Arranged marriage mafia romance: the best to read in 2024

Arranged marriage mafia romance books you dont want to miss 2024

Arranged marriage and mafia romance novels individually captivate readers with their distinct and gripping narratives, imagine combining the two—enter a world where passion, danger, and tradition collide in a genre that’s gaining popularity, arranged marriage mafia romance, the next list has the most popular books this niche has on Amazon.

Arranged marriage plots have been a staple in romantic literature, offering readers a window into the complexities of love, familial expectations, and cultural dynamics, on the other hand, mafia romance often weaves tales of danger, secrecy, and forbidden passion, this mixed with well-crafted characters, and a great plot, makes this one of the best niche of the romance category.

1. Alexius by Bella J 

an excellent arranged marriage mafia romance for this 2024

Bella J is a true legend author, and one of her masterpieces is the Dark Sovereign book series, this story is told in seven books and I highly recommend reading from the beginning, being an arranged marriage mafia romance, you know what to expect, a sexy, manly and strong male mafia boss, a great female protagonist that is helpless before his orders and desires. 

Leandrea is our helpless but not weak protagonist, she has a rough past and his present is not that good either, she works at a cafeteria in the Chicago suburbs where one day she receives an envelope from Alexius, our tough, cold-hearted mafia boss, and he says she has 24 hours to respond, that’s where this exciting book start, a great reading you will enjoy from start to finish. 

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2. Forever Lies by Jill Ramsower 

a great 6 book series to read from start to finish

Forever Lies is the third entry in a 6 book series and a great one I must say, I have to admit I started reading this book and hated it at first, Maria, our female protagonist is like a Mafia princess with an arranged marriage that is more like a business arrangement, María holds the Gallo family for her brother murder, so, she hates Matteo, but then she learn to respect him and start loving him.

This book is one of those you grab and don’t want to get down until the end, and for most people, it can be done in one day, as it’s a short read, but it has all the elements for a great arranged marriage mafia romance book, so, don’t overthink it and start reading, you will enjoy it as I did.

3. Savage Beginnings by J.L. Beck & C. Hallman

a great story and even better characters in this unique arranged marriage mafia romance

This is a great book, and the beginning of an even great story, I was not so into arranged marriage mafia romance until I read these books, but for some reason, this book category has some of the best characters, rough mafia bosses, hardened by their tough life, full of confidence, possesives and very passionate, and that’s how its with Julian Moretti, our handsome mafia boss.

Elena, our female protagonist starts this story as a weak character, but she’s tough, and even when she can’t do anything but obey her father’s orders and then Julian’s, she grows as a great, strong, and determined character early in the story, this book has a lot of o romance and spicy situations you will enjoy, and of course, I highly recommend reading this great book series.

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4. Bound by Honor by Cora Reilly

a great book you dont want to miss

Aria Scuderi is our female protagonist in this incredible arranged marriage mafia romance, at her eighteen age she has to wed Luca Vitiello, New York’s cosa nostra future boss, a psychopath capable of the worst, they will meet and eventually will love each other.

This is maybe one of the greatest book series ever in this category, so if you are into this, this is a must-read, of course, being an 8 book series, some of the books are not that great, but continues the plot and add some new characters to the mix, however, I recommend reading the entire work as is one of the best and more extensive masterpiece in this genre.

5. Silent Vows by Jill Ramsower

one of the best character i have ever read in romance, you dont want to miss this!

Another great title by Jill Ramsower, this time, Noemi is our female protagonist, a girl that has lost her mother in a car accident, later she will find out that this accident was actually because her father is involved in the Italian Mafia, our protagonist, who lost her voice from this accident trauma, is a strong and perceptive character, even when she has no voice, she will act with determination and caution.

Conner Reid is our male protagonist, he must accept an arranged marriage to strengthen some mafia connections, and when he finds out Noemi is mute, he kinda of likes the idea of a silent wife who will not interfere with him, once they both meet, however, they will get attracted to one another and that’s where we are set to an excellent, steamy and great enemies to lovers story, totally recommended.

6. Wife (Betrothed) by Penelope Sky

one of the most extensive series in the arranged marriage mafia romance niche

Another must-read, this time by Penelope Sky, who is the Author of this 10-book series masterpiece, you will love this first book, with an excellent pace, a great male protagonist who likes chaos, women, and entertainment, the story is not as predictable as some of the books on this genre though, Hades, our protagonist has fallen in love with Sofia, but she’s not, and that will be his doom.

Sofia really likes Hades and she’s a perfect female protagonist, but she wants a relationship without commitment, and Hades wants a full relationship, that’s why Sofia leaves, but some years later, she needs a husband, someone who can protect her business, and Hades is there to be that man, this first book is really strong, and make the whole series great, so, go for it and you will not be disappointed.

7. Broken Whispers by Neva Altaj

if you are really into arranged marriage mafia romance you have to read this!

This nine book series is about the wars between the Russian and Italian mafias. How they arranged a marriage to craft a truce between the two factions, to do that, the Italian mafia chose the most beautiful woman to marry the most brutal russian monster.

This is the story of Mikhail and Bianca, a great couple with such great chemistry, Mikhail has wanted our female protagonist since long ago, and now, he has the chance to have her, being this the second book of the series, it can be great to start, but I recommend reading the entire series of course, it has a lot of steamy and sexy situations, enemies to lovers and a great pace you won’t put it down till you finish reading the whole book.

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8. Ruthless Prince by Faith Summers

a great book to add to your library, recommended

This book is the first entry in the Dark Syndicate series, one that has six books, this in particular has more than four hundred pages, be prepared for a great and fast-paced story, with some twists, and an exciting enemies-to-lovers situation, I started reading this book as a recommendation, some months later when I started reading, I was hooked with the writing and interesting situations of this book.

Massimo is our classic mafia guy, with a fearful and possessive attitude, he wants revenge on our female protagonist’s family, so, he makes her sign an ownership contract, she’s his property now, now he can do what he wants with her, but he start having this weird feelings for her, something he never experienced before, that’s where the spicy and steamy moments begin, a really well-written plot and crafted characters.

9. Vow of Deception by Rina Kent

check this book if you really want a great read

A great book trilogy about one of the few mafia couples with such chemistry, the novel i short, but it develops the story and characters very well, the first book has a big cliffhanger, but it just needed that, and the trilogy is a whole great and perfectly developed story, you will be amazed and may want to read all three books fast.

Winter is our main protagonist, she accepts to act as the dead wife of our mafia boss, Adrian Volkov, she didn’t have an option, but she will soon discover, she’s feeling attracted to Adrian, there are a lot of spicy situations, plot twists and assassination plans over this story, you will feel the need to keep reading with every page, so, I recommend reading this as one of the most exciting arranged marriage mafia romance you can read this year.

10. When she Loves by Gabrielle Sands

last but not least, a great book to start reading right now if you want a great arranged marriage mafia romance

 This four-book series by Gabrielle Sands is the perfect way to end this list, once I started reading this masterpiece, I had to read through the end, the writing is perfect and not only the plot but every character’s backgrounds and personalities are well crafted, I can’t but to just pick another book from this author as I loved this.

Cleo and Rafaele are our main protagonists in these four entries, our male protagonist is a cold but handsome mafia boss, he has our protagonist’s sister and arranges a marriage with Cleo in exchange for her sister, that’s why Cleo doesn’t have an option, but to marry Rafaele to protect her sister, she will find out later, Rafaele loves her and will protect her from everything, that’s where this arranged marriage mafia romance starts, with this enemy to lovers trope, a perfect and fast-paced story you don’t want to miss.

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