How to start up a fashion blog on a budget

starting a fashion blog to monetize on 2022

There’s a lot of topics and niches to cover on blogging, many of them with low competition, another ones very competitive and not recommended for beginners, but then, when it comes to blogging, if you have passion for that particular topic or niche, go for your topic, this article is to show your how to start up a fashion blog on a budget, even with a low investment you can earn a good income, just stick to a plan, and start pumping content.

As always, starting a fashion blog is not different to another topic, you need to start by making some keyword research, its recommended for you to make a keyword research for up to 2 months of content, at least 20 posts the first month, to get to 60 post by the third month, so this will help you rank a bit faster.

Starting your first fashion posts

Creating content for free sucks, but in order to start growing an audience, you have to create informational posts, asking some questions about fashion, open a new window in your web browser and write something, let google show you what people search, and write something about this, asking that question, but still using SEO to rank for that specific high paid keyword you have already made research for.

Don’t underestimate the power of this method, google will often show you the results of thousands of people asking the same question, so, start asking every question you see listed on google results, write at least 20 informational posts the first 2 months, then you will write up to 15 posts, using affiliate links to get some revenue this way, amazon can be a good and easy way, but there’s a lot of affiliate programs you can get into.

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The power of zero volume

As you research your keywords, and get more experience along the way, you will see there’s a lot of zero volume keywords, even this keyword’s cpc is zero too, but believe me, a lot of these will help you get a lot of pageviews, and even, good sales, so, use this keywords, analize your traffic and pageviews, and if you see no results after some time, you can target another keyword with the same post without making big changes.

Of course, targeting keywords with 0 rpm or cpc its going to hurt your ads revenue, but targeting high paid keywords is going to sink every post into the last google search page and you will get zero traffic, so do a good research, don’t be affraid to use zeo volume keywords, and start creating good content for your audience.

Narrow your niche

Fashion is a big topic, you can post about a lot of things, so, you may want to narrow your niche, as an example, you can start a post about best airport fashion outfits, then you start creating a series of posts about using resort outfits and accesories, by doing this, you are talking about clothes for people who travels, or is going to travel somewhere, create a good interlinking strategy to get your audience read an article after another, and to pass page rank.

Narrowing down too much is not recommended, and try to avoid creating seasonal posts, of course this posts are going to get you a lot of pageviews when the season start, but once that season finish, your traffic will go down, so unless yo create at least 30 fashion posts about every seasonal outfit you can, it doesn’t worth it.

Starting a big fashion blog

Creating a fashion blog with more than 200 articles the first year its hard, but totally doable if you have a blog post schedule, try not to sub niche too much, and start creating posts about more topics, as an example, the website Living in Yellow, is a fashion blog you may want to go and check, their posts are about fashion, food, and products related to skin care, this site has affiliate posts and is already getting a lot of traffic, its a good example of a great fashion blog, i recommend creating somehing like this, but with a good keyword research to stay out of the high competition ones.

It may be difficult to think you will compete with big websites, made by great budget companies, but believe me, you will do it, great content will get you there, so start looking at your competitors, see what are they doing, and try to do something similar, from a different point of view.

Starting a fashion blog will require a fashion layout

As you figure how to start your fashion blog on a budget, even if you have a low budget, you may want to invest some time designing your fashion homepage, if you are a beginner, and have no knowledge about creating a website, you may want to start with a simple platform, for this i recommend using squarespace, here you can create websites with great and proffesional designs in no time, their templates are perfect for fashion blogs, and their paid plans are nice, this platform is for a low to medium budget fashion blogs.

Creating a website with wordpress and then choosing a good hosting platform is the best way to start your website from scratch, and to start with a budget as low as $20 USD, learn how to create a wordpress website and blog posts, you can buy great templates or themes to start faster with a fabulous fashion homepage to engage people to click your content, with wordpress you have a nearly unlimited amount of plugins to help you grow, and you have the freedom to do whatever you want with your fashion website.

How to monetize your fashion blog even on a low budget

Affiliate partners

To monetize a starting fashion blog, we will use affiliate programs, in order to succed with affiliate links, you have to create good informational content, and link to these products, it’s recommended to create a good amount of informational posts, then start creting posts to attach your affiliate links, filling your website with affiliate links it’s not a good idea, google adsense will reject your website to display ads, so the affiliate posts you create have to be 20 to 30% of your total posts.

There are a lot of affiliate programs, amazon is the most used program, but it has cut down comissions a lot, so start searching for another partners for a better comission rate, of course, the big brands will work with you only if you have a nice domain authority, this means, you have at least more than 50k pageviews monthly.

Displaying ads

So, you know how to start a fashion blog on a budget now, you may want to start displaying ads, promoting your website to get those early clicks, the money you will get by displaying adson your site is going to be your most passive income, so this keyword research will help you increase your revenue, apply to google adsense when you have at least 40 pageviews/ day, adsense will pay, but their rate is the lowest, once you hit 10k you can join ezoic and start earning more from ads, and mediavine when you reach 50k with at least 60% fo your audience from the US.

Your goal is to join Mediavine or adthrive, this are the best ad platforms, here you can get great revenue monthly, but to join, you need to reach 50k for mediavine and 100k pageviews monthly to apply adthrive, in order to do this, you have to create a great amount of content, searching for trending topics to get the most traffic, start by applying to adsense, this guide here will help you fix the most common issues to be rejected.


There’s a lot of websites that will show you how to start a fashion blog on a budget, you still have a lot to learn, but you can learn on the go and monetize a fashion blog early, theres a wide variety of affiliate programs to do so, you only have to work hard, create a great amount of well written posts, creating a good post with affiliate links will get you sales, thats why the amount is important, every post its an opportunity to make a sale and earn some money.

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