a blog wihout ads, is to avoid filling your website with ads that will certainly slow it down, even when i recommend you to apply google adsense, where you can adjust ads to the right number and do a good media optimization to enhance performance, if you dont want to display ads, you can do everything listed above, and start getting money once you did your job creating good content.

personal blogs make money from many sources

how do personal blogs make money on 2022?

Internet is full of information, all kind of websites and a wide range of services, you can start now a business online and make money on internet, blogging is also a good way to start a business, to grow an audience, in order to do this you have to get your hands to work, and keep creating to get the success you want, of course personal blogs make money, but blogging has evolved, and to get more attention you have to create a good research for great topics and keywords.

Of course you can create personal blog and talk about yourself and your life, upload photos or videos and make money this way, but you have to do it the right way, theres a lot of influencers out there making money from social media, instagram, facebook, twitter, not precisely from a website, but you can start on social media, and then create a blog or an e shop, find places to travel, it does not have to be far from your location.

Become a local influencer

become and influencer and make money from your personal blog

Some influencers go out to restaurants, pubs or bars, make some videos or take some photos to share on social media, then they write and post on their website a full or more detailed post about that, you can go shopping and compare some products, talk about your experience with that product, write this post as a post with photos or video and add some affiliate links from amazon or another affiliate program.

There are a lot of vloggers on youtube creating great content visiting some places on new york, texas, seattle, new orleans, and so on, they usually visit cool places with their friends or family, and highlight the best part of their visit on a video they upload on youtube and a full post on their websites, so this is a good way you can create a personal blog and monetize your content and your audience.

Trending topics are your friends

This is not for influencers or bloggers only, you have to know how to take advantage of trending topics, this way you will get more traction and maybe go viral, remember, if you are starting, no one knows who you are, so even if you create good content, videos, or good posts, this is how personal blogs make money, it takes time to start getting attention, research about this trending topics to search for places to visit, to get attention from the people who really wants to see your content.

trending topics are your friends to get your personal blog getting traction

You may want to start using Google trends to search for trending topics, this may help you start creating content with a good search volume on google or social media, and you will start getting traffic on your blog.

Transform your blog into a business

So you are now a beginner entrepeneur, you have made your profile on social media, have a youtube channel, and have a website, keep in mind that you need at least 10k followers on a social media and almost the same pageviews on your site to start getting serious, for social media this is not so difficult, you can always start with your personal profile, creating content for your personal contacts to share, so you start getting followers.

Personal blogs make money after reaching a good amount of traffic, ig you get 10k pageviews its a bit more difficult, you have to create a good amount of posts and start ranking on first places to get to those numbres, so, start writing, at least 30 to 50 posts within 3 months, they have to be 1000 to 2000 word lenght, this posts needs to be original, avoid doing copy/paste from another sites, you can get banned from google, and you have to fulfill your users needs, ask some question, solve problems, that way you will start getting ranked on google and get traffic.

How do a personal blog make money?

As an influencer, you will make many sources of income with a personal blog, as stated before, you can become affiliate, so you add links from amazon or another affiliate program, so if your audience clicks those links, they buy the product you recommend on amazon, and you get a comission, there are many affiliate programs, many of them paying biggest comissions, so you may start looking for affiliate programs of interest.

Selling infoproducts is a perfect way to start making money, an infoproduct will take a little more time to sell, and to create, but its scalable and one of the early source of income for bloggers, so start thinking about your infoproduct strategy now for the next year, last but not least, you can make money from ads on your site, this is the most common way to monetize your traffic, if you want to know more click here.

Create and monetize a youtube channel

creating a youtube channel to post your videos will help your personal blog get more traffic and make money

Creating a youtube channel is one of the most smart thing you can do for your blog, not only you will have your only videos on your posts, but you will have the advantage to get traffic from youtube to your site or to get views to your channel, that will help you to get your channel monetized, adding another income source, so buy a nice cam, and start creating nice videos for your channel.

Youtube is platform with a different SEO approach, but you can start getting views from you website to get traction fast, also creating video content is a faster way for people to know you and your brand, and create a well monetized niche, you can even post affiliate links on your youtube videos and make money from them, so create a youtube channel, get your personal brand and start creating that content to get money.


Personal blogs make money online from different sources, but you need to create a niche site, do not make posts about your everyday routine, or about you, unless you are famous, people will not even bother clicking on this posts, create posts around trending topics, go visit some places and share your experience, make a restaurant review, compare products, travel to interesting places around your location, take nice videos and photos of this places and create a good post.

