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25 beginner tips to grow on social media on 2022

25 Beginner tips to grow your presence on social media in 2022

Creating a social media profile is easy as making some clicks, but growing and creating brand awareness can be tough, in order to successfully create and grow as an influencer, or a brand or company, you need consistency, creativity, hard work, patience and of course, some talent.

There are a lot of social media influencers nowadays, but only 5% or less make a full income from it, and that’s why this post is to show you some tips on how you can grow your presence on any social media platform out there, as there are

1. Be active

Creating brand awareness and getting people to know you is a job that requires consistency, you will need to post a lot, to create good content and sometimes help people, that’s really one of the hardest parts, being active on social media may take a lot of time, but this is key to start getting traction.

If you do have not so much time to spend on social media, choosing the right social media platform to create brand awareness depends on your topic or niche, so choose at least two platforms to grow your presence on social media, then you may want to choose another.

2. Trending Research

To grow your presence on social media you need to know about every trending topic around your niche, this is a great way to get viral and start getting attention, so get to work and do some research, as doing this will do wonders to increase your own brand awareness.

You can use google trends or search on social media groups about what’s trending now, you may find this is a competitive way to get into social media, but believe me, once you get viral, you will start creating content often to grow your presence.

3. Join groups

Facebook groups are a good example of a successful way to grow brand awareness, a group can be as successful as it becomes more useful for the users to stay in this group, you can share content with this group, sometimes you will need to be authorized by the group administrator, but don’t worry, just try to avoid spamming groups and you’ll be safe.

You can even create your own group and start getting some followers, once you have a good amount of followers, you can monetize this group with affiliate links, or direct sales to your users.

The objective when creating a Facebook group is to be useful, and to provide valuable information about a topic, so growing your group may be time-consuming, but once you get to 10k you can earn a good income monetizing your channel.

4. Promote every social media account

Promoting every social media account from your business is your job as a social media manager, even if you are a one-person business, you have to prioritize your strongest social media, but link every social media account you have to each other, so your content is available on almost every platform.

Some platforms such as Twitter and Facebook works great to grow a youtube channel, once you create and upload your youtube videos, create a post on twitter with your video embedded, write related trending hashtags, and them some text to get people hooked, you can upload your videos on Facebook to, so you don’t need to send people to youtube if you don’t want to.

5. Analyze your audience

Learn how to analyze your social media statistics, and take actions based on your audience research, then analyze your results to create strategies, their age and gender, their hobbies, and sometimes even the food they love are what you need to know, by doing this you will be creating a buyer persona profile, this may be difficult for you at first, this kind of expertise takes time, but now it’s the time when you should start doing this.

Once you have analyzed your audience, it will be clear for you what kind of content your audience likes, you will learn to post different types of content, and will spend less time creating unwanted content for your audience.

6. Set realistic goals

At the beginning of your digital business or entrepreneur career, high expectations can lead to frustration, the truth is, you will work a lot and create a lot of content for free, at this stage, earnings will be very low or zero, but don’t worry because once the needle start moving, it will be moving faster every month.

Your first goals to grow your presence on social media are growing your followers, earning at least one weekly follower is your first goal of the month, posting at least 5 times on every platform, getting your content shared at least once every 3 posts, getting likes or comments from your audience, these are realistic goals.

this post is to show you how to set realistic social media goals for influencers on the first year

Social media goals for influencers: Start monetizing from day one: Learn how to set realistic goals for your influencer career to avoid frustration and kee up the hard work.

7. Create the ideal content for your audience

As stated above, in order to know what kind of content you need for your audience, you need to analyze your data, most social media give you reports about your activity and interactions, so basically you have to analyze your most interacted or shared content, try to replicate the same posting formula, this will work for some time, then you have to evolve and keep analyzing your audience behavior to change your content strategy.

The ideal content is the one you get the most interaction with, people will often see who’s posting this kind of stuff, and some of them will click into your social media profile and sometimes watch your website or youtube channel, there’s no secret formula, if you want to learn more about the most profitable content for social media click here.

8. Set a schedule

Once you set your goals for your social media strategy, you need to make a schedule, being organized is a great way to be active, posting every day to get traction and achieve your goals easier.

We are all different in any way, but still, I always recommend having a notebook or calendar to write down at least content for two months, having this calendar or notebook around you will help you remember to create and post your content just in time, you can upload content and set it to be shown on almost every social media platform, that way you can keep your work further without slowing down your actual schedule.

9. Choose the right colors and look for your brand

Be original and choose great colors and a great logo design, you don’t need to create it yourself, take your time, you can even outsource this task, and get a professional to do it for you.

