Prison romance books you need 2024

Prison romance books you need to read

As a literature genre, Romance has a wide selection of subgenres, or niches, being one of the most popular and the most read categories in almost every digital platform nowadays, prison romance books are one of these subgenres, a niche that is steadily rising on Amazon KDP. 

Here I will list some great prison romance books, not only some of the most popular you can get at Amazon or read at Kindle Unlimited, but, some of them are my favorites, some have a bit of paranormal touch, some are reverse harem, but you will get amazed on the quality once you start reading, so, enjoy! 

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1. Trapped by Alison Aimes 

trapped is one of the most popular prison romance book on amazon kdp

One of the most popular books on Amazon right now, and a great book series, the plot is about a prison planet in which our female protagonist needs to barter for protection, her spaceship has crashed on this dark planet where inmates are trapped forever, and the only chance to survive is offering his body for protection, this result in very steamy and spicy situations, a great reading from start to finish. 

2. Locked up liars by Elle Thorpe

locked up liars is a great book series you won't put down till you have read the entire book.

It is a great prison romance book with reverse harem and enemies-to-lovers situations, a great story, and sexy male characters, Mae, our female protagonist has just discovered her sister’s corpse covered in blood, her sister’s ex-boyfriend was arrested, but she knows the real killer is still out there, so, this story is about a woman who is trying to find this killer. 

In order to search for this killer, she has to work in Saint View, a high-security prison where they send the worst criminals to receive justice, as soon as she finds her sister’s ex-boyfriend is there, she starts searching for him as she feels attracted by him, Rowe is here too, a sexy head guard that doesn’t want her there, finally, an old high school friend and sexy lawyer, Liam is there too, be prepared for very steamy moments and a great story. 

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3. The Prison Healer by Lynette Noni 

the prison healer is a great prison romance book, you will love every chapter.

One of the most interesting book series about prison romance, with a lot of action moments, Kiva Meridan is a sixteen-year-old girl who works in the dangerous Zalindov prison as a healer, she receives a message from her family to help some aged rebel queen, a secret lover and inmate of the prison will appear to be somewhat helpful to our female protagonist. 

A great three-book series that you will love even if it is a young adult and has very few spicy moments, as lengthy as it is, you will find reading too fast and maybe, reaching the end faster than you think, as for the characters, everyone has a role in the story, some are forgetable, but there are not bad written or bland characters. 

4. Rebel Love by Susannah K. Stone 

a great book series if you really like prison book romance

A good book series about a female protagonist who gets locked up with her school bully, he’s after her and wants revenge for getting jailed, even when the first book is a great reading and has a fast pace, it lacks romance scenes, but don’t worry, the next books have plenty, so, you won’t be disappointed. 

In order to search for this killer, she has to work in Saint View, a high-security prison where they send the worst criminals to receive justice, as soon as she finds her sister’s ex-boyfriend is there, she starts searching for him as she feels attracted by him, Rowe ish here too, a sexy head guard that doesn’t want her there, finally, an old high school friend and sexy lawyer, Liam is there too, be prepared for very steamy moments and a great story. 

5. Nocturnal Academy by Holly Hook 

paranormal prison romance book with a great, extensive plot.

Vampires are vicious creatures who kidnap humans to be servants, but, our female protagonist has been sold by her mother into slavery inside an Academy, now she has to do whatever it takes to escape her dark future and knows the right person she has to charm to get what she wants. 

This is by far, one of the most expansive novels I have read in a while, look at those 700 pages, but don’t worry, it has a good pace, enough plot twists to keep you reading one page after another, steamy and sexual scenes too, characters are well crafted, the narrative is enjoyable, I recommend reading every book starting from the first to keep up with the plot.

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6. Sinfully Sacrificed by Mary E. Twomey 

an excellent book with great plot twists and steamy situations.