Blogs are business, and people will click you to search for some information, so you have to fulfill your audience needs, so you will be working hard to get those posts getting ranked to get traffic, but once you start, you will get surprised by the growth effect of these articles.

google ads passive income takes hard work but its possible

Google ads passive income: earn 10k/month

Passive income online is the holy grail for everyone starting a website or a blog nowadays, and sometimes its very difficult to know if your site is going to be profitable, there are a lots of gurus that will tell you google ads passive income its possible within the first month of creating your first website, with no knowledge or experience whatsoever, and thats totally wrong!

To build a passive income, if that even exists, you must first work hard, so, thats why we cant call this a passive income in the first place, but there’s something true about this, you can work really hard for the first year, start earning a google ads passive income or from affiliate programs or infoproducts, and then, take a month vacation, comeback and see how you will even earn more money next month, but to do this, you have to work hard every day, and create a good monetizing strategy.

become social media influencer as a student on 2022

Become a social media influencer as a student: earn money on 2022: Start your journey as a social media influencer right now, create videos, have fun posting on social media and earn money!

Earning a passive income from google ads.

First, google ads are one of the most recommended strategies to start monetizing your website traffic, so, you will get your site accepted even with 5 or 10 daily pageviews, but, unless your website gets more than 1M traffic monthly or you have a great RPM/CPC you will have a very low income, the main reason is that, for new sites those metrics will stay very low, so you will have $1 USD RPM, that means if you have one thousand pageviews monthly, you will get $1 USD.

So what yo do? a good keyword research for high paid and low competition keywords will move the needle, work hard, create more content, even now if you are reading this, you should be creating more content, so this massive amount of content start getting traffic, thats how you will get there.

Getting accepted on google adsense

getting accepted on google adsense is your first step into passive income

This is the first goal for everyone creating a website, getting accepted on google adsense program to display ads on your site will help you understand some things, the metrics used to calculate your earning, and using analytics, you will know every day, wich article is getting more traffic and earning more revenue, for you to focus on similar topics of your niche.

So to get accepted you should meet some requirements, that you can see here, you have to create privacy policy, cookie policy and contact page, and you have to at least have 20 to 30 pieces of content or posts, so, start creating your website now, there are plenty of guides on how to create a wordpress site out there, use a good plugin and start creating content, thats the most important aspect of your website.

side online hustles to earn money from your home

Side online hustles for unemployed people in 2023: Check this side online hustles, you can earn money from your home, and maybe earn a full income from it!

How much can a small site earn from Adsense?

For a small site that gets a 5k pageviews with just google ads displayed on page you will earn on average between $ 10 – 20 USD, its not just that the RPM is low if you have low paid keywords, but, in the first stages of your web development, good RPMs start growing from 10k pageviews, there are some cases in wich the revenue will be up to $100 USD, but unless you are a professional with lots of experience, this is very rare and nos realistic.

website advertising is one of the most common way to monetize your site

Web advertising placement: create a passive income online: serving ads on your site can be done automatically, but sometimes you must plan a great strategy to optimize your ads.

There are some rare cases of websites displaying google ads with a monthly traffic above 1M, for those sites revenue with google adsense can go up to $20,000 ( $4 USD RPM) so, thats why you want to get the more traffic, creating a good number of posts that will rank on google fast and get those analytics moving.

as a small site you will get a very low revenue from google ads

Getting to 1 million pageviews monthly

Thats a very high goal, you need to know that, in order to get to these numbers, you need to be patient, it takes at least one year for a site to start getting good traffic, as you get more experience of course you will create better content, better strategies and will be earning money, but, for some websites to reach 1 million pageviews will take 4 to 6 years, and at least having 300 to 500 posts, good quality content.

grow your business with the most profitable social media platforms

Most profitable social media platforms on 2022: Grow exponentially and drive more traffic to your website using these social media platforms

As always, i recommend, diversification, look for more income sources, there’s a lot of ways to monetize your nice content, if you look into my posts, you will learn the way to monetize your niche, I will make step by step guides, courses, and case studys, to try to help anyone to reach their goal, make a business online and have a passive income.

Do i have to create a website to make a passive income

Absolutely no, there are many people out there making money from youtube, twitch, instagram, facebook or another platforms, that means you dont have to create a website by yourself, but, a website is a more flexible way to create an income, so, you can create only one website, then that website grows and can bring you multiple income sources.