A great logo will bring more eyes to your brand than you expect, that’s why you may want to outsource this, choosing the right colors for a business is important too, vibrant and warm colors may help you get more audience, and sometimes cold colors have a more professional look and may lead to a high conversion percentage.

10. Analyze competition

Take this advice seriously, analyzing your direct competition is crucial to grow your presence on social media, not because you are going to start stealing every piece of content or copy every competitor’s word, but to start learning the strategy your competition is using to grow.

To analyze competition you just need to look on google for the same topics or the niche you are covering, its not a bad idea to use the same strategy, with your own content and your own personality, not every strategy works for everybody, but sometimes, the same strategy your competition use will work wonders for you.

11. Keep your calendar and post on current trends

Growing on social media to be an influencer or a recognized brand is not only about consistency, you have to analyze trends, try posting on special dates, create special content with an actual trending topic, and post and share images or videos about the last relevant news on your topic, that will help you a lot to increase your brand awareness.

It may be difficult to know everything about a special date or event, you need to read and keep an eye on news, websites or influencers related to your niche, but this is the most important task, one you must accomplish almost automatically, you may get lucky and go viral sometimes.

12. Post the right content on the right platform

It’s well known that some content just does not work for every platform, sometimes you may go viral with a single image on Facebook and get thousands of views and reactions every day, and uploading a video on the same platform may take several months to be seen by 10 people.

Short videos are getting more popular every day, most people are starting to create these videos on Facebook and are getting millions of views, you can use these kinds of videos to increase affiliate programs and your own product conversions.

Creating a podcast is an excellent example for you to learn how to analyze the platform you will upload your content, as this kind of content is very popular on Youtube, Facebook, and some websites.

13. Share your old and new content

Creating content is a hard job, so, don’t be afraid of reposting old posts, of course, this needs to be evergreen content, reposting news and old viral content with nothing new on it will generate bad reactions and look spammy to your users.

Getting your content shared is key to growing your presence on social media platforms, so you have to make the call to action to your users, promote sharing your content giving something for free, every shared piece of content will be shown to a few new potential users, and that’s how you will grow every day.

14. Use hashtags

The use of hashtags is not obsolete, some social media still use this to show your content to people with the same interests or hobbies, using hashtags on Tiktok, Facebook, and Youtube is still a great way to get more eyeballs on your content.

Learn to use hashtags properly, trending topics are normally related to hashtags, so, using the right hashtags at the right time will help you get viral and start getting more users, that’s why as stated above, you have to follow trending topics and start publishing content related, hashtags will help this content to reach more people.

15. Help your users

Creating great quality content for your audience is not enough sometimes, helping your audience with their doubts or questions is a great way to earn their trust, they will share your content and maybe buy your products and services, so start helping your community, join groups, answer questions and give some valuable input.

Facebook groups are perfect to do this, you solve community problems or questions, once in a while promote your brand and some pieces of your content and you will increase your audience this way, you can also join Reddit groups, register on quora to solve users doubts or questions, these platforms will help you grow great, and for quora, you can post your answers and link to your social media or website.

16. Track your progress

Some social media platforms offer great analytics to track your progress and analyze your past strategies, so, keep track and if possible save this data if you need to backtrack, this will help you to create new strategies and compare them with the old ones.

Tracking your progress will help you to identify those weak points in your actual strategy and how to enforce it to grow even more your social media presence, keeping track of your progress may help to get some inspiration sometimes, as creating content for social media can be hard and you will feel burnt out.

17. Build emails and phone lists

The smartest way to increase conversions and make a lot of money on social media is by building a user database, you can ask for your user’s mail or phone once they purchase something from you, but you can give something in exchange for that information, giveaways are perfect to get your content shared, but are also great to build your email and phone database.

Sending emails to your users as you try to sell them something can be considered spam, but that’s why we are not filling their inbox, we are going to send 2 or 3 emails per month, keep our users hooked with free content, then we send one or two emails per month with affiliate links.

18. Link your social media to your website

Don’t be afraid to put your link on your social media profile, many platforms let you link your account or profile to a website, this is really important as these links are dofollow, which means you will rank higher as these sites have high authority and will help your site rank faster on google.

It’s recommended for you to search every website and put your website link every time, it doesn’t matter if you are not using the platform right now, or maybe never, these links will give you a little boost to your rank to start climbing on the google search.

19. Make collaborations

Collaborations are great to help grow your presence on social media, once you have some audience and want to start growing, even more, search influencers, webmasters, or experts on your topic or niche, send emails to them or call them to offer collaborations, sometimes you can get bigger influencers to collaborate with you and this will help you grow exponentially.

