Why are my low content books not selling in Amazon kdp?

why are my low content books not selling on kdp

Creating good content is great, but getting no rewards after making a hard work is a great letdown, the feeling of having to work for free or for a very low return,vquickly becomes a burden, and a great disappointment, that’s why so many content creators stop creating content online, that’s why, objectives, a great strategy and patience is needed when creating an online business, in this post you will learn some tips to a great question, why are my low content books not selling in kdp? and some tips to help you.

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There are a good amount of reasons why your low content books are not selling on kdp, being one of the most basic and easy to fix, a poor cover, this is maybe one of the most important reasons, remember your cover will be the first thing people will see as they search through query results on amazon, if you are creating your own covers, use professional tools, or at least use canva, to create your cover design.

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Why are my low content books not selling in kdp: Reasons and how to fix it

1. Poor cover design

As stated above, a poorly designed cover could be the main reason your book is not making any sale and is sinking deep in the amazon kdp query results, you can create a great book, with great interior designs, a great drawing book with lots of high quality images to draw, but, if your cover has no impact on your target audience, sales will be cero, nada.

How to fix it: I know you probably can create a great amout of low content books monthly and you won’t spend a lot of time with covers as you will be learning and tweaking with the changes you do, but, you can at least try to learn something a bout design, take a course, you will find a lot of this courses out there, they are not expensive at all and you will learn a lot and maybe start creating great covers and making sales.

If you are publishing long content books, and you have no expertise on design, I always recommend outsourcing your cover design to a professional, you will spend some $50 – $200 but for long books like novels, manuals or educational books a great cover design will do wonders for your sales.

2. Content

Sometimes we need to accept criticism, amazon kdp will accept your book, but you will not receive feedback, so, I recommend you to give your books to friends, or family, ask for feedback about your work, ask them if they would buy your book, this is very useful to become a better creator and avoid making the same mistakes.

How to fix it: For low content books there are a lot of youtube videos from real kdp professionals creating good content, you can learn some things from them, sometimes they use paid templates or designs, you don’t have to, but, try to learn everything you can before creating.

The best you can do of course, is to go to amazon website, and search for some low content books, take a look at the first results, look their cover and interiors, and analyze how you can create something as good, or improve it.

As for long content books, it’s hard to receive bad reviews or critics about your job, but take this critics seriously, try to edit as much as possible, make your content easy to read, create a great background of your story and characters, cut the long and boring parts, like mindless object descriptions, this of course will take some hours extra of your work, but cutting out those extra odd or boring things can lead to a better reading experience and of course, positive comments.

3. Wrong use of keywords.

Using the wrong keywords on your book description is e very common mistake, your description is not only a book introduction, you have to use keywords, this means you have to use the right words people use to search something on amazon, and that’s what we have to analyze.

Once you have a finished ebook, you have to upload it and publish it on kdp, you have to write a description of your book, in the description you will write the keywords related to your book, this is a very important step, i always recommend to do a keyword research before uploading and writing a description, its not just about the description of your book and how good it is for your audience, you have to fill up this description with the right keywords.

How to fix it: In order to do a great keyword research, you need to identify your niche and target audience, now if you are creating a drawing books with dog images, look on amazon for the keyword dogs drawing book, if you get more than 10 thousand results, you will have a lot of competition, so, niche down, look for long tail keywords, sear for those keywords on amazon and try to use those with the lowes results possible.

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4. High competition

A very common beginner mistake is creating a book and using very high competition keywords on a high search volume niche, just think about this, every book you made like this, is going to sink under thousands of great books, and again, under your competitor ad campaigns.

How to fix it: Keep in mid that, when creating a book, even if it is a low content book, you have to create something in a niche, don’t go too if you are creating a dog drawing book, niche down, as an example, you can make a drawing book about corgis driving racing cars, or an engineer english bulldog.

By niching down your book, you will rank higher on the amazon search results, of course, search volume will be reduced, but ranking your book higher means more sales.

5. Audience targetting

Not knowing the target audience for your books is like fishing without bait, of course you can create a great book everyone wants to buy, but amazon is crawling with amazing books from great legends like Stephen King, and some other not so popular but great at writing.

How to fix it: You have to analyze your audience, identify, gender, age, country and more, the most common mistake on every digital business is to believe you are selling a product for everyone, try to figure out the audicen age at least, with this only, you can start creating content directly for them.

Building an email list is a great way to stay in touch with your audience, sending emails with your new content while linking to an affiliate product, in order to get poeple email is recommended

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6. High sales expectatives

Avoid having great expectations from now on, let your own statistics speak for themselves, even if you have the budget for ads, you may not sell a lot of books con your first 3 months, of course ads will help a lot, but you have no experience creating ad campaigns.

How to fix it: keep working on your next book, every piece of content you do, it comes with more expertise, and it will bring you closer to perfection, so, keep up the good work and lets create a good catalog.

7. Wrong ad strategy

Once having the budget to do an ad strategy, a very common mistake is creating you ad campaign around high volume keywords and at the wrong season, you even have to choose the right book to really expect great results.

Hot to fix it: There are a lot of youtubers with full step by step videos on how to do a great ad campaing, follow their guidelines, try to use your best long tail keywords and use it on your ad campaigns, create campaigns on a good seasons like holydays and special shopping events and so on, use a calendar to spend your ad budget wisely.

8. Low demand niche

Niching down a lot can cause your books to be forgotten, and not because they are not ranking on the amazon search results, it may be a very low demand niche or a not frequently used therm or keyword, this can be rare, but sometimes your niche and use of keywords can cause you real trouble.

How to fix it: Analyze your keywords on amazon, as stated below, search for keywords on competitors descriptions and try using the ones with less competition, search for the exact word and see the amount of results you get, you can use google planner as a free tool to search for keywords too.

9. Pricing

Pricing normally is not a problem, but of course, try to be competitive and don’t go too low, a very common problem for low content books is pricing too high, as an example if you are pricing a notebook on $20 yo can be sure you won’t sell, but, if you are going less than $3, people will think is a low quality item or it’s a scam.

How to fix it: Use the same pricing from your competitors, you can go a bit lower, but not too much, seach for books with the same niche and compare prices.

10. Not having a blog or website

Unless you are a famous writter, you need to be known, so, try to create profiles on every social media platform and fill it with your information, post your books, or information about them, then you can create a self hosted website or blog, this will help you to host your information, products, and once you start getting traffic, you can even monetize your website to have another source of passive income.

How to fix it: Pay for a good and cheap hosting service, you can start on cloudways or bluehost, then create a wordpress website and start creating content, do a full page with your author information and your products.


Having sales con amazon kdp with a great book catalog is not guaranteed, why are my low content books not selling in kdp was always my question after 3 months and 20 books, now, after 2 years, i can guarantee you can get a full income on amazon kdp, but you have to be patient and work hard, follow these guidelines and keep creating content and you will start making sales.

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