So if you are a famous streamer, youtuber or influencer of any kind, my advise is to create a website to get more traction to your brand, sell your own products and get more revenue from your audience, its a lot of work, but if you are already getting money, you can invest some of your earning to outsource your work, create a little team of people that helps you reach your goals.

you dont have to create a website, but its a good way to start


Creating a website and starting a business online is hard work, there are too many people out there with lots of experience, companies putting big money to rank first, but thats not bad for us bloggers, those companies are already paying us to display their ads, all that money is there for us webmasters and bloggers to earn, so, in order to do this, we have to always create the best content, to search for new ways to grow our audience and monetize it.

Passive income can be achieved after some years of hard work, keep in mind that this does not mean this income will last forever, this will become your full time job, after all, this will be harder than your 9 to 5 job, but, for a revenue tha will increase every month or year.

best blog hosting platform to help you start makin money online and automate your website

Best blog hosting platform to make money online: this short guide is to show you the best hosting platforms for your blog right now!

website advertising is one of the most common way to monetize your site

Web advertising placement: create a passive income online

As internet and social media has grown up to the massive platforms they are now, companies have created a solid network, full of people around the world that has many interests and hobbies, this has brought a lot of interest to all kind of brands, business and big markets, so web advertising has become one of the multiple ways this social media websites use to monetize, now its the time for you to do that, earn money and create a passive income off your audience by creating a website and amazing content.

Web advertising is a common way you can earn money by displaying ads on your website, this ads can be placed as banners, pictures, a set of links, video or in audio format, the income you get dependes on the number of ad impressions displayed and seen or clicked by your users, so, you have to activate ads on this website, then you need to configure ad positioning, you can create and place ads manually or activate automatic display where you can choose the ad density you want on your website and where you dont want to show ads.

Why do i need to display ads on my website?

google adsense is the most used for web advertising

To start monetizing your great content, even if you have a good plan to monetize your site, i recommend you apply to an advertising platform, this way you will have another income source, so, unless you dont really need the money or want your good content to be free, having your site not to show ads will not destroy it, or will stop your audience to visit your site, so if you have a site already getting traffic and its not showing ads, go for google adsense or ezoic if you have more than 10k view.

How can i earn money with web advertising placement

In order to do this you first have to create a website, you can start with a free platform, but, i recommend you to start creating your website from a paid services hosting who will automate almost everything for you, then you can start creating content, you do this by writing useful information for your users to start getting traffic, you can start displaying ads early if you create good enough content and then apply to google adsense, if you get accepted then you will start displaying ads and earning money.

How much money will i earn with web advertising placement?

You will start earning with website advertising once you start getting enough traffic, below 10k pageviews you will likely earn between $100 to $150 USD with adsense, so you need to do a good keyword research, looking for high value and low competition keywords to help you increase your RPM( Revenue per 1000 impressions) and CPC ( Cost per click), this is how you will likely start increasing your earnings.

Check this post and learn how you can earn up to 10k monthly from ads on your website.

web advertising will pay more when you hit traffic milestones

Earn more with premium ad platforms

Google adsense is a good way to start monetizing for your pageviews, but its not the only ad platform out there, i still recommend you to start with google adsense because if you get accepted to display google ads, you may get accepted into premium ad platforms like ezoic, mediavine or ad thrive, these platforms will have their own requeriments, but with their ads you will get very nice growth and get more revenue, keep in mind that, you need to have a good amount of traffic to apply these sites, and they even requiere that 80% of your traffic comes from the US.

best blog hosting platform to help you start makin money online and automate your website

Best blog hosting platform to make money online: this short guide is to show you the best hosting platforms for your blog right now!

Will ads make my web slower?

Displaying a bunch of ads on your site will slow it down, you need to configure your ads preferences on google adsense, you can put manually each ad on every page, or let adsense do it automatically, then increase or decrease the amount of ads, you can even choose the parts where you dont want ads to display, like your header, i recommend you start with 3 or 4 banners in 1000 words pages or posts, one or two into the widget lateral bar, and the popup one, your website will not slow down like this and you will not ruin your users experience.

How do i earn money without web advertising placement?

There’s a lot of ways to monetize a website, first you know your niche, so you can sell something related to your website, there are a lot of affiliate programs that will let you sell their products in exchange for a comission, you can even get 60% comissions, you just have to look for good affiliate programs, you can also start a membership site, if you create nice content and have good audience, you can create content to members, creating membership levels will make you earn more money from your loyal subscribers.