Collaborations are great to create brand awareness, and will bring you high conversions as you will be earning high traffic, reactions and engaging more people.

20. Don’t be afraid to spend some extra

Sometimes you will be spending some extra money, it depends on your niche, but sometimes paying for ads is recommended, you will get a great boost on traffic, as more people will see your content, it is recommended to do at least one ad campaign in one year.

Facebook ads are known for having the best ROI, as you will reach a lot of people, it depends on you and your copyright to engage people and keep growing.

Google ads are great too but are not as effective as Facebook ads, they may be cheaper, but once people is reached the impression may not be as effective as a Facebook impression to get people’s attention, so, ROI is lower for google ads.

become social media influencer as a student on 2022

Become a social media influencer as a student: earn money on 2022: Start your journey as a social media influencer right now, create videos, have fun posting on social media and earn money!

19. Don’t get stuck

As you create content on social media platforms and your website, you may notice you are going out of ideas or getting burnt out, that’s where you want to see your competitor’s content, this will help you get great ideas to create content, but don’t get stuck or copy another people’s ideas, you can always take your time, keep your distance for a short time, so you can get fresh ideas to start.

Sometimes to grow your presence on social media you have to evolve, and your content too, that means sometimes you have to test another kind of content, sometimes this comes with positive results and you will grow great, sometimes not, that’s why you have to test every strategy for some time, give each strategy a month and analyze results, then move to the next.

Creating content for a specific niche can lead to getting limited ideas or content, so you have to spread your niche a bit, it doesn’t matter if you have no idea or don’t have the necessary knowledge, you will learn on the way.

22. Use every tool you need

As you work on different social media platforms, some tasks start to feel repetitive or stressful, so, start looking for tools to automate your posting routine, every tool is valid to automate or relieve some job, of course, sometimes these tools are not for free, but there are multipurpose platforms to help you automate your social media manager career.

As you create your own website, you may need apps and plugins or templates to design and create the perfect website for your brand, try not to spend time on design, but choose a great and fast template that makes your website look professional and functional.

23. Patience is key

Creating a digital business from scratch can be hard and frustrating, sometimes you will feel you are not growing, and the lack of revenue in the first years is the main reason most people quit and shut down their websites or social media accounts, remember, consistency is key.

Eventually, every website or social media account will earn some money, you have to find the right strategy for your niche and you will earn money, so don’t give up, keep pumping content every week, plan your strategies, and start growing on social media.

24. Reward your loyal audience

Once you have some time and start analyzing your social media accounts or your websites, you will see there are returning people and sometimes this returning user can be up to 10%, so, there’s a little community interested in your content, reward your loyal audience with something they need or something valuable, show your rewards to promote your website or social media even more.

Infoproducts are perfect rewards for your audience, this can be an ebook, a podcast, a video, or something more, of course, to provide the perfect reward, you have to make a poll to ask your clients what they are interested in, that way you will find a great reward for your loyal users.

25. Get your audience to know you

It’s not mandatory, but showing your face and giving answers to your audience on a podcast, or a video, will create a bond with your audience, as they realize you are a real person, you may start getting more traction and more loyal users, beware of giving out your personal information, even giving out your personal email is not recommended.

Discord is a perfect platform used by a lot of companies, brands, and influencers to keep their community active and sometimes even to make some sales, so use every resource to grow your presence on social media, get your audience to know you, and get your community interested on your content.

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There are really many ways and tips you can use to grow your presence on social media, becoming an entrepreneur is all about learning new things, being organized and making strategies to get people to know you, create a bond between you and your audience, create the perfect content for them once you have analyzed their preferences, and of course, make sales.

Don’t forget that, even if you are creating content to help people, you have to set your goals around creating and growing a business, and your main objective is to get an income source, scale your revenue and get more income sources to create a successful digital business.

most profitable content for social media on 2022

Most profitable content for social media on 2022

Creating the most original and engaging content is key for every digital marketer, brand, and companies, of course, all businesses need sales, and an income source to survive, and that’s why you want to create the most engaging and perfect content for your audience to start growing, keep reading and I will show you the most profitable content for social media to get people hooked and grow an online business.

Before social media and the explosive growth niche sites and blogs had some years ago, creating a website with crappy informational articles to get a lot of traffic was totally ordinary, now, there’s a lot of competition, and you have to invest time and sometimes money to analyze and research for the most profitable content on social media, in order to do this you have to do keyword research, study your competitors and sometimes even do ads campaigns to get traffic.

become social media influencer as a student on 2022

Become a social media influencer as a student: earn money on 2022: Start your journey as a social media influencer right now, create videos, have fun posting on social media and earn money!

