affiliate marketing is oversaturated in 2022, but theres always room for innovation and talented people

Affiliate marketing is oversaturated in 2022

Affiliate marketing is an early way to start creating a source of income, there are a lot of people generating sales and earning hundreds of dollars this way, and there’s a lot of competition too, and people around the world are learning exciting ways to create business opportunities, so many people will say affiliate marketing is oversaturated, and that’s why you want to select a niche and get authority, there’s room for innovation and talented people who want to succeed.

Oversaturated does not mean impossible

Now, the word oversaturated can be a little rough, yes, you may find it difficult to make some sales if you are always targetting for high competition keywords, and even more, if you don’t know or don’t even have an audience, but there’s a lot of affiliate programs out there where you can earn a good income from, so there are some things to consider when you are starting affiliate marketing.

digital marketing improves business by reaching millions of users

How digital marketing improves your business: Learn how digital marketing improves your business and start creating strategies to get more sales!

How to succeed in affiliate marketing

1. Create helpful content

First, you have to get people’s attention and then you will make some sales, so start creating content, write about something useful or make some youtube videos, to do this, you have to create a blog, or write for your social media account or have a youtube account to upload your videos, then solve people questions, create helpful posts, this can be product reviews, a vs b product articles, the best product for x o y articles, that’s what you want to do in order to get people’s attention.

2. Grow your audience

Now you have some content, now you may want to optimize your content for SEO and promote your content on social media, this will help you to grow an audience, it can be your youtube subscribers, social media followers, or your monthly blog page views, the more you have, the more sales you can do, analyze your audience and start creating strategies to increase your sales.

in order to successfully grow your affiliate marketing business, you have to grow your audience

3. Keyword analysis

This is one of the most important things to do, in order to fit your way through the big affiliate marketing sharks, you have to use low competition keywords for your content to actually get views, you don’t need expensive tools to do this, in fact, we will use free tools, click here if you want to learn more about free tools to help you with SEO, we are going to use google’s keyword planner and the google search bar auto-complete feature, so start looking for questions on the autocomplete feature and low volume keywords on the planner and that’s it.

4. Affiliate program

There are too many people creating Amazon affiliate websites out there, and it’s not a bad idea, Amazon is a big worldwide company making millions in sales, but, the affiliate program has received cuts recently, so commission rates are very low, there are a lot of affiliate programs out there offering big commission rates, don’t stick with just one affiliate program, diversification is key here, so you can earn more money for your effort.

affiliate marketing is not only about amazon, there are a lot of nice affiliate partners with better commission rates

5. Get the authority to get more sales

Nowadays there are big sites doing affiliate marketing, paying for ads to get on the first query results, so you have to fight your way to get into the competition, so, how do you do that? we will do that by niching your way down, specialize your website, your youtube channel, or your social media page on one topic, and write and create everything you can about just this topic, this way not only your audience will recognize your site or channel for this specialized content, but you will also get authority and this will result on better sales as your website or youtube channel appears no first place on google search.

Niching down can be dangerous sometimes, try not to get stuck, choose your website and channel name right in order to get domain authority fast, but not too specific, so you can get your niche wide when you exhaust all your topics, keep in mind, you have to start with a niche, create a good amount of content with the low competition keywords you have analyzed, and then you just have to optimize and promote.


Affiliate marketing is a great way for people to start creating an online business, competition will always be there, but that is where innovation and great strategies to generate revenue comes into play, don’t overthink and start right now, this is a long play, you are not going to earn money if you have no content working for you to get people’s attention, it can take months of hard work to start earning money, but once you start getting sales, they will increase as you grow your site.

Ideas to improve your marketing roi

Ideas to improve your marketing ROI on 2022

Digital marketing is a serious business, you will need to invest money and time to start earning good money from the very beginning, and in some cases a great amount, in fact, you will have to learn the correct management of this two resources, if you are a beginner and want to start an online business, then you have to invest more time, creating content, learning about the strategies and tools you will use, this tutotial will give you some ideas to improve your marketing roi as you progress, so you start earning something to keep going, to avoid that feeling of “failure”, remember, this is a long run career, and the rewards can be great if you persist.

We call ROI (Return of inversion) to those first earnings from our business that will return the expenses we have made, there’s a lot of people out there investing great money and then, quitting in less than a year, and about 90% of the business will fail, as owners will not invest anymore on them or they will shut down their business as they are not earning any money, one of the main reasons why a digital business are earning no money is the lack of research and strategy, so keep reading and get your business ready to earning money.

Create an audience persona/ buyer persona profile

This is one of the most important steps, to start selling a product, you need to know the people that will buy your product, if you already have an audience, this will be easy, as you can collect some data from your analytics, if you don’t, start by creating your buyer persona profile, start by the age, sex, interests or hobbys, country, job, a detailed profile will help you know more about your potential customer and that way you will choose a variety of products your buyer persona may need and buy from you.

Creating a buyer persona profile will help you to understand the needs of your customer, and start creating content accordingly to engage your customer and then create convertions, once you have some experience on this, you will be capable of creating more strategies to keep your customers engaged, they will recommend you and share your content, this will be your first task as a digital marketer to start creating your business.

Plan your expenses and income

This is not a corporative secret, to avoid burning every dollar, you have to plan each of your expenses, measure all of your income and track your sales, avoid super competitive niches like gaming, insurance, health and finance at the start, try to use every analytic tool you have at your disposal to keep track of every move, this is a business, try to manage everything, this will keep you growing to get you further on your digital marketing career.

In fact, you have to plan your ROI, if you have high expenses, you have to plan a strategy to have a steady income and reach your ROI in a few months, that way you can keep up with your business, its not recommended to spend too much if your are not experienced or if you are on a risky or a very competitive niche.


Developing your own brand from day 1 is the most important thing you have to do, a brand is not just the name or company logo, a brand means trust, prescence and strenght for the customer, as you manage your brand, and set up the tools you need to create the perfect market strategy, it will be easy to get your ROI and start making sales to earn money, of course, branding developing takes some time and patience, in order to grow your business and get your brand to the next level, trials and errors must be done, so start from day 1 your brandig strategy.