Another choice to start monetizing your content is using a crowdfunding platform, there are a lot of them out there, you can register to these paltforms, then you start promoting your platform to your audience and start getting paid, there are a lot of people making money this way early, this platforms are patreon, buymeacofee, kickstarter and so on, so you can start right now with one of these and get to work to get money.

Check this post to learn more about monetization without web advertising.

affiliate marketing, the best method to monetize without website advertising

What do i have to do to increase my web advertising placement revenue?

There are some things to keep in mind, first, you may want to start a niches site, identify the best niche sites to earn money, then choose the one you like, as this post mention, there are some niche sites with higher ads rpm and cpc, now as for the placement of your ads, once you get accepted on adsense, start by placing your first ad just below your H1 or post title, if your theme or website layout have side bar, place some ads there too, this first ad below your title and the one on the side bar, are the most getting prints and earning money for me.


Making money from web advertising placement is a good way of creating a passive income, blogs and websites will increase in traffic with time if you have great content, so the key here is not to give up early, there are websites starting to earn money after 2 or 3 years of hard work, so creating good content and watching traffic increase will be your first rewards, then after arriving to 10k pageviews and getting into premium ad platforms you may get the nice revenue increase, i hope this post was useful, leave a comment and thanks for reading.

best blog hosting platform to help you start makin money online and automate your website

Best blog hosting platform to make money online

There’s no doubt, if you want to start an online business, create a blog to start posting good content, even if you are starting and have no knowledge about how to do it, i recommend you to start from the beginning with a professional hosting service, this is not expensive, you may even get some offers from the start, the best blog hosting platform will help you automate the proccess of creating a website and your blog, so you can start creating content fast, to rank on google search early.

So the best blog hosting platforms are websites that will sell you a service to host your blog or website to be available 24/7, so, even when you are sleeping, your website, blog or e commerce will be online, making money for you, so starting a website with a custom domain and with a paid hosting service from the beginning will help you to rank faster, and its going to make your site look professional.

website advertising is one of the most common way to monetize your site

Web advertising placement: create a passive income online: serving ads on your site can be done automatically, but sometimes you must plan a great strategy to optimize your ads.

Earn a full income blogging, click here to start earning money now

Free services with own domain

There are some blogging websites that will offer this service for free, but unless you buy a domain, the URL for your website will be assigned to you, normally this will be a sub domain and will not be looking good one, this sites will normally put their brands and ads into your website to make money and sales from it, so it will be better that you to start making money from ads instead of your free hosting website taking advantage of your great content to earn the money.

But branding and ads in your site are not the only reason you want to stay away from “free blog hosting services”, there are a lot of posts from professional bloggers who says that it will take longer for blogs under “free blog hosting services” with this kind of subdomains to rank for any search engine, and theres a lot difficult to migrate from a free platform to another paid one, and in any cases this will not be possible, so choose carefuly.

Best blog hosting platforms with low costs and offers

Ok, for this we will keep in mind that, as you are starting a blog or website, you must want a web or blog hosting that fits your needs, and for this we will normally go for a low price service, so for domain you may want a .com domain, this is because its the most popular kind of domains, nevertheless, you can choose .online, .co, .me, .tv, these are even chepest, but believe me, a .com site will get more clicks, so for a .com domain you have to pay $12.99 USD this is a year, but you will pay from $2.99 to $5.99 from a basic hosting service, many hosting sites will sell this service with a year free domain, so choose wisely.

Features to search for?

As a beginner you may only want a good, low cost, and automated service, so with a few clicks you will start crafting your website and creating content, unless you are famous and you have a big audience to start monetizing quick, you will mostly see little to no pageviews the first 2 o 4 months in your website, thats why you wont need to put attention on technical details about hosting service.

For those of you who want to know more about the technical data, you may want a service who offer at least 1 to 3 domain hosting, at least 50gb storage, unlimited bandwitdth, cpanel or support with wordpress or most blogging platforms, some hosting services may include website builders, templates or themes to create, i still recommend starting a wordpress, this is for its plugin and themes database.

Best hosting to start your online business

There’s a lot of hosting services out there, they offer from shared hosting in virtual servers, limited to one domain, to dedicated servers to host your sites, so this next list is based on most popular blog hosting or web hosting sites, who offers the best service for a lower cost and thats beginner friendly.