1. Short videos

short videos are the most profitable content for social media on 2022

You can create a short video and upload it on every social media platform nowadays, this video format is becoming popular as people tend to lose attention to bad quality or long videos, that’s why marketers and influencers are trying so hard to create good short videos.

These videos are getting popular for creating short tutorials, cooking food recipes, carpentry, hair, and makeup, creating videos to show how to use a tool or a brand new product is a great way to generate high conversion content.

Short videos are without a doubt the most profitable content for social media as you will get highest engagement with it and are above images in popularity, a short video has the highest chance to be shared, so, it can raise conversions.

The short video format can be used in almost any niche. Still, right now these niches are using this kind of content and getting great results: food recipes, sports, gaming, beauty, house decoration, fashion, art, and travel.

2. Stories

This content format is about images or short videos mixed together to hook your audience, this is the way most influencers start getting traction and money, you can start looking for a specific product within an affiliate program, there are a lot of affiliate programs out there that will pay commissions up to 50% if you sell their products, of course, there’s Amazon affiliate program, but, you know, Amazon is cutting commissions and now are as low as 2%, depending on the product category.

So, grab a product or two, buy it, and start getting stories, try to advertise your own affiliate links, of course, in order to do these you need to have followers, so, you will need at least 5k followers to start getting some results.

The secret behind selling an affiliate product is not selling, but keeping your regular schedule, posting your regular stories, and introducing your product as something you use on a daily basis, then you will create the desire for the product, and people will be buying it.

This is a high conversion strategy, but of course, as an influencer, you will get as high conversions as loyal followers earned, you can create stories on Instagram, Facebook, and Snapchat, being Instagram the most profitable nowadays.

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3. Giveaways

If you are an influencer, you are trying to get people hooked and have an audience of at least 5k followers you have to try giveaways, this strategy is not only to engage your audience and give them something to increase their loyalty, but of course, our goal is to increase our reach.

The strategy for giveaways is to engage our audience and to help us grow, that’s why we are giving something away in exchange for them to share our content or register to build an email and phone list, so, if you have 5k followers, we can increase our audience by at least 20%, but sometimes, this will double our audience.

Once you see the potential of giveaways, this becomes one of the most profitable content for social media to help you hook your user database, you will find it useful and a great strategy to enhance your earnings, the giveaway strategy is something you can create in almost any niche, you have to analyze what your audience is interested in, try not to do an expensive giveaway, after all, we have still to get profit.

4. Course or Masterclass

creating a masterclass will grow your audience and brand awareness

Creating a course or masterclass is not only for professionals or someone with a PhD, you just have to know a little bit more than your students, and a great sense of teaching, to start, you may want to analyze what your topic is about, you can create a course about almost any niche, but you will get more conversions in the following niches:

  • Science
  • Programming languages
  • Web design
  • Beauty
  • Fashion
  • Bakery
  • Cooking
  • Home Improvement
  • Finance

Once you have selected a niche, you need to plan your course content, the video format is recommended, but you should add some ebooks or written content, this will give more value to your students and they will be satisfied.

Now you have your course, there are a lot of websites that will host your course for you, or you can host it on your own website, this last option, of course, will cost you, but is the best to get profit, as sometimes, this platforms like udemy and coursera will sell your course for less than $10 USD, and your commissions will be pennies.

5. Webinar

A webinar is a virtual event scheduled to be attended live by your audience or clients, you can create and host a webinar on multiple platforms out there.

Once you have a product, course, or info product, you can create a webinar to tell people about it, a webinar’s purpose is to show your clients how your product will change their lives, the benefits, and features of your product, and how to use it correctly.

You can create a webinar easily, just design a good slide presentation and a good script for you to read, grab and connect a mic and start recording the slides on the screen and reading your script on the mic, the average webinar duration is 50 minutes, but don’t worry about this, you can come up with a 20 minutes webinar and this will do the trick.

6. Podcast

podcasts are perfect to build your business and a loyal audience

Starting a podcast can be a lot of work, but it can open up a new income source for you, of course, this will not be fast and you have to work hard and be patient, but once you have a good audience and have authority on your niche, you will start getting some revenue from it.

Podcasts are the easiest content to consume, as you can use your phone and listen everywhere you go, so engagement is higher as people can commit to hearing your content as they work in their office, do the dishes at home, or exercise in the gym.

Once you have built a brand and you have a website with products or services, the expected conversion rates from podcasts are up to 8%, it may be a lower rate, but that is why you have to focus on brand awareness and create a loyal audience, once you got more than 100k followers, 8% becomes a great number.

25 beginner tips to grow on social media on 2022

25 Beginner tips to grow your presence on social media in 2022: nowadays you can start and create a successful business online on social media platforms, check these tips out to start growing on social media.

