Get the hardcover version of your favorite book with amazon kdp

amazon kdp find your favorite book hardcover printed version

Amazon kdp is the best platform for writers and publishers to upload their work and start making sales, nowadays you can buy almost every book on amazon, and read it on your kindle device wherever you want, but there’s an essential feature of amazon kdp for people like you and me, who likes physical versions of our favorite books, and its the possibility to buy the printed and hardcover version of almost every book on amazon, of course, it will cost a little bit more than the digital copy, but hey, it will be an amazing acquisition for your library.

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You can find if your book has already a hardcover version, write your book title in the amazon search bar, and under the image of every book, you can see the book name, rating, price, and other formats, here you can see if your book has a hardcover version, and if you click on the hardcover link, you will be redirected to the url of this product version, its easy, and there are too many hardcover versions of ebooks you can buy now.

Its easy to find your favorite book hardcover version with amazon kdp

Writers and content publishers

As a writer and publisher, you can start publishing your content and start selling digital or printed versions of your books with amazon kdp, you have to create an account, there are a lot of books you can upload, from low or no content ebooks like notebooks to novels and science books, there’s a lot of competition of course, but you can start an online business and start earning good money with this platform.

Amazon kdp free course

You can learn how to create ebooks, and low and no content publishing on this website, there are a lot of well-paid courses you already want to try, but I recommend you to start looking for free information, you can learn a lot from some videos on youtube, Ben Chinnok is a youtuber and Kdp content creator, he has a business and is actually earning more than 5k/month from his more than 400 published books, he’s experienced and uses ad campaigns too to get more sales, so, it’s essential to first learn all you can for free, and then start buying courses.

this are the cover dimensions for low content books most used nowadays

Cover dimensions for low content books on amazon kdp: Check out how you can optimize your cover, using the most popular cover dimensions!

Amazon’s kdp pricing and royalties

you can start your digital business as a content creator on amazon kdp

Writers and content creators have pricing freedom, you can earn up to 70% from every sale if your book has a price from $1.99 to $9.99, below or under that, you will earn 35%, and there’s a $200 limit price, so think carefully about your product pricing to get the most out of your hard work, sometimes you will have luck with a product and make great sales, but that takes time, experience and patience, so don’t give up and keep publishing.


Nowadays you can get almost everything from amazon, and amazon kdp is the best platform to get all kinds of books, you can get the hardcover version of your favorite book, and writers and content creators don’t have to pay anything to start selling printed copies of their books, and that’s why this is a great business opportunity, you can focus on creating all the content.

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