1.- Bluehost

One of the most popular sites across wordpress users, bluehost offers a wide variety of services, from virtual server shared hosting to virtual private servers, and dedicated hosting servers, their plans currently offer a free year domain, website builder with templates, their servers are pretty fast and well optimized, you can step up the basic plan to have unlimited storage, its a very complete service and perfect for beginners, the basic plan starts from $2.99 to with a free domain for the first year included, go for the next plan for $5.45 to have unlimited storage and websites.

2.- Godaddy

This hosting service as become one of the most popular, their prices are low cost but with high quality, as blue host their platform is one of the most beginner friendly, they actually offer mail service for $23.88/ first year, and a free domain ($11.99 yr value), so you will start with a free domain to start creating a your blog website, their basic hosting plan start from $5.99 USD, so for this price you will get a good service, my recommendation is to step up to the next plan, so for $7.99 USD you will start with a service with unlimited storage and unlimited domains.

3.- Cloudways

One of the best high performance and high tech hosting website, not as popular as bluehost, but its a very high quality service for a relatively low cost, taking bluehost to compare, the cost of cloudways basic plan is higher, but its nearly as good as bluehost tier 4 plan, so this is a good chance for you to start even as a beginner, in a service with a great capability, where you will not migrate your website from because it offers a good bandwith, ram and storage, so this is a very good choice to start with a blog hosting with a very high end performance for a very good price.

4.- Big scoots

This is a top tier hosting service, often used by advanced website or blog developers who normally have big and complex websites, they have a good service, high end, fast servers and a wide variety of services, even if you are a beginner, they have shared hosting as bluehost or cloudway, so you can choose this service, and upgrade when you need, their prycing is very similar to cloudways, but they have a better support team, with a fast response to every problem and doubts.

Interested on how can you earn up to 10k/ month blogging? click here and start now!


Hosting services are one of the most important part of your blogging project, you are going to stay a good amount of time with this services, so you have to choose wisely, but dont worry if you already picked up and paid for a service and is not listed above, there are more services out there and some are great, also, you can always migrate your website from one company to another one, if you are a total beginner and dont even know how to install wordpress, go for bluehost, you wont be disappointed, but if you have a budget a little bit higher, then go for cloudways, take your time and start learning to start fast and creating great content.

start creating a good income with your own infoproduct, and start making sales.

Create an infoproduct and earn money 2023

There are a lot of ways to create a good income online, you can start a youtube channel and start monetizing once you meet the requirements, you can create an online store, if you are an artist you may sell your art online, you can start a blog or create a website to start making money or you can create an infoproduct to sell in different digital platforms.

An infoproduct it’s a digital resource created by you, to sell and make money, this can be a course or masterclass, a podcast, webinars, ebooks, printables, artbooks, drawings, pieces of code, and more, this infoproducts are often created taking feedback from an audience to fulfill their needs, and satisfy their expectations, this is a good way to start making an income early, so keep reading cause I’m going to show you how to start creating an info product to make money.

infoproducts will help your create a full income fast

Why would I create an infoproduct?

Creating an infoproduct is a great opportunity for you to start monetizing your content early, you can even create one now if you already have enough content and want to start earning money, once you create and start making sales, the earnings are unlimited, you can dedicate time to promote all your info products, to start posting them on social media and if you already have a good amount of followers, viewers or pageviews, you can make a good income out of it.

Create a perfect posting strategy and grow your audience, click here to learn how!

Pros and cons of creating an infoproduct


  • It’s scalable: you can start by creating an ebook and sell it for $12 USD, and maybe sell 10 copies a month, but then you start making an audience and start selling more, then you create a webinar or a podcast, another ebook, so there’s no limit on how much money you can earn by selling your own infoproducts.
  • Unlimited stock: You can sell an infoproduct forever, at least until the information within this info product is relevant, fulfill the user’s needs, or it’s a good ebook, you do have not a limited stock of books.
  • Your own price: it’s your product, it’s your price unless you submit your products to a third-party platform, you can price it and get all the benefits.
  • Experience: With each of your infoproducts you get more experience, so you will get better at producing them, pricing, and promoting each one of them, so even if you have no experience, you can start now and begin to earn money.