7. Case study

This kind of content can be a little tricky, but you can use this on every social media platform or your own website, people like case studies because these often give high-value information, you can even grow faster and get viral if your case studies are about trending topics.

A good example of a case study is sales campaigns, mostly from big and successful companies, of course, you have to be careful here and not to copy/ paste content, or you may get negative consequences, when creating a case study, you have to offer real data along with your own opinion of the subject.

Of course, the best case studies are the ones being made by growing businesses, people get motivated by these and often start their own businesses, that’s how you can create the perfect tool to monetize and make a profit, your case study will be your perfect sales funnel, this motivated people can be potential customers for your services, courses or infoproducts.

8. Ebook

ebooks are still a great way to create one of the most profitable content for social media

When talking about ebooks, we are not just talking about long text classic masterpieces written by master writers, you have to keep in mind that, as it happens with podcasts and videos, people have less time to spend on a hobby, so there are ebooks making lots of sales with 5 to 10k words, quantity is not quality, and you can create a great ebook from scratch in a few days.

If you are skilled in design, you can start creating low and no content books, this is, creating notebooks, log books, drawing books, and so on, you just have to learn how to use the right design and keywords to go along with your niche, you can upload and sell your low or no content books on amazon kdp or other platforms.

Pricing is important when you have a finished ebook, amazon normally gets a cut from each sale, so you have to plan your pricing to get profit, of course when creating a low and no content book, there’s not a real chance for you to make sales if you neglect keyword research, so, try to learn everything.

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9. Blog post

Blogging has become a very profitable business, creating a website is something every business needs, but blogging is the way to grow a business, every blog post written is an opportunity to bring revenue, hook your users and get more sales, there’s a lot of opportunities and you don’t have to be an expert to create a blog or a website.

Creating your own website can be a real challenge at first, but that’s ok, you have to learn the basics, just try not to spend countless hours on templates, themes, and design, start pumping content asap, choose your niche, try to specialize to gain authority, do your keyword and competitor analysis and start writing your content.

Every blog post you write is going to rank for a specific keyword, so, choose a low competition keyword, in the process the same post may rank for another keyword and start getting pageviews this way, so every article you write will help you rank, the most keywords you rank for, the better the traffic you are going to get, so that’s why you have to write a lot of articles at least the first 2 or 3 months.

You can click here to see how can you monetize your blog, this can be made with ads (Adsense, Ezoic, Mediavine), you receive revenue for every 1000 pageviews, it depends on your niche, but your earnings can go from $5 to $150 with 10k pageviews/month.

10. Images

images are a great way to get awareness, to get your audience hooked and go viral

The power of images on digital marketing is great, posting the right image on the right social media is still a great way to viralize your content and earn a solid follower database, there are a lot of easy-to-use and cheap apps and programs to create images, you can recycle some of them, but most of the time you won’t monetize reused content even if you have a lot of followers, so beware of using reused images or copyrighted ones.

There are some platforms where images are not the preferred content, but long or short format videos, you have to analyze your niche and pick the right images and comments to upload to your platform.

Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter are the best social media platforms to post images and once you know how to use images it will become one of the most profitable content for social media on these platforms, you will need a lot of followers to make a profit on Instagram, but that’s why we are going to choose at least two platforms, and test every move we make to see how to enhance our strategy to increase our audience, growth, and sales.


As you can see, there are a lot of strategies for social media platforms you can use, the most profitable content for social media nowadays is short videos, but still, every social media is different, and quality is over quantity, so, you can still create a great strategy and build a successful business posting images, creating a podcast or a blog.

Creating a successful business is not just about getting traction on social media, you can still create a business taking the classic route, but then you have to keep in mind that, you have to evolve as your clients and users evolve and its necessities do, that way you will always be in the right direction.

grow your business with the most profitable social media platforms

Most profitable social media platforms on 2022: Check the pros and cons of using the most profitable social media platform from the last 5 years, and choose wisely how to start your digital business.

grow your business with the most profitable social media platforms

Most profitable social media platforms on 2023

Since the beginning of Facebook, social media platforms have been growing exponentially over the last decade, nowadays, these platforms are big, billionaire companies with influence and power around the world, people communicate, share files, create topics, and sell things in these platforms, becoming a great income source for a lot of people, so this post is to show you the most profitable social media platforms you have to choose in order to grow your business and earn money.

As you create an account on some of these platforms, you can choose between a personal account or a business account, choosing the least, is always recommended, you can create then a personal profile, or a business profile to create your own brand.

Which is the most profitable social media platform?

