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this are the best free seo analysis tools to start your online business

Creating a website from cero to start thousands of pageviews from organic traffic is a challenging task, there are a lot of things you must keep in mind, and apply to your website as strategies to get you traffic or sales, most of the time I see beginners creating blog articles from really high competition keywords, creating good pieces of content to sit alone on their websites with no traffic after several months, so in this post, I’m going to show you the best free tools to optimize your website that will help your website to rank faster on google search.

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The best seo analysis tools right now for me are, ahrefs, semrush and ubbersuggest, i recommend you to start using at least one of these platforms and get started, ubbersuggest have a free trial to start and do some keyword research now, semrush and ahrefs are platforms with a lot of tools to do a wide variety of research and analysis to start using keywords that really rank on google, these platforms are not free and in some cases, the price can be high, so you may want to use free SEO tools at the beginning and see how far you get, then start learning to use premium tools.

Google search console

Search console is a platform you should be using right now, this platform will help you index your website on google, if you go to the performance area, you will get a graphic with your impressions and clicks by date, below this graphic you will see another section showing your queries, pages, countries, this section will be very helpful for you, as this is going to show you keywords used most recently to get impressions, so you can focus on some of this queries, and start using this to get more clicks.

Learning about this platform is very important, as you have will need to submit your more recently created blog posts to get indexed manually, every 5 or 10 posts its recommended to upload your sitemap, refresh the search console and don’t get posts unindexed, its also important for you to check your console messages, sometimes it will tell you about broken links, sometimes it can be about a bad mobile user experience or another problem you have to fix in order to get those ranks up.

Google trends

Trending topic research is one of the most important tasks you need to do in order to write posts people want to read, and google trends are one of the free tools to optimize your website you have to learn if you want useful trending topic analytics, of course, you can always create a good non-trending topic post, and still get great traffic, but, to get that boost in traffic every website needs, stop by google trends website often, learn how to use it and analyze the data and the keywords that will help you get that nice traffic and revenue.

As a short case study, I have produced 2 different articles on the same niche, the first one i just started writing after searching for some keywords in google keyword planner, and the second I did my keyword research based on the data on google trends, the results we obvious, second article got a lot of traffic early on after being published, 4 months later the first article has reached the same amount of page views, so, trending topics will help you gain some traction early, and unless you write news, the traffic will slowly go down to a plateau.

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Keyword planner

As a beginner using free tools to do a good keyword research, you will be using keyword planner a lot, its free, and its mostly used to do google campaigns, but it will help you to keep an eye on keywords with high cpc/rpm , so you plan your strategy and content schedule, this is the tool you will be using almost every time you need those good paid keywords with low competition to get traffic and start earning money.

You can even choose country and language, so you can search keywords from your country if you are not from the US, to do a good keyword research in your native language, there’s a lot of keyword to search for, and this tool here will help you understand which topics from your niche you want to start creating content for, you can access this google tool with your google account.

H supertools

Premium SEO tools paid plans are not afordable to many people, but if you search out there, you may find good tools to do a good research and start creating a great website, H supertools is a website with a lot of tools for you to use, one of these tools is a keyword research api you can use for free, you may want to register to get up to 50 results, this site is for me, one of the most useful you can find, as a beginner with a low budget, now, unless you start spending some money on tools like aherfs or semrush, this is the way to go.

One last trick

This is one of the most underrated, and is maybe one of the most useful, and a method that really works, using google’s auto-suggest when you write about anything, this suggestions are search queries made by real people, so start using this, and see whats people searching, create a post that covers one or more queries related to your niche, and start asking those questions, your reward will be amazing organic traffic.

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Once you start creating content using this free tools to optimize your website, you will start getting traffic, of course, SEO is not a faster way to get millions of pageviews or get rich, this is a long game, you need patient and sometimes, you have to rewrite your posts, use different keywords, change some images, creating the best content is not always a fast method to get rich, but unless you have money to start paying for google or another platform ads, you may want to optimize your content as much as possible.

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