  • This takes time: Maybe a lot of time, unless you are a famous influencer, blogger, YouTuber, or something like this, you need to have a good audience to start making sales.
  • Promotion can be hard: You can make a good promotion on social media, your own website, and youtube, but sometimes it’s recommended to create ad campaigns to make more sales, so this can be one of your expenses.
  • Not every niche will sell info products as others will: So invest some time making good research about your topic and the best infoproducts you can create.
creating an infoproduct is hard work, but its totally worth it
Guide for blogging niches, discover the wide variety to choose from and to stay away

Blogging niche ideas for 2023: Check out our yearly update for the most profitable niches, plan carefully and start growing your blog!

How can I start creating an infoproduct

First, you need to think about your niche or topic, writing about coding websites is not like writing a comedy book, or a drama, so you need to think about what your users need, what problem will your infoproduct solve, and will your infoproduct help your audience to learn some skills? then you need to write this down and start working.

It’s very important for you to write your content, even if you are doing a video, you may write a script about it, and you can always then come back to this as a backup, for most people, creating an ebook is the easiest way to start monetizing content, so you may start creating one, or you can try with a podcast or webinar.

Creating an ebook

For ebooks, the recommended length its about 10k words that not too much, but it’s a good start, for bloggers or video creators, you can create an ebook about your blog posts, always trying to add a little extra to give your users a feeling of having the ultimate guide, or the most complete form of your content.

Creating an ebook is the most common way for bloggers, youtubers, or beginner influencers to monetize their hard work, to start making sales you need to create cool content, but you will also need to promote your infoproduct before launching it, so you create expectation, you start creating your audience the need for this product, then you do a great launch, create a video, podcast, and webinars talking about the benefits people will get from buying that infoproduct, that’s how you will make good sales.

If your are making videos, podcasts or webinars, try to create many short clips, for users, having to watch a 10-hour length video stuffed with a lot of information is overwhelming, so make many short videos, straight to the point and with the best audio and video quality, once this is done you may put all those videos in one folder and promote it.

Create an online course and sky rocket your earnings.

Once you have reached a good number of infoproducts, you can create a course, for this you may want to create new content or repack a number of your videos or info products, create your course index, objectives, and requirements, then search a platform where you will host your course, even you can create a website to host your course and sell your infoproducts.

an online course is one of the most profitable infoproduct, but it takes time to create

There are too many people creating courses right now, there are also a lot of platforms that will host your course, and do everything for you, these platforms are, udemy, coursera, class central and so on, so you can create a course and start using these platforms, there are however, some things to consider, this platforms may take a lot of the earnings and you are likely getting a commission for your job, they may put your course on their special day offers to crazy low cost, so you will earn $1 to $5 USD, and you have to keep track of all of your student’s problems and questions and solve them, so you are doing all this job, getting almost no money, and keep doing customer service for a bunch of one dollar commission sales.

this guide will show you how to create a blogging content strategy

How to create a blog content strategy for 2023: This short guide will show you tips on how to create a perfect content strategy for your blog!

Create a website to host your infoproducts

So you have now an infoproduct or more, even if you have not launched any of them, or you have, but you are not making any sales, it will be always the best choice to create a website to host and sell your infoproducts, you can even craft a good membership site to give access to people to your online courses, or an online store to sell your courses or infoproducts separately.

Getting traffic to your website can be hard, check this post to learn how to get traffic fast!


Creating an info product early is a must for a beginner entrepeneur, that’s because it takes time for you to start earning money from the content you create, and more importantly, this will help you not give up before you start earning some money from your effort, so start working hard on your next infoproduct, and plan your schedule accordingly to create at least 4 infoproducts a year to start making money online.

this guide will show you how to create a blogging content strategy

How to create a blog content strategy for 2023

To plan a content blog strategy is very importart for you to make a schedule and not to burnt out, you can easily write a post everyday, but beware, that will get you exhaust quickly, so even if you are starting and have to create a lot of content to rank faster, i will show you how to create a blog content strategy, easy, to start the year.

To create a blog content strategy we will need a calendar, unless you have a season blog niche, like christmas or halloween niche, we will start by making content to rank fast and get as much traffic as we can, so at least starting january, you need to write from 20 to 30 posts, then you will be posting 3 or 4 weekly.

your blog content strategy is very important to get traffic fast

First month

You have to choose here, january has 31 days, posting daily this month will be a challenge, you have to take your time and create as great content as you can or, you can post two times from monday to friday for 3 weeks and then relax, remember, posting is just the beginning of your journey, you may want to create a wide variety of content as videos, podcasts, webinars, courses, ebooks and more, but, right now, focus on getting those 20 – 30 posts online.