Social media is a very profitable business, since there are more than 4.5 billion users right now, creating content, and searching for information, social media are a great way to create your brand and start growing an audience, so, the next list is to show you the most profitable and crowded social media platform.

Social media platformActive UsersAnnual revenue
1. Facebook3 Billion$85 Billion
2. Youtube2.3 Billion$28.8 Billion
3. Instagram2 Billion> $20 Billion
4. Tik Tok> 1 Billion> $10 Billion
5. LinkedIn> 250 Million> $12 Billion
6. Twitter210 Million$5.42 Billion
7. Whatsapp> 2 Billion$ 5.5 Billion
8. Pinterest450 Million$580 Million
9. Reddit> 430 Million$300 Million

As you can see, Facebook is at the top of the most profitable social media platforms with more than 3 Billion active users every month, these platforms can help your business grow with the right strategy, sometimes, you may need an initial investment, my advise, is to learn to use the platforms and see how far you can get before you start spending money, then you can start using Facebook ads or another kind of paid strategy.

The platform revenue below is there to show you how much the company earns annually, keep in mind that, in order to start earning money, you have to grow an audience, create a profile, start getting followers or subscriptions, and engage them with great content they like or find useful and start sharing, that’s how you will get organic views, then promote your best posts to reach more people, is a great practice to create a website too, this way you can send some of your social media traffic to your website and this will add another income streams.

Most profitable social media platforms to promote your business

The nature of your business, your niche, and your audience are the three most important things, as many of these platforms have different kinds of audiences, so you have to analyze your buyer persona profile, that means, your ideal client, then you have to create content to engage this ideal client, to buy your product or pay for your services, to pick up the best platforms to use, I reviewed all the above listed to know more about them.

1. Facebook

facebooks is the most profitable platform to grow your business

Facebook is the most crowded and most profitable social media platform today, there are billions of people using it, there are some actual facts to keep in mind while using Facebook, first, every piece of content you publish here is going to reach your followers only, they have to share your content so you can reach more people if your content is not shared, it will be forgotten, the second fact is, more than 23% of users have an average age between 25 – 34 years old in the US, this is the highest age group, follower by 17 – 24 years old.

become social media influencer as a student on 2022

Become a social media influencer as a student: earn money on 2022: Start your journey as a social media influencer right now, create videos, have fun posting on social media and earn money!

One of the greatest Facebook features are ad campaigns, your business can grow greatly if you learn how to use it and create a good strategy to help you get the attention of your audience, so, Facebook is definitely one of the most recommended platforms to start growing your brand and business.


  • A great user database with a wide age range.
  • Facebook ads are both, great and not so expensive.
  • Create a group or page and start generating content for your business.


  • Content can be forgotten easily if not shared.
  • Barely used by people under 20 years old.
  • Can be time-consuming.

2. Youtube

youtube can be used to give extra value to your content with videos

The best social media platform to watch videos, there are a lot of people creating content every day, creating an account to upload videos is free, and subscriptions are free too, so I always recommend using Youtube to start creating at least one weekly video, create great helpful videos and you will watch your channel grow, branding on youtube is great and you can link your channel directly to another social media platforms or your website and this can be considered a do-follow link.

This is not just one of the most profitable social media platforms, but a search engine too, so you have to learn the basics of youtube SEO in order to create videos that can actually rank, of course, you can make a really good video, with original content, but you have to plan your video title, create a great thumbnail to engage the users, then use every tag possible to earn more viewers, then, just keep uploading and you will be monetizing soon.


  • Great database with a wide user age range.
  • Your videos will be visible after months or years of uploading.
  • Link every video and your channel to other social media or websites.


  • Great quality videos may take a longer edition process.
  • You need uploading consistency.
  • Monetization takes time if you are a beginner.

3. Instagram

instagram is a great platform to get traction with US users

There are a lot of people actually migrating their Facebook profiles to Instagram, most popular among younger people, the average age group using this platform is between 12 – 25 years old, there are a lot of reasons Instagram is one of the bests platforms to start using to grow your brand, as most people in the US use it more than 30 min/day, its a big opportunity to engage your users with every post, of course, try to upload nice HD images or videos to increase your user’s database.

Compared to Facebook, Instagram has a better mobile phone optimization, this is the reason why more influencers start using the platform, as it has become the best to increase sales and conversions to affiliate links, influencers can upload videos with their links and start making sales faster as soon as their followers start watching their photos


  • A great mobile-optimized platform.
  • Best for eCommerce and branding.
  • The most used platform in the US.


  • Some features are not free as it was before.
  • External links are barely supported.
  • Does not support pages or groups.