This is a great paranormal prison romance book, it’s short, but it has a great plot, it begins a bit slow, and then, the pace becomes a little faster, Arlanna is the daughter of a mafia boss, and he gets caught, and there is some kind of law here, where people can send their children to jail instead, so, our female protagonist get prisoned. 

Inside the prison, Arlanna meets Gray, a trustful handsome guy who will help aid our protagonist and will help her with her escape plan, I recommend this book series not only because of the great plot and great pace, but, it has great characters and It’s a great prison romance book with a lot of steamy situations I’m sure you will enjoy. 

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7. Dragons in Exile by Lee Savino & Lili Zander 

with some of the most spicy and steamy situations and a great story, dragons in exile book series is a great recommendation.

If you like shapeshifters books, you will love this, it has a great mix of erotic, sci-fi, and reverse harem that you may like, the plot is very interesting, Viola is our female protagonist, she has a Botany PhD but wants a fresh start, so when aliens arrive earth and offer useful gifts and answers to humanity, they want something back, women, so, our protagonist and another 8 women go with the aliens. 

Unfortunately, our protagonist’s spaceship falls into a prison planet for the Zorahn, human-like aliens with the ability to transform into mighty dragons, they do the impossible to protect our protagonist upon her arrival, they say she’s there to mate both of them, and probably at the same time, so yes, this has a lot of erotic scenes, more than I would like to read, but I still recommend this great book. 

8. Prison World by Julie K. Cohen 

prison world is a great book, if you are really into prison romance books, narrative could be better though

Great book series about a woman in a prison world, she was given to the guards as a gift for recreation, These guards are ruthless, and treat her very bad, so, she has a tough past, full of physical and psychological abuse, these guards are beasts, and will be viciously after her. 

Lucky for her, she will be protected by three handsome men, Bowen, Harlis, and Gavin, who haven’t touched a woman in years, they will decide if protecting Teagen, our protagonist, is really worth it, I have to admit this book is good, but sometimes it feels bland, the narrative is great, but it needs some more twists, still, a good reverse harem prison romance book to read. 

9. The Blackwood Five by Jesi Donovan 

an excellent masterpiece of a prison romance book, with an academy, an asylum and a great female protagonist

This is one of those books you can’t stop reading until you finish every page, I have read the first book in one day, it has a good pace and the suspense keeps growing on every page, so, this paranormal prison romance book series are a mandatory, if you are into this kind of books. 

Marylin is our female protagonist, she’s at Blackwood Academy when an unexpected pregnancy comes up, she and every man she has been involved with will be thrown out of the Academy, as a result, she and 5 handsome males will be imprisoned at Stoneward Asylum, where they have to be together to survive assassination attempts, sexual assault, and starvation, a book series you will enjoy reading for its great storytelling and characters. 

10. Fated Mates of Breeder Prison by Tammy Walsh 

the beast, is the best book in the fated mates of breeder prison series, a great beginning for a first book, but sometimes it feels a bit slow.

A great book series, I’m not a fan of the sci-fi genre, but a Sci-fi Alien prison romance book is something you don’t have the chance to read every day, so, I stumble into this book after searching for another, and I have to admit, It’s a great surprise, fast-paced, very unique plot, well-crafted characters, steamy situations and twists here and there make this book series, the best of its niche. 

Kren is an Alien warrior who is imprisoned and used as a gladiator, he has to fight to earn his freedom, but he will earn more than that, the prize for the battle winner is Ivy, a human, and our female protagonist, who has taken some bad decisions, ends up being used as a trophy, after some battles won without asking for a prize, Kren claims Ivy, despite she didn’t want to be a prize, they will find each other, this of course will result in very sexy and steamy situations you will enjoy. 


Beware, some of these books are age 18+, as there are adult situations on some pages, I still recommend reading all of them, you will not regret it and if you have Kindle Unlimited, you can start reading almost the entire list as they are included with no extra charge, I hope you find these recommendations useful and enjoy the reading. 

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