Creating a blog content calendar strategy is a good practice to put some realistic goals, if you have a full time job, its going to be a hard task for you to create content everyday, so be realistic with your goals.

start creating a good income with your own infoproduct, and start making sales.

Create an infoproduct and earn money 2023: Infoproducts are great to scale your business and grow your business, check out here how can you create a great infoproduct to grow your audience!

Month 2 – 3

By the second month you have now 20 – 30 posts, so you may want to relax a bit, so i recommend writing 2 – 4 posts weekly, so by the end of the third month you will have more than 60 good pieces of content, it will be very rare for your website to start getting traffic even at the end of the third month, but a maybe you have 10 – 50 views per month, if you still want to do a hard work you can still posting daily and by third month you will have 90 posts, so, its up to you, but now you have a nice number of posts to start ranking.

Start promoting your posts on social media, create discussion groups, solve problems and ask question about problems related to your niche and provide links to your posts that solve the problem for those users, you will get your first pageviews like this, and will start gettint traction.

you need a blogginc calendar to achieve your blogging goals

Month 4 – 6

You can slow down a bit more here, write 2 posts weekly, lets invest a bit more time in website design, submit you website to google adsense to display ads, categorize your posts, if you have not, start looking for affiliate programs within your blog niche and add affiliate links, by the end of the sixth month you will have from 80 – 100 posts, and the first 30 posts you have published will start getting the most of the traffic, by this you probably have between 500 – 1000 page views, si you will still not making money, but you can start earning some with your affiliate links.

Month 7 – 9

Keep posting 2 articles weekly, i recommend you to create a youtube channel and start creating videos about the topics of your blogposts, yo can just speak in front of the camera or, just show your screen and speak to show the things you do, this will help you grow an audience faster, create a podcast or webinars to have more content, it doesn’t need to be new content, you may will create a podcast about one or two of your posts.

For you to start a business, you need to start creating an email list, there are many sites ou there who will help you to create forms and mails to start an email list, and for this you need a “magnet”. A “magnet” its an infoproduct, ebook, webinar, podcast or video with information created for your audience, you will offer this product in exchange for the subscription of this user to your emal list, and with this, you can start sending news, promote your website or next infoproduct directly to your audience.

At the end of the ninth month you will have 100 to 125 well written posts, 1200 – 1500 pageviews, and if you have made it right, you will be getting $5 – 10 USD from ads and more with your affiliate links, its not much but believe me, you will see a nice increase from now on.

Guide for blogging niches, discover the wide variety to choose from and to stay away

Blogging niche ideas for 2023: Check out our yearly update for most profitable niches, plan carefully and start growing your blog!

Month 10 – 12

By now, your site is now well monetized, you will be earing betwee $10 and $15 USD with ads and more with affiliate links, by here you will have betwee 2000 and 3000 pageviews on average, you keep posting those 2 good articles per week, or just one if you like, but i recommend you to start planning and creating an infoproduct, for this you may use some of your posts content, infoproducts its a good way to start selling your own product, and earn more money, you can use plugins to sell this on your website or with external platforms who will keep a percentage of every sale.

These lead magnet ideas are the best to get you business to the next level.

I recommend to keep promoting your sites on social media, create digital marketing campaigns to sell, use your email list to send offers of your infoproducts to your loyal audience, by the end of the year you will end up with 120 – 140 posts, so you can even take a break from writing a couple weeks and just watch yout site grow, promote on social media or another websites and create strategies to grow convertion rates to generate more sales.

once you are used to your content strategy an see the results, you are going to achieve success

Start a posting routine

Its a bit hard to me to show you a work routine, if you have a full time job you could have a very little time to spare, so you will need 1 to 2 hours to post something, dont worry about design, images or video you can do this another day, first you have to write, then you will want to start adding images or video to your content, so, if you have time to spare in the morning, start writing, you will need from 30 min to one hour to make the research and then one hour or a bit more to write all the content.


A blog posting routine will help you get the job done properly, without starting to feel burnt out, so its important for everyone to learn how to create a blog content strategy, now you know what it takes to grow from zero, you only need to be patient and get to work on promoting all of your content to get a boost on pageviews, by doing this you will get more traction, traffic and potential customers for your infoproducts, thanks for reading, if you liked this post leave a comment, your feedback its very important to me.

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