4. Tik Tok

The best short video platform out there, as a content creator, you can share your videos and link it to your website or youtube, displaying your website’s link in your profile is a great addition, as it counts as a backlink to build rank, as a creator, you can apply to Tik Tok creators fund, this program is for US and European creators, and once you are in you get paid for the views on your videos.

The Tik Tok creators fund was made to incentivize creators to create high-quality content, to apply you have to meet some criteria, first, you need 10,000 followers, and have at least 1000 views and 3 posts for the last 30 days, 18 years old or more and not have any community guideline violation.

Use Tik Tok to grow your brand or create a business if your audience is between 13 and 28 years old, as these are the most predominant ages on the platform, you can use this perfectly to link to gaming, beauty, fitness, music, photo or cooking website to earn more follower and pageviews.


  • The most used short video platform.
  • Add your website to every video to get more page views.
  • Monetize your content once you reach the requirements.


  • Content format is limited to short videos.
  • Video editing can take a lot of time.
  • Ad campaigns are expensive.

5. LinkedIn

One of the most profitable social media platforms is linkedIn and their great users database.

The most productive social media platform, this was initially created as job finding website, but the right decisions were made here, within your profile you can create or paste your blog articles, and you can link them directly to your website, so you receive a backlink, even if this is a no follow link, is a great way to get page views, so this can be a great way to get traction from the right audience if your niches are about finance, tech, writing, books and traveling.

It is said that LinkedIn Audience has the highest monthly income among all social media, and that’s because, there are a lot of US companies who are always searching for talented people to join them, but creating a profile to look for a job is not the only thing you can do here, you can start posting information, writing articles about your niche, you do this to add links to your website or another social media platform, so your audience keeps growing.

More than 60% of LinkedIn users age is between 30 – 64 years old, so, optimize your profile as you would do with your website, this will help you with SEO, the articles you write will rank if you do good keyword research, try to create different kinds of digital content, podcasts, webinars, videos, ebooks, so you can use all this content to get your audience hooked.


  • Platform users with the highest income.
  • Great for affiliate link niche sites.
  • Create your profile and write posts to link to your website or other social media.


  • Takes more time to grow an audience.
  • Competition is higher.
  • Does not have a monetization program.

6. Twitter

One of my favorite platforms, Twitter is great for blogs, youtube videos, and branding, but it can be a pain also, sometimes your posts will have a lot of likes, retweets and you can see growth in followers, and for an unknown reason, sometimes you can get hate comments in your posts, that happens a lot on Facebook too, but don’t worry, you will see growth if you keep posting and creating great content.

The average user’s age on Twitter is 25 – 34 years old, and you can easily target your audience by the correct use of hashtags, there are even some groups that will help you grow, they will retweet your post if you do a @- mention of their profiles, sometimes this helps a bit, so, go and search for this groups.


  • Reach millions of people using hashtags correctly.
  • Get sponsored tweets to reach even more people.
  • Create and schedule your tweets to get your audience hooked right on time.


  • Businesses tend to spam tweets and get hate comments.
  • Twitter ads are expensive and sometimes doesn’t worth it.
  • Posting tweets to create business awareness is time-consuming.

7. Whatsapp

A powerful app that has evolved through the years, now the property of meta, Whatsapp has become a great tool for local businesses and great companies, keeping your client’s email and phone number is always great to generate future sales, and using WhatsApp to grow your business is a great strategy, not only is an effective way to engage your client’s database, and customize your service, conversion rates are superior using WhatsApp or SMS.

Using WhatsApp in your business is a mobile marketing strategy, this is one of the most profitable social media platforms once you have build your users database, so, you need to create mobile optimized content to enhance user experience, you can send links to every product you have, or affiliate links, but also, you can send coupons, discounts, limited time offers, this strategy has 60% conversion rates and sometimes even higher.


  • Great way to stay in touch with your clients.
  • High conversion rate strategy.
  • Captive customer database.


  • You may be blocked by users if messages become spammy.
  • Lead magnets may be required to obtain users’ phone numbers.
  • It takes time to have a large user database.
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8. Pinterest

Create pins and paste your website link to drive traffic with pinterest, one of the most profitable social media platforms

As many other social media platforms, Pinterest has a search engine incorporated, so, you have learned about how to post your pins right to attract people, but once you start using and getting an audience from Pinterest, you can drive a great amount of traffic to your website or your page business on another social media.

Pinterest has a very wide users age, being the average between 30 – 64 years old, at the beginning of the platform, more than 80% of the users were women, nowadays it is about 60%, so the niches getting more traction with Pinterest are cooking and kitchenware, house decoration, and interior design, handcrafts, toys, videogames, anime, fitness, beauty.