Branding is one of the best ideas to improve your marketing ROI, as a brand you will be interested on creating your own products, and the best products to early get your ROI are infoproducts like ebooks, courses, webinars, podcast or videos, check out our guide on information products, here you will learn the basics to start creating your own, and by doing one you will be creating a product with a low budget, with the right strategy and well done branding, a cool infoproduct that fits your customer needs and will generate a lot of sales.

Run experiments to get your roi faster

Running experiments to compare marketing strategies is a long proccess that must be done, markets evolve every day, and doing the same thing you did ten years ago may no longer work for every business, so, start creating short trials, a landing page with a product you can highlight with 3 or 5 low competition keywords, then use interlinking to see if you can get some traffic from your high page rank articles, add banners to some of your posts to different landing pages, create 4 to 6 articles for an audience segment and see how this ranks and generate sales.

There’s a few tools you need to learn in order to reach success on your digital marketing road click here to know more.

Increase your business visibility even if you are not working

This may be the most difficult and time consuming task to do, there are lots of companies with a team dedicated to social media and to have visibility on a wide range of platforms, even some niches benefit from social media more than any others, like fashion, art, music or news blogs, if you are a beginner i always recommend doing this later, when you are a more established business, and choose 2 or 3 platforms to get visibility on social media, once you can outsource this task, i recommend you to start a strong company on each platform with at least 1 million pageviews monthly.

Choosing social media platforms to start is not too difficult, some social media specializes on some niches more than any others, but, once you have the time, create a lot of content for these websites and let it sits and age to get some ranks, for twitter and facebook, you have to upload or create content periodically to engage your audience, let your content be available on every platform and start getting all that traffic into your business website.


Creating an online business is always a challenge, you have to enjoy the every day wins you make along the way, creating a good strategy with good ideas to improve your marketing ROI is your first long therm goal, and once reached, you will get the required motivation to start everyday working hard to grow your brand and your business to the next level, i hope this post was useful to you, i will gladly read all your comments.

art blog post ideas to monetize your website and earn a full income

Art post ideas to monetize your art blog

Blogging is a succesful way to share your stories, knowledge and skills, or just write your everyday activities or adventures, nowadays blogging has become a serious business, there’s a lot of art post ideas to monetize, you can create content and become an authority in your niche, artists around the world are using social media, websites and crowdfunding platforms to earn money from their work, and this short guide is to show you how can you do it.

Theres a wide variety of online income sources you can build around your blog, of course, as an artist you may want to show people about this, the creation proccess, and of course your portfolio, so this will be your main content, then you can start buildig up your income, a well monetized website will take some time, but once ready, you will earn money from ads, affiliate marketing, infoproducts, crowdfunding and even courses.

To know more about free analysis tools to rank up your website click here.

Creating an art online store

Woocommerce’s online stores are a hit nowadays, there’s a lot of people selling a lot of stuff around the web, and so can you, but there’s some things you have to consider in order to start your art online store, is your item stock enough to start selling online?, do you have a shipping strategy for your clients?, will you refund your unsatisfied clients?, unless you have some ecommerce experience, i recommend you creating a digital art online store, or NFT that’s a new market for content creators to start selling their art.

Creating a successful online store needs some serious first investment, to get an early ROI you must at least follow this short guide.

Art post ideas to monetize your online store

Creating an art online store is the first step to start earning money, you have to start ranking on google, and unless you are spending some money on google ads, then i recommend you to start creating well written content on your art blog and start targeting keywords, this is very important, targeting keywords and growing your website with seo is the best way to start creating a passive income, its going to be slow and a bit difficult at the beginning, but you once you nail it, you will earn money 24/7 with your art blog, even as you sleep.

So the firt blog post ideas to monetize will be about your art niche, if you draw or paint, you may write articles about your draw technique, the color combinations to specific thigs, you can even create some videos about your technique and embed your videos on a 700 word blog post that explain the video and the time it takes to draw or paint with that painting or drawing skill, this are informational posts and will get your audience engaged with your content as this content will be useful for them.

Interlinking your art posts the right way to increase convertion

Interlinking is the proccess to create links between our posts or webpages in order to redirect our traffic, we will do that to take traffic from an informative to a transactional post or to our online store, once you have created 4 or 5 post about your drawing or painting technique or how you create your cool art, create 1 or 2 posts about your online store item, a post for each store item, a good post about how it was created, time and materials spent, features, maybe pros and cons, always targeting 2 or 5 keywords and using images and anchor text with a direct link to this item on your online store.

Now you have 5 or 7 posts on your website, 4 or 5 informative posts and 1 or 2 transactional posts, interlink earch informative posts between them, and add a link to that 4 or 5 posts to your transactional posts, informative posts are the most important for our site, as google will love this kind of posts and give authority and more page rank, while transactional posts will get page rank and traffic from your informative posts and this will get you sales.

Membership art blog

Creating a membership site is possible with some free or paid wordpress plugins, there are a lot of guides there to create a successful membership art blog, first i recommend you to post and create free content, avoid creating free content and then hiding all of your content behind a pay wall, you will sink your blog doing this, i always recommend having at least 5k sessions to start a membership, and then you add or create content into your membership area of your blog.

Membership sites have service tiers sometimes, creating this you give your users extra benefits to the regular membership, as an example, you can create three membership tiers: bronze, silver and gold, you give your bronze members the right to see and use your premium content, or part of this content, then for the silver tier, you give some more valuable things, or another format of your art, free infoproducts, a discord group, and then you can offer your gold tier, all the listed benefits and the right to choose some topic you have to create content about.

Pricing your membership tiers

In order to get your pricing correctly, you have to create a list of real benefits for your users, so you don’t overprice your membership, but also, don’t get too low to seem as you are just asking for money and not giving some value, so, start thinking about the benefits for each tier, you can start by pricing like this: bronze $10 USD, silver $25 USD and gold $45 USD, the prices depends on your portfolio quality, the kind of benefits you will offer and of course, your goals.

Art post ideas to monetize your membership site

Once you have an audience and paid members, you will focus on your art, you are free to publish on your membership area what you really want, i recommend here to give a good amount of your portfolio in a wide format variety, ebooks, images or photos, video and of course, writing about the creation proccess, there’s a lot of people creating in depth guides on how to do some things to upload on their membership sites.

