Is Kindle Unlimited worth it? 2024

is kindle unlimited worth it? check this out and decide for yourself

If you are an avid reader and love to read your books in a digital format, you must know about Kindle Unlimited, once streaming service started crawling the internet, it was a matter of time before a platform came up with a service as good as streaming, but for books instead, so it’s no surprise that for such service, there’s always people asking, Is Kindle unlimited worth it? 

I love Reading books, and of course, I have a personal book collection that I am proud of, but sometimes I like Reading ebooks, magazines, and comics, so Kindle Unlimited is worth it for me, having an extensive book library from comic books, magazines, graphic novels to audiobooks is great and worth the price for having tons of content to keep you busy. 

What kind of service is Kindle Unlimited 

Like many streaming services, Kindle Unlimited is an online service, It’s like having a giant library full of books you can read whenever you want, you can access this library via Amazon device or using Kindle app on your mobile, and you can borrow books and keep it in your device for as long as you decide to keep paying for this service. 

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What kind of books can I get on Kindle Unlimited? 

There are a lot of books you can get on KU, as there are more than 2.8 million books available, most of them, of course, are from indie authors who decided to make their work available for every KU user, but you can get some popular author’s books too, Harry potter being the most popular example, so, don’t waste time and start your free trial. 

You can borrow up to 20 books to read on KU, and you can buy every book from the catalog and keep it forever, yes, even if you already have borrowed 20 books, once you finish reading your books, you can get them back and search for more. 

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What’s the monthly fee for Kindle Unlimited? 

You can get a 30-day free trial once you have registered with a credit card, next, then you will have to pay $9.99 per month, and $119.98, as you can see, It’s a fair price if you like reading, as it gives you access to tons of books, and sometimes they offer three months for $1 USD deals that are great. 

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Why can’t I find the book I want to read on Kindle Unlimited? 

Sometimes you have to search really good, of course, keep in mind not every book may be available on Kindle Unlimited, as some of the bigger publishing companies may not want their books to be included, but don’t worry, KU is becoming popular and this means, we will be seeing some of these big publishers joining KU eventually. 

There are some books available for purchase only, and you can keep the book forever, if you don’t want to make the purchase, you can search for books within the same category, and you will be amazed by the talent some indie writers have, I have read entire series from romance to sci-fi horror from indie authors that I consider among my favorites of all time. 

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What happens to my books if I cancel my Kindle Unlimited subscription? 

Every book you have borrowed will vanish from your library during the next billing period, so, you won’t have access to these books, purchased books will be still available, so, don’t worry if you are planning to turn off your KU subscription, every purchased book will be there. 

Kindle Unlimited Benefits 

Being one of the most popular library platforms of all is one of the main benefits, that’s why you will see books from self-publishers and indie authors to big publishing companies, and you will have access to more than one million books. 

Having a Kindle device is just great, the screen is bright and the size is just perfect to read almost everything, but if you don’t have one, using the app on your mobile or tablet is so easy, you will be signing up and reading a book in minutes even if you are not into tech. 

I have a Kindle Unlimited account, and most of the time I tend to alternate between reading books and comics, so, I’m always filling the 20 slots available with a lot of things, If I don’t like the comic or book I’m reading, It’s simple to just return it and grab another one, so, the platform is really intuitive and really easy to use. 

As stated in some paragraphs above, a lot of indies and self-publisher authors set their books available for KU, and that’s great, but of course, sometimes you will read poor quality texts, a not-so-polished story, and forgettable characters, but then, there will be another author that will write about just what you wanted to read, and you will be hooked with an amazing story, so, that’s the greatness of KU. 

KU’s drawbacks 

As a book reading platform, It’ll be worth it for true reading people, of course, there are magazines, comic books, mangas, and audiobooks, paying full price will not always be worth it if you are not an avid reader, but that’s when the 30 free day trial comes in, try it, and check out for yourself if it worth it for you. 

Another great drawback is that sometimes, you will end up searching for something and just giving up and reading something else, as the great amount of books on the platform will make it hard for you to browse and find a specific book for you, so, sometimes it’s a matter of luck. 

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Is Kindle Unlimited worth it? Last words 

Based on everything stated above, I always will say that Kindle Unlimited is worth it, of course, I try to read often, and sometimes I even try to write, that’s why KU is worth it for me, sometimes I feel the price is a bit high, but then, there’s these great three month deal sometimes, and the subscription goes on. 

I always recommend going for the free trial, using it, browsing and finding something you like to read, trying to fill your 20 slots with great books, and setting a goal to finish 2 or more books before the free trial expires, and that’s how you will know if really worth the price for you as it does for me. 

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