About Us

Hellow, my name is Rawi, am an entrepeneur interested in a wide variety of topics, one of my dreams as a child was to be able to learn programming, make video games and make money from different ways, so i can travel sometimes to intereting places.

Im skilled in a wide variety of things, not really a genius on anything, but good at so many thing, so i started some years ago publishing my first blog, and now i make a living off this, and wanted to create a blogg about every monetizing method on the internet.

The purpose of this site road2digitalsuccess.com is to share knowledge to anyone interested in topics about digital marketing, entrepeneurship, making money online and developing tecnical skills to earn a full income online.

My goal is since i started working online is to make profit, develop skills and grow personally, now i want to share that knowledge, so everyone interested can get some ideas on how to start an online business, feel free to navigate this site and read whatever you want, also, if you have need some info about one of the topics in this site, leave a comment, i will read it and try to ask every question.

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