If you feel overwhelmed and can’t think about more content to give or create for your members, you can always ask, create quizes or polls, and start asking your audience what they want or need, how you can help them or teach them about something, this way you can create a lot of new content, and even create infoproducts to sell for a new price to your members and non membership audience.

Learn to create information products and start scaling your income click here.


I hope this art blog post ideas to monetize help you get a good income from your website, start working on writing blog articles about your artwork, using your own photos, if you have a passion for paint, drawing, music, or creating some kind of art, you can start monetizing all your artwork by uploading pictures and videos of your work proccess to be seen by people around the globe, there are many people who’s going to be interested, that way you show your talent and teach some of your skills, this is the way your content will engage your audience, people that will start buying your work, or start funding your activities.

this are the best free seo analysis tools to start your online business

Free tools to optimize your website on google

Creating a website from cero to start thousands of pageviews from organic traffic is a challenging task, there are a lot of things you must keep in mind, and apply to your website as strategies to get you traffic or sales, most of the time I see beginners creating blog articles from really high competition keywords, creating good pieces of content to sit alone on their websites with no traffic after several months, so in this post, I’m going to show you the best free tools to optimize your website that will help your website to rank faster on google search.

Click here to learn how digital marketing improves your business.

The best seo analysis tools right now for me are, ahrefs, semrush and ubbersuggest, i recommend you to start using at least one of these platforms and get started, ubbersuggest have a free trial to start and do some keyword research now, semrush and ahrefs are platforms with a lot of tools to do a wide variety of research and analysis to start using keywords that really rank on google, these platforms are not free and in some cases, the price can be high, so you may want to use free SEO tools at the beginning and see how far you get, then start learning to use premium tools.

Google search console

Search console is a platform you should be using right now, this platform will help you index your website on google, if you go to the performance area, you will get a graphic with your impressions and clicks by date, below this graphic you will see another section showing your queries, pages, countries, this section will be very helpful for you, as this is going to show you keywords used most recently to get impressions, so you can focus on some of this queries, and start using this to get more clicks.

Learning about this platform is very important, as you have will need to submit your more recently created blog posts to get indexed manually, every 5 or 10 posts its recommended to upload your sitemap, refresh the search console and don’t get posts unindexed, its also important for you to check your console messages, sometimes it will tell you about broken links, sometimes it can be about a bad mobile user experience or another problem you have to fix in order to get those ranks up.

Google trends

Trending topic research is one of the most important tasks you need to do in order to write posts people want to read, and google trends are one of the free tools to optimize your website you have to learn if you want useful trending topic analytics, of course, you can always create a good non-trending topic post, and still get great traffic, but, to get that boost in traffic every website needs, stop by google trends website often, learn how to use it and analyze the data and the keywords that will help you get that nice traffic and revenue.

As a short case study, I have produced 2 different articles on the same niche, the first one i just started writing after searching for some keywords in google keyword planner, and the second I did my keyword research based on the data on google trends, the results we obvious, second article got a lot of traffic early on after being published, 4 months later the first article has reached the same amount of page views, so, trending topics will help you gain some traction early, and unless you write news, the traffic will slowly go down to a plateau.

Click here to learn how to promote your website to get those early clicks and conversions

Keyword planner

As a beginner using free tools to do a good keyword research, you will be using keyword planner a lot, its free, and its mostly used to do google campaigns, but it will help you to keep an eye on keywords with high cpc/rpm , so you plan your strategy and content schedule, this is the tool you will be using almost every time you need those good paid keywords with low competition to get traffic and start earning money.

You can even choose country and language, so you can search keywords from your country if you are not from the US, to do a good keyword research in your native language, there’s a lot of keyword to search for, and this tool here will help you understand which topics from your niche you want to start creating content for, you can access this google tool with your google account.

H supertools

Premium SEO tools paid plans are not afordable to many people, but if you search out there, you may find good tools to do a good research and start creating a great website, H supertools is a website with a lot of tools for you to use, one of these tools is a keyword research api you can use for free, you may want to register to get up to 50 results, this site is for me, one of the most useful you can find, as a beginner with a low budget, now, unless you start spending some money on tools like aherfs or semrush, this is the way to go.

One last trick

This is one of the most underrated, and is maybe one of the most useful, and a method that really works, using google’s auto-suggest when you write about anything, this suggestions are search queries made by real people, so start using this, and see whats people searching, create a post that covers one or more queries related to your niche, and start asking those questions, your reward will be amazing organic traffic.

Click here to learn the best strategy to get backlinks and boost your traffic.

new media vs traditional media

Traditional media vs new media: the best on 2022. learn the benefits of using new media over traditional and why you can use both to grow your business.


Once you start creating content using this free tools to optimize your website, you will start getting traffic, of course, SEO is not a faster way to get millions of pageviews or get rich, this is a long game, you need patient and sometimes, you have to rewrite your posts, use different keywords, change some images, creating the best content is not always a fast method to get rich, but unless you have money to start paying for google or another platform ads, you may want to optimize your content as much as possible.

earn money from your pet blog today

how do you start a pet blog and earn money

There’s a lot topics and ideas you can talk about pets, internet is full of videos about pets doing funny or incredible things, you will find a lot of information about animals on the internet, pet blogs has been around since the beginning of blogging, but don’t worry, you can start your pet blog right now, and still be successful, so keep reading because i will give you some tips about how do you start a pet blog and earn money.

Writing a post for your pet blog it’s not different from another blogging niche, you have to do a good keyword research for low competition keywords, i recommend you to sub niche to get domain authority faster, as an example, writing about a single dog or cat breed, then you do a good research, and plan at least 30 to 40 posts about that, something like this specific dog breed personality, the best food brand for this pet and something like that, you need to be very precise and specific to write as many posts as you can to start ranking on google search.

Displaying ads on your pet blog

You may want to display ads on your site, as this is the way you can earn a passive income, keep in mind that, in order to earn a good income from ads, you need good traffic, to do this you need time for your website to rank and get the traffic, you may want to promote your blog to get those early views, once you reach 30k pageviews you will start earning a good amount of money, about $300 to $400 USD monthly, it maybe not too much but with 30k pageviews you can always have another source of income.

