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the best military reverse harem books you want to read from amazon

Amazon kdp has an immense library of indie authors, I maybe a little hard to find the perfect book to read, but once you find it, as readers, we tend to keep reading books within the same category or niche, and that’s how I got stuck on military reverse harem books for a lot of time, reading a book after another, and that’s why I made a list with the best I have read so far, check it out! 

1. Nanny for the Army Rangers by Krista Wolf 

A nice and short read, but a great one, this book has 245 pages only, but it has a good plot, and well-developed characters, I am not so into this kind of niche, but it has some great scenes, and a lot of steamy and sexy ones too, this is not a book series, so, the story is short, but believe me, you won’t be disappointed. 

Delilah is the female protagonist here, she rescues a child from falling at the aquarium, and soon she finds the kid is one of the adopted twins of three big men who are, military, who offered Delilah the job of the nanny, she accepts, and that’s how our sexy military reverse harem adventure start, a book with a good plot and a lot of steamy moments. 

2. Quadruple Duty by Krista Wolf 

Another military reverse harem by Krista Wolf, this time, with a more extensive plot and a two-book series, Sammara is our female protagonist, she has been waiting for half an hour for a date at a restaurant when she meets Kyle, he’s a handsome guy and she leaves out with him and then he tells her about a mysterious ad he and his friends ran. 

Our adventure starts with our protagonist accepting the terms of the ad to live with these handsome, ripped, and well-trained military boys, she will start a relationship with the four guys, having couple and group steamy moments, and the plot will get more complex as Sammara gets threatened by one of our hero’s enemy, a great read you won’t want to miss if you like reverse harem books, highly recommended. 

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3. Single Mom’s Glow Up by Kai Lesy 

An excellent story about a mom who’s running from her ex-husband, she escapes from him with her two daughters in the middle of a snowstorm, gets stuck, and is saved by a handsome sheriff, later, she meets the sheriff’s twin brother and Luke, his best friend, she found herself having feelings by these three guys, who love her and melt in love for her daughters. 

This great book trilogy has a great plot, the villain of course, is her ex-husband, who is going to do everything to find her, but Avery is a strong female character, and of course, our military male lovers too, will help her and love her, this book has great couple and group steamy scenes you will enjoy, but it’s a story about a mom’s love for his children too. 

4. Mated to the pack by Jade Alters 

If you like military reverse harem, what about a book with four wolf-shifter mercenaries, they are strong, handsome, and in charge of keeping Vivian safe, she is our female protagonist, and it seems like she has something the cartel wants, so, that’s why she needs protection from our Wolf pack héroes. 

This is probably one of the longest book series I have stumble upon in this niche, and I have to say I enjoyed the first entry, this book has its flaws though, the first is, that it has some edition issues, especially, this entry, second, is really short and normally I don’t mind, because I tend to get bored with books with more than five hundred pages, having said that, this book is maybe one of the shortest novels I have read in a while, but still a good read. 

5. My Loyal Men by Kelly Crave 

Another long book series I recommend if you like military reverse harem books, this time I found this book series a bit difficult to start, as the first entry has some editing problems, sometimes I felt like I was not getting the idea behind the narration, but as a whole, It’s a great read. 

Sasha is a girl who just ended a bad relationship, now, her military friends have returned home from service, she starts meeting them and realize she is attracted by the three of them, just to get involved in steamy and sexy situations with each one of them, of course, her evil ex will be there, lurking in the shadows and creating problems, a great book series I recommend, despite of It’s flaws. 

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6. Vested Interest by Elaina Jadin & Bethany Jadin 

This book series was a great surprise when I started reading, a five-book series, every book is well written and an excellent plot will keep you reading from start to finish, this book is maybe the first that introduced me to military reverse harem, and it raised my book standards for a while, trust me here, start reading these books and you will be amazed. 

The plot is about Emma, a gorgeous, nerdy tech girl who has developed a code software that has some companies interested, one of these companies is Pentabyte, a company run by five handsome, totally ripped dangerous mercenaries that are not only interested in this software but are intrigued by our female protagonist beauty, a great, slow burn, military reverse harem story you will definitely love. 

7. Her Dirty Rockers by Mika Lane 

This book is part of what I believe is the biggest reverse harem book series a single author has written to date, the book series is called A Men at Work Romance, the books are short, well-written, action-packed stories, with a not consecutive reading order as every book is a single story, most of them are great, so I recommend buying the entire series If you are into reverse harem books 

This entry is about Joss, our female protagonist who has her brother in a dangerous situation, her brother’s friends are three sexy military men who will do everything to help Joss’s brother, and of course, Joss starts feeling attraction to the three of them, will these handsome soldiers sabe Joss’s brother? A short story you can read entirely in one day, but one you won’t regret spending some time into. 

8. Her Dirty Soldiers by Mika Lane 

I have read some books from K.C. Crowne and they are really good, As an Author dedicated to the reverse harem, It has a lot of military reverse harem you can read, most of them great, so, check out her author profile to see all of the books and enjoy, believe me, It’s one of the biggest catalog of reverse harem books out there. 

This book is one of the few where our female protagonist is a soldier too, Mallory is our female protagonist, and the plot starts where one of her friends is in danger, she and the rest of her friends will fight against whoever stands between them and this friend, of course, these soldiers are all handsome, ripped, and have great personalities, the story is short though, and most of the books are like this, but are packed with everything a good reverse harem book needs, handsome men, a great female protagonist, a good plot and steamy situations. 

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9. Triple Team by Cassie Cole 

This is by far one of the best stand-alone books in the military reverse harem niches, it’s has no cliffhangers or loose ends, so, you can be sure to be reading a great story from end to finish, and of course, a great one you don’t want to put down once start reading it. 

Julianna is a soldier, working for a small firm, she hard works to earn a good life, but, she once meets this handsome soldier who wants her to work with his team, It seems they have the mission to go after a drug lord, the same who ordered the assassination of our female protagonist’s father, the books has a good plot, but a lot of steamy scenes too, couple and group situations, so, it’s spicy, totally recommended. 

10. Her Military Mountain Men by Veronica Wade 

This is almost a novella, it just past the word number a bit, so, It’s a short but great story about a female protagonist, Sarah, who has to escape the city after seeing something and accepting money for her silence. 

Sarah‘s problems are just beginning, she is trying to escape the city in the middle of a blizzard, her car gets stuck and her life is at risk, suddenly, everything changes for her, some military men come to rescue her, they are strong, sexy and will do everything to protect her, a short but great military reverse harem you don’t want to miss. 


I hope you enjoy reading these books as I did, military reverse harem books are a weird niche, all those book covers with the ripped men and the female protagonist are sometimes too much for me, but the story and characters are great, and, reverse harem has become one of the most popular niche nowadays. 

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