Once your site reach 50k sessions, is recommended to switch from ad network, you can stay with google adsense, but most bloggers switch to ezoic, then afet the 50k milestone they apply to mediavine, once in mediavine your rpm will reach from $10 – 12, to $25 – $30 USD, so you can earn up to $1500 USD monthly, so, this is an excelent way you can grow and start earning money from your pet blog.

Choose a sub niche and create cool content

As stated above, you have to choose a sub niche, as an example, if you choose to create a dog training website, you may choose an specific dog breed to create your posts like “Age to start training your golden retriever” or “How fast you can traing your golden retriever to sit”, there is a lot you can write about each dog breed, you just need some creativity and research, you can’t maybe write as much as 500 posts about a single pet breed, but, try to cover all topics and then you can choose another breed or another kind of pet.

When choosing a sub niche, its recommended you write at least 50 to 100 posts about that sub niche, from 50 posts i recommend you to start creating affiliate posts, each post has to be informative about products for pets, as an example, you can write about the benefits of frozen raw dog food, use your own experience with the product if you can, and add affiliate links from beginning to the end of your affiliate posts to get more convertions.

Open an online store in your pet blog

Pet blogs are not only informative websites, a lot of them have online stores, with products related to their posts, its not recommended to start a website with zero published posts, remember that you have to target keywords in ordet to get traffic and page rank, so, thats why you have to write content, once your website is getting traffic, you will start making sales and earning money, online stores on pet blogs are very popular and have great convertion rates, you can start your own online store easy with woocommerce or another plugins and following step by step guides on youtube or directly from a course.

Managing an online store is another task you will have to face, as an online store has a stock, you have to manage this, you should ship your sold items, restock to avoid empty inventory, and you need a good customer service to fulfill your client needs, thats why i recommend you to start with affiliate products, or to sell digital products first, then you can move on to your own online store, you need a serious investment to open an online store, so you need a strategy to earn your ROI faster.

How much does it cost to start an online pet shop?

It depends on the products you want to sell, creating if you are going to sell physical products, your stock cost will be your highest expense, your hosting and domain expenses can be as low as $12 USD, then you will need some paid plugins services for your online store that’s up to $40 USD, it depends on the plugin you use or the service, at least from digital services you will need $52 USD monthly, as you can see, its not an expensive service, it’s now up to you create a good strategy to get the traffic you need to get those sales growing.

Cool infoproducts for a pet blog

There’s a lot of ideas you can get to create a good infoproduct and give value to pet owners, as an example, you can write a short ebook about the best pet food brand for golden retrievers, this requires some research, so this can be a side project, you can write the pros and cons, table of contents, how this pet food is made of, and your experience with that pet food, this can take between 20 and up to 40 pages, you can create this on canva easily, watch some youtube tutorials on these.

Once you have your first infoproduct ready you can use it as a magnet, offer your users this infoproduct in exchange for their name and email, so you can create an email list, by doing this you can send your subscribers emails with your last post to get more traffic, and redirect them to your affiliate link posts, keep doing infoproducts, ask your audience for their needs, once you have more infoproducts, you will be earning more revenue, so you will earn a full income from your pet blog.


The most popular and profitable way to monetize a pet blog is opening an online store, as you will do with affiliates, is recommended to have at least 50 posts and get at least 3k pageviews monthly to start making some sales, but, in order to start getting a good revenue from your website you will need at least 30k to get a good income from ads, make good sales and start selling infoproducts, everyone love pets, and there’s a lot of things you can do to get traction and start growing your pet blog.

Start now as mommy blog expert and create content for beginners mom to earn money

Mom advice blog: earn money from your mommy knowledge

A blog is a website where you can write a lot of content about something you have passion, there’s millios of blogs out there, right now, competition is tougher than ever, but it does not mean, you can’t start now, there’s always room for good content, made by someone who really cares about what people think and need, this post was created to show you that, with your mom knoledge and expertise, you can earn money from a mom advice blog.

First of all, you can create a mom advice blog with no blogging knowledge, as you will learn about blogging as you create content for your mommy blog, so your expertise is about being a real mommy and write about your daily basis, thats where the great content really is, sometimes beginner moms seek information about food recipes for children, or something like best diaper brands for toddlers, and as some of this information is already available, you may have a different and maybe best approach to this kind of theme as a mommy blog expert.

Mom blog examples to inspire you

There’s a lot of successful mom blogs out there, i recommend you to stop by one of these sites, read some of their articles and start working:

Mom blog society: one of the best mom blog out there, this site has many mom journalists acroos the world, sharing all their knowledge and wisdom they have, this is going to be your main competitor, and the mom blog example you want to follow to grow your own.

Rockin mama: this website is where you want to go to see how can you grow your mom blog, as this blog started with just a nurse mom who wanted to write about her first baby’s experience, its a good blog, with a wide topic selection for almost every mom worldwide.

Modernmom: A blog created by Brooke Burke and Lisa Rosenblatt, this site is huge, and one of its best features is that there’s a community of moms, sharing their stories and knowledge to everyone on the site, read some articles from this mom blog and learn how you want to write good mom blog articles.

Avoid doing this as you start a mom blog

There are some topics you have to avoid while creating a blog, this kind of topics are called YMYL (your mone, your life) and have a lot of competition and high paid keywords, but you need to have some kind of credentials or expertise, as an example, if you plan on writing about raising your children, unless you are a pediatrician, avoid writing posts about nutrition, deseases or medical treatments, even for professionals, its hard to rank and sometimes, it’s not worth it.

As you write content, you will see the topics your audience is interested in, as a blogging mom, you may be interested in creating topics about, your daily schedule, cooking, kid activities, furniture, products used for your house, for your kids, and even if you are a working mom, you can write some productivity tips, thats the kind of content that will bring you traffic.

Earning money as a mommy blog expert

There’s something you have to keep in mind in order to start a mom blog and earn money, you have to write each of your articles with a purpose, not only to be an informative post, every post you write must have the intention to sell a product or service, by this, im not saying you will fill every post with affiliate links from amazon or another platform, you have to create a series of post talking about this product or service, and then you can create a post or sales funnel to help you convert those clicks.

So what you are doing here is affiliate marketing, right now you can register to amazon affiliate or another program and start earning money promoting some products, the right strategy here is not writing product reviews, but write as you were talking about the products you use, writing a post about a feature a product has, and its better for you or your family, its way better than a product review, so avoid posting product reviews, and start informative posts, and recommendation posts, thats the way your going to earn good money.

Click here to learn more about the free tools to rank faster on google search.

Earning money from ads on your mom blog

As your traffic grows, you can apply to google adsense, to get accepted your website needs to have a good blog, with at least 20 posts, start by doing keyword reserearch and choose low volume and competition over high paid one, these last ones are harder to rank, once you have those keywords start creating, you one post = one keywords, you can even create 20 or 30 draft posts, this is a good method to keep up your pace and achieve your blog posting goals.

Once you start getting traffic and making mone on adsense, you will see adsense statistics, rpm and cpc, will be very low and you are likely to start earning a very low revenue, but keep up, your rpm and cpc are going to increase, you just need to keep creating good content, with a good strategy to earn some affiliate money and keep your audience engaged.

Sharing your mommy blog expert posts on social media

This kind of blogs are a blast on social media, platforms like instagram, facebook, youtube, tik tok, and pinterest will help you grow faster, choose 2 or 3, because, promoting your website on social media is often a full time job, a youtube channel is mandatory as you need some videos to be part of your posts, and at the same time, it will help you with an extra income source, instagram is another recommended platform, making stories from you, your family and your everyday will be a boost, you will start getting followers and maybe even monetize the platform.

Pinterest may be the best site for your mommy blog expert articles, here you can create pins, it can be a photo, an image, drawings or else, then you write a description with the keyword you are using for your post, and next you have to attach the link from your blog to this pin, it is recommended creating 2, 3 or more pins for each of your posts, every image needs to be original, not just a copy/paste from internet, if you have created a good pin, then you are likely to get traffic from pinterest, sometimes it can be massive, that’s why there’s people earning good money from pinterest traffic.

Check out this guide to learn how to promote your blog to earn those early clicks.


Being a mommy blog expert is challenging, but rewarding, once you start, you are not going to stop until you have a good amount of posts, earning money online can be difficult, but you have to figure out your own formula to start earning, to make your first affiliate comission or your first sale and earn your ROI early, once you do that, just repeat the procces until you have enough content to make a living, and maybe you’re not going to stop there, you are going to create more websites or blogs, and start outsourcing to create a lot more of content, so start now, there’s an audience waiting to read about your mom experience, to know how you plan your day, or your kid activities.

low value content rejection from adsense can be avoided following these guide

Low value content Fix: get accepted by Adsense 2023

Nowadays you can earn money online from differente sources, creating a web and displaying ads is one the most common since internet started, now we have youtube, facebook and a lot of social media where you can earn money from, but we are going to talk about monetization with a website, there are a lot of network ads to choose from, but, I recommend starting with Google AdSense, when submitting your website to AdSense for the first time, it will be analyzed by a google employee, I will list some requisites you have to accomplish to get accepted and tell you my strategy to avoid getting rejected by “low-value content” or “valuable inventory no content”, so keep reading.

So, if you want to monetize your website and earn money from your audience, there are a few steps you might want to know before that, first, I recommend you to have a domain and professional hosting, you can monetize a blog from blogger, but you will get traffic and get rank faster having a good domain, then you need to have your website “done”, websites are often updating content, by done I mean, official or legal pages done (contact, about us, privacy policy…) and have a decent amount of content.

Google Adsense is the first ad platform you want to apply to get early money from your website, you can even earn up to 10k from AdSense if you reach the huge amount of one million page views per month and have a good CPM, click here to know more.

learn how to promote your blog on social media on 2022

How to promote your blog content to monetize early: Learn how you can promote your blog and start monetizing early

Requisites to apply Adsense

In order to apply to Google Adsense, your website has to meet these requirements:

  • Write quality content: You have to create great content in order to grow your website, engage an audience and gain domain authority, doing this, AdSense is going to accept your website easy, you only have to create good content, match search intention to keep growing and you will do it.
  • Avoid plagiarism: create your own content, be original and avoid copy/paste from another sites, this is pretty common, but google lower your ranks and you can loose all your traffic.
  • Age: You need to be 18 years old in order to be accepted.
  • Content policy: Adsense is going to refuse your website if your niche is about: adult content, tobacco, alcohol or drugs, insulting content, strong violence, piracy, false content, weapons, illegal content, so stay away from doing this.
  • Using a domain: Using a domain is recommended, but nowadays you can monetize blogger websites, so you can start for free, I don’t recommend this though, as sometimes blogger sites can be seen by google as spam sites, a good domain will help you wonders with SEO and if you create a youtube channel, you can’t monetize both, a youtube channel and your blog in blogger.
  • Privacy policy: In order to get serious with a website and have a more professional look, you have to create this page on your website along with a cookie policy, about us, and an author page for every content creator of your website. these are mandatory pages, so, start by creating these from the very beginning.
  • Traffic source: You need organic traffic, of course promoting on social media will give you a lot of traffic, but, I recommend having at least 60% of your website traffic as organic, this is not too hard, but it’s going to take some time, so if you have not reached this already, wait a couple of months.
  • Pageviews/ sessions: this is not an AdSense rule, but if you want to display ads, wait to have at least 20 pageviews daily, even if you will not earn too much, you will see how your Adsense account is growing.

Getting rejected due to low-value content

how to solve low value content and get accepted on adsense on 2022

Case study

My first website was on the gaming niche, and when I started, as a total newbie, I made a lot of mistakes, the first one, was filling my website with amazon affiliate links, now, the gaming niche is very competitive, RPM and CPC from google are the lowest, so when i started writing real content for the website, it was 3 month old, so I started, and by the 5th month I had 50 posts, and I was getting from 20 to 30 page views daily so I applied to Adsense.

I was very disappointed to see my website rejected by low-value content three times so, I had my legal pages made, 50 posts with 1000 to 1500 words length, and still getting rejected.

Steps to solve low-value content to get accepted in Adsense

1. Search for no indexed URLs

First, I analyzed every URL on the google search console and discovered that only 15 posts were actually indexed, even when I started indexing manually after I finished writing each one, then as time passed I was getting no posts indexed, I kept reading posts and searching, and then I analyzed each post, some of them were using the same keyword, this is called keyword cannibalization and it will affect your SEO as 2 or more posts wil be competing with each other to rank on first position, and ultimately can lead google to lower your rank.

Some of your website pages have to be labeled as no-index, this means that google and another search engines will not crawl these pages, so, label as no-index your legal pages, tag pages and category pages, as wordpress create a page for every tag and category you make, so if you write 20 articles and use 10 differente tags on each post, you will have 20 new posts but 200 new tag pages, so you will spend your index budget fast, plus, this can be seen as thin content by search engines, who will lower your ranks or labeling your site as spam, plugins like Yoast or Rankmath will help you label every tag and category page as no-index.

2. Write at least 1000 words on each page and post

Later some days almost every post was indexed, so I applied again, can you guess right? “low-value content” again, this time I was really feeling like a total failure, but then I remembered, that real people are analyzing my website, maybe they are only seeing my front page as normally, you are submitting your domain name, so it’s normally your frontpage where the analysis start, legal pages, and some random posts, my frontpage was filled with images and almost no text added, so I added 1000 or more words of text to my front page and legal pages.

3. Write more posts

There are a few cases where people write 10 or 15 posts and get accepted instantly, but if you have 30 or more posts and still get rejected, don’t lose hope and keep writing, you will get there, maybe 40 or 50 posts, blog competition nowadays is harder, you have to write at least 150 posts to start earning traffic to earn a decent amount of money, but to really start earning as a full time blogger, some people write up to 600 blog posts, so, you will need patience and persistence.

solve low value content and start earning money on adsense now

How to fix “Valuable inventory: no content”

This is a common beginner’s mistake, affiliate programs help webmasters to have another source of income, this may be one of the most important sources of income for them, there are a lot of people earning thousand dollars monthly with affiliate programs so, is not a surprise that you will get rejected with the “Valuable inventory: no content” statement , if their websites are filled with affiliate links and products.

Don’t get me wrong, this is not bad or illegal, but, AdSense will refuse your site if it’s filled with affiliate links and no content, you will still earn money with a website like this if you create a good amount of posts, just keep in mind that, to earn money, real people have to buy that product, and you have to engage your audience with value information, earn those clicks, so to pass this issue and get accepted in google AdSense, create enough content to have just 20% of your content with affiliate links, and don’t fill pages or posts with affiliate links, create a post with at least 1000 words, then use your affiliate links there.


Getting accepted on google Adsense is the first step to start earning money with your website, once you start getting good traffic, you will see an increase in revenue, getting rejected for low-value content or whatever reason you got, is tough, and you will feel you are going nowhere, but believe me, your website will be accepted if you work and set your goals, I hope this short guide was helpful to you and soon you get accepted.

blogs are dead on 2022

Blogs are dead on 2022: From now on, blogging is profitable no more, and you are silly to believe this words, read this post and see why you need to start now your own digital business.

starting a fashion blog to monetize on 2022

How to start up a fashion blog on a budget

There’s a lot of topics and niches to cover on blogging, many of them with low competition, another ones very competitive and not recommended for beginners, but then, when it comes to blogging, if you have passion for that particular topic or niche, go for your topic, this article is to show your how to start up a fashion blog on a budget, even with a low investment you can earn a good income, just stick to a plan, and start pumping content.

As always, starting a fashion blog is not different to another topic, you need to start by making some keyword research, its recommended for you to make a keyword research for up to 2 months of content, at least 20 posts the first month, to get to 60 post by the third month, so this will help you rank a bit faster.

Starting your first fashion posts

Creating content for free sucks, but in order to start growing an audience, you have to create informational posts, asking some questions about fashion, open a new window in your web browser and write something, let google show you what people search, and write something about this, asking that question, but still using SEO to rank for that specific high paid keyword you have already made research for.

Don’t underestimate the power of this method, google will often show you the results of thousands of people asking the same question, so, start asking every question you see listed on google results, write at least 20 informational posts the first 2 months, then you will write up to 15 posts, using affiliate links to get some revenue this way, amazon can be a good and easy way, but there’s a lot of affiliate programs you can get into.

Click here to learn about free tools to optimize your website to get traffic.

The power of zero volume

As you research your keywords, and get more experience along the way, you will see there’s a lot of zero volume keywords, even this keyword’s cpc is zero too, but believe me, a lot of these will help you get a lot of pageviews, and even, good sales, so, use this keywords, analize your traffic and pageviews, and if you see no results after some time, you can target another keyword with the same post without making big changes.

Of course, targeting keywords with 0 rpm or cpc its going to hurt your ads revenue, but targeting high paid keywords is going to sink every post into the last google search page and you will get zero traffic, so do a good research, don’t be affraid to use zeo volume keywords, and start creating good content for your audience.

Narrow your niche

Fashion is a big topic, you can post about a lot of things, so, you may want to narrow your niche, as an example, you can start a post about best airport fashion outfits, then you start creating a series of posts about using resort outfits and accesories, by doing this, you are talking about clothes for people who travels, or is going to travel somewhere, create a good interlinking strategy to get your audience read an article after another, and to pass page rank.

Narrowing down too much is not recommended, and try to avoid creating seasonal posts, of course this posts are going to get you a lot of pageviews when the season start, but once that season finish, your traffic will go down, so unless yo create at least 30 fashion posts about every seasonal outfit you can, it doesn’t worth it.

Starting a big fashion blog

Creating a fashion blog with more than 200 articles the first year its hard, but totally doable if you have a blog post schedule, try not to sub niche too much, and start creating posts about more topics, as an example, the website Living in Yellow, is a fashion blog you may want to go and check, their posts are about fashion, food, and products related to skin care, this site has affiliate posts and is already getting a lot of traffic, its a good example of a great fashion blog, i recommend creating somehing like this, but with a good keyword research to stay out of the high competition ones.

It may be difficult to think you will compete with big websites, made by great budget companies, but believe me, you will do it, great content will get you there, so start looking at your competitors, see what are they doing, and try to do something similar, from a different point of view.

Starting a fashion blog will require a fashion layout

As you figure how to start your fashion blog on a budget, even if you have a low budget, you may want to invest some time designing your fashion homepage, if you are a beginner, and have no knowledge about creating a website, you may want to start with a simple platform, for this i recommend using squarespace, here you can create websites with great and proffesional designs in no time, their templates are perfect for fashion blogs, and their paid plans are nice, this platform is for a low to medium budget fashion blogs.

Creating a website with wordpress and then choosing a good hosting platform is the best way to start your website from scratch, and to start with a budget as low as $20 USD, learn how to create a wordpress website and blog posts, you can buy great templates or themes to start faster with a fabulous fashion homepage to engage people to click your content, with wordpress you have a nearly unlimited amount of plugins to help you grow, and you have the freedom to do whatever you want with your fashion website.

How to monetize your fashion blog even on a low budget

Affiliate partners

To monetize a starting fashion blog, we will use affiliate programs, in order to succed with affiliate links, you have to create good informational content, and link to these products, it’s recommended to create a good amount of informational posts, then start creting posts to attach your affiliate links, filling your website with affiliate links it’s not a good idea, google adsense will reject your website to display ads, so the affiliate posts you create have to be 20 to 30% of your total posts.

There are a lot of affiliate programs, amazon is the most used program, but it has cut down comissions a lot, so start searching for another partners for a better comission rate, of course, the big brands will work with you only if you have a nice domain authority, this means, you have at least more than 50k pageviews monthly.

Displaying ads

So, you know how to start a fashion blog on a budget now, you may want to start displaying ads, promoting your website to get those early clicks, the money you will get by displaying adson your site is going to be your most passive income, so this keyword research will help you increase your revenue, apply to google adsense when you have at least 40 pageviews/ day, adsense will pay, but their rate is the lowest, once you hit 10k you can join ezoic and start earning more from ads, and mediavine when you reach 50k with at least 60% fo your audience from the US.

Your goal is to join Mediavine or adthrive, this are the best ad platforms, here you can get great revenue monthly, but to join, you need to reach 50k for mediavine and 100k pageviews monthly to apply adthrive, in order to do this, you have to create a great amount of content, searching for trending topics to get the most traffic, start by applying to adsense, this guide here will help you fix the most common issues to be rejected.


There’s a lot of websites that will show you how to start a fashion blog on a budget, you still have a lot to learn, but you can learn on the go and monetize a fashion blog early, theres a wide variety of affiliate programs to do so, you only have to work hard, create a great amount of well written posts, creating a good post with affiliate links will get you sales, thats why the amount is important, every post its an opportunity to make a sale and earn some money.

learn how to promote your blog on social media on 2022

How to promote your blog content to monetize early

Creating great content everyday to grow your website and start getting traction is tough, internet’s full of content made by professionals, and sometimes you will feel overwhelmed, if your content is already getting some views, growing an audience, that means you are on the right path, and thats because, for a beginner, making money off a website, getting organic traffic and getting traction will most likely be a difficult task, so im going to show you how to promote your blog content early to get traffic, on those first tough months.

First, you need to learn and implement SEO (search engine optimization) on your website in order to rank on google search, if you make a nice strategy, you can easily rank first for some long tail and low competition keywords, and that way is how you are going to get real steady monthly traffic, but for seo to start bringing pageviews to your site, it will take some time to get the traffic you want, and unless you have money to paid ads, you may want to know how to promote your blog to get some pageviews.

Take a deeper look into seo optimization by doing click here to rank your articles faster

art blog post ideas to monetize your website and earn a full income

Art post ideas to monetize your art blog: Get motivated and start your art blog and monetize your great job to earn money online!

Make a good research about your niche

Do a good research about your niche, the audience this niche will target and you will do great, this is because, there are some social networks or platforms where you will reach more audience than any others, sure, you can create an account on every social network known, but, doing this is time consuming, and you will burn out faster, so, take your time, do a good research, you have to know at least, age and gender of your target audience, then you will know the platforms you will be using to increase your traffic.

To start getting used to this strategy, i recommend, creating an account on at least 2 or 3 social networks, this accounts will be directly linked to your website, and the profile name must be the same, using the same colors and the same image, this is branding, and it will help you when people go from your social network to your website, they will recognise your brand and colors, and will more likely stay on your website longer.

Learn more about niches, click here to know the more profitable and popular niches.

Use pinterest to promote your blog content and get early traffic

Pinterest is a good platform to get traffic to your blog or website, the fact that this social network has his own search bar has an impact on the content people is creating, you will see some great pins, good art for you to see and share with your friends, but you can post an URL on every pin you create, and place some description text, that way you will promote your blog early to get traffic on pinterest, so, the strategy here is, check pin formats and start creating some good ones, then you use a good description with your keywords and then copy your blog post url on the pin.

This platform however, has a big, and dedicated audience to some specific topics, fashion, cooking, hand crafted goodies, housing, landscapes, gardening, pets and so on, if you are on one of those niches, then it is mandatory to start creating pins and using your keywords to link to your url, you will be getting good traffic, it’s not a good idea for gaming sites, tech, education and finance niches, so if you are on these last ones, let’s move on.

Using LinkedIn to promote your website

LinkedIn is a social network to create professional profiles to interact with another people and companies who are recruiting people, this platform lets you post text, so here you promote your website early to get traffic to every article, posting some fraction of every post and adding a link to your website, this is useful if your niche is about finance, business, job opportunities, coaching and so on, post 4 to 5 full articles and then just add a fragment of your posts to engage people and get them to click on your link to get traffic.

In order to get this strategy to work properly, you have to change a bit your post, the fragment you will copy to likeIdn needs to have your keyword on your title, at least 3 times your keyword phrase in your text and at least one time on a sub header, work on your title to make it short, but engaging, use different font size and color.

Use facebook properly to promote your blog content

Using facebook to get traffic to your website is kind of tricky, you can create a page, and keep posting to get views and reactions, but you will be lucky if your post is displayed on the screen of more than 10 users, and even if your post is displayed on a lot of people screen, this post will be scrolled by the user and may be displayed never again, thats why promoting your blog on facebook, twitter or instagram is so time consuming.

The best way to promote your blog on facebook, is to search for groups related to your topic niche, join to these groups and actively make comments, help people, get attention, and then offer a proper solution, this way, people will start going from this group to your website for this helpful information, you will get people to know you and growing your audience, so this will help you get more traffic daily.

Creating a youtube channel is mandatory

It’s not a surprise almost every website has a youtube channel, creating a channel to upload your own videos is a fantastic way to create content for your blog in the video format, and to drive traffic from youtube to your website, if you get one viral video, your website can get millions of pageviews monthly,

You can start a youtube channel, and just start creating videos without showing your face, you just need to know talk and record every word you say, en then start editing you video, as you upload it, you will see you have to fill some information, title, description, tags and more, as a blog post, your video title will have your targeting keyword in, you can write whatever you want on your description, but try to write a 100 word engaging statement for pc users, once you uploaded your video, attach the link of your blog post related to that video on a pinned comment.

starting a fashion blog to monetize on 2022

How to start up a fashion blog on a budget: Start your fashion blog now, show the world what you have in mind and share your knowledge and good quality material.


Getting traffic to your brand new blog is pretty hard the first 6 months, so, you better learn how to promote your blog on multiple platforms, still, i always recommend this strategies later, when you have at least 40 to 60 posts, the first 4 or 5 months you have to create content, get used to a posting schedule and keep learning about seo, this is what will help you to get a good amount of traffic and start getting money, i hope this post was helpful to you, leave a comment to know what you think about this topic.

blogs are dead on 2022

Blogs are dead on 2022

Back in the 2000’s a person would start a blog for social purposes, to tell stories about their life, show shome good pictures about their travels, parties, and friends, bloggers where students and teens, who spent some time writing some lines between each picture they uploaded to tell their friends about their great adventures or how they felt, then as internet has evolved, blogging and bloggers has evolved to become business, nowadays people say blogs are dead because of the popularity of social networks

Social networks have surpassed the internet for sure, and people use this platforms to comunicate, play, entertain, read, work and to trade, so it has become so powerful, that it can be considered the new internet, but it does not neccesary means that blogs are dead, blogs and external websites are often part of social media, some networks don’t allow posting links, some others do, but blogs are still getting a good chunk of the traffic.

guest posting seo, the strategy to get backlinks

What is guest posting seo: creating a website nowadays its an easy proccess, but earning athority, is a time consuming and difficult task, check this post and learn how you can write a perfect guest post and earn backlinks from the big players.

Blogs are dead business

Unless you have money to outsource everything and run ads to start getting traffic fast, making money off a blog is a long run, however, if you have eperience you can get money early, with a good seo strategy and creating a massive amount of content fast, nowadays blogs are made for business, you have to write good and useful content that match search engine queries in order to get traffic and start earning, you wont earn money fast and maybe wont make anything within one year, but nowadays, blog business are definitely not dead.

There are millions of blogs out there, and thats why most of the people think its not business anymore, but just about 15% of the people who start a blog, keep working on it after one year, thats because people wont often work for free, creating content, writing and publishing without a revenue, so you will require, patience and passion for your topic or niche, and most important, to be constant, dont stop the grind, publish every day or every two days, keep a schedule.

Food and cooking blogs are very popular right now, click here to see how can you earn money from a food blog.

Online stores often have blogs

Creating an online store to sell your products, or a niche site with amazon affiliate links is one of the most used strategies for people to create a business online, one of the first mistakes these people do, is create a website full of affiliate links, even now, google will penalize a website with product reviews or posts filled with affiliate links only.

The most healthy and reasonable way to start getting traffic for your niche website or online store, is by keyword research, writing content about something, product comparisons, tops, best of the year, best brand, and questions and answer posts, creating 1000 to 1500 words lenght posts, to compete for keywords, is the best way you will get traction, so blogging is one of the most useful tool to start a successful business.

How much money can i earn with a blog on 2022

There are too many blogs out there, most of them earning no money right now, and thats because of bad strategies, or low knowledge, as there are pretty high competition niches, you will find the amount of content is the most important, starting a blog with 30 to 50 blog posts done, is a good strategy to start ranking early and earning from $200 to $500 USD within 8 months, but that numbers are not always as good as it seems, it will maybe take you from 100 to 150 posts, but with this quantity or more than 200 posts in 2 years you will be earning at least about $ 2k USD.

As you can see, making a full income off a blog is possible, but you have to work hard in order to make it happen, the most important thing about blogging, is you are getting traffic, people is there viewing your content, so, you have many opportunities to monetize this traffic, getting your audience to know you, and share their opinions, doubts and comments with you, that way you will know what this audience need, and will act properly, creating better content focused on those needs, creating infoproducts to get another income stream.

Gaming and tech blogs are very competitive, click here to see how can you monetize a gaming blog.

Avoid listening to magical internet gurus

If you have been searching for knowledge about blogging and earning money online, you might have stumble upon youtube’s magical and rich gurus, this people will tell you that this is a fast, and easy business, and that you will create a passive income, earning 100k monthly in less than a year by just creating a crappy website filled with amazon affiliate links, beware of these fake teachers who just want to make money from you, selling their fake infoproducts that will tell you the same things over and over again.

There are some good examples of people creating good content and living off their blogs, and even when these people offer you a good course or ebook, think carefully before taking action and spending your money on these kind of products, there are a lot of videos and even blogs like this, with tons of content for free, to help you start your online business, even when one of the goals of this site is to create online courses, i will be selling these once i think is a valuable and good resource for people.

Blogs are not dead, they evolved

Yes, social media is there, trying desperately to get all the traffic, they don’t want to people leave their websites, they want all the attention they can get, this means money for them, but there are millions of people searching for useful things, asking questions, trying to buy something or looking to learn something new, so, thats the opportunity for us bloggers to grow our business, blogs are not dead, they evolved into online stores, schools, libraries, or newsletters, creating revenue and trying to grow even more every day.


Starting a business is always hard, not just blogs, every business will need an investment, and maybe a lot of time to start getting profit, it will requires a lot of patience and skills to get to the point you will start earning money, but believe me, it worth it, once you get there, it becomes a little more passive, and thats when you start another project, because once you have the knowledge to actually start another blog or website, you will create another to have another income source, i hope you enjoyed this post, and it motivates you to start now your online business.

Start now as mommy blog expert and create content for beginners mom to earn money

Mom advice blog: earn money from your mommy knowledge: there’s a lot of people looking for your mom knowledge, start writing and publish your adventures and well known recipes, share your mom expertise and earn a good income.

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