Posting a pin can be really easy, I recommend using canva, as you will be creating lots of pins everyday if done correctly, for some people this can be time-consuming though, if you are already generating lots of content every day, my advice is creating at least a daily pin, create a good comment with low competition keywords, then copy-paste the link to your website, sometimes good pins get traffic really fast, but normally it takes time for pins to send traffic to your website so, be patient.


  • Link every pin to your business website.
  • Grow an audience from a wide users age range.
  • Get a faster audience if you are from the below niches.


  • It takes time to get an audience from your pins.
  • Creating pins can be time-consuming at first
  • Pinterest has a weird automatic ban system, don’t spam.

9. Reddit

reddit is one of the most profitable social media platforms once you learn how to use it properly.

A powerful and one of the most profitable social media platforms, one of my favorites to get information about most topics, Reddit can be great to start growing your business, with a lot of users, but as with Twitter, Reddit users will kick you out if you get spammy and use the site just for self-promotion, so, instead of posting spammy messages, ask questions, give some value to a Reddit group, and use the link to your website if it provides with helpful information.

Once you start learning how to post and create good content for this platform, your post and links will be a great addition to the community and your site will receive a great amount of traffic from Reddit, now, you have the chance to monetize this views with advertising, or start selling your products, once your traffic keeps growing, you have too many ways to monetize.


  • A great platform where you can share or give information and start growing your audience.
  • Plenty of groups to choose from and start posting.
  • A great audience that will help you grow even more.


  • Don’t be spammy and don’t self-promote.
  • It can take several posts and months to start growing an audience.
  • Be careful as sometimes people here will try copying your business.


Creating an audience and growing a business is possible nowadays with the social media platform support, you can get into every platform or pick one or two to start creating brand awareness, the most profitable social media platforms you have to choose for your business are the ones where you can create brand awareness, grow your audience and your conversions, so you have to choose accordingly, that’s the first step, the next step is to optimize your content, to be helpful and get people to stay in touch with your business, and to generate sales.

Of course, it is recommended to invest some money on ad campaigns, but once you start earning some money off this, reinvest in writers, a great design for your page design or a great template for your website, this will help to enhance your user’s experience and will be a boost for your content, if you are on a very low budget, you can still start now, and be capable of generating hundreds or thousands dollars your first year.

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new media vs traditional media

Traditional media vs new media: the best on 2022

Digital marketing is evolving every day and so are marketing strategies to generate sales, nowadays you can use traditional and new media advertising methods, each one has pros and cons, of course, new media advertising scale higher most of the times, as traditional media tends to stay more local, but you have the chance to engage users even more using traditional media as your advertising method, so we are going to list every benefit you can get from both sides of the coin

Traditional media definition

tv broadcasting is the most expensive traditional media advertising

We call traditional media to every advertising channel that has been there for more than twenty years, radio, tv programs and broadcasts, newspapers, billboards and so on, this kind of advertising has been around for ages, its productivity is well known to generate a lot of sales, but is at the same time, expensive, so its recommended to create a great advertising strategy to reach your audience and create buyer persona profile to avoid wasting money.

We can create great strategies and generate a lot of sales with traditional media, your business can get all the benefits of local traditional media advertising, a tv broadcast may be better than radio and the newspaper, but depends a lot on budget, so it may be hard for young entrepeneurs, start their own business, so plan your strategies careful, always try to diversify to avoid losing big money.

New media definition and examples

We undestand new media as internet based activities, such as social media, video or banner ads, apps, and websites to attract users with informative useful content, this digital strategies are getting stronger, and is evolving faster, today we know digital marketing and mobile marketing as strategies used to get audience hooked with high quality content, this content has normally the call to action strategies to get your users click on your products and buy.

new media advertising can be an app, website a banner or video ad

Nowadays people spend a lot of time with their mobile phones, interacting with apps and websites very fast, sometimes spending money online, so everyone needs to have a mobile marketing strategy to reach people using their mobile, so, not only new media is getting popular, advertising is highly customizable, this way you dont waste money on advertising for the wrong demographic group.

Do i choose new media or traditional media for my business?

In fact, your business can get benefits from both, traditional and new media advertising are not enemies, you can use traditional media even if your business its a digital platform, you can create a powerful campaign using social media advertising and a tv broadcast or printed, you just have to plan your budget to get the most out of it and get your ROI faster.

To know what kind of media advertising you have to use, you have to know your audience, young people (ages 18 – 29) tends to use social media to search about some topics, people between age 30 – 50, tends to search a lot on different search engines as google, bing, but they still watch tv and hear their home radio, so there’s a lot of strategies you can create depending on your audience’s average age.

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New media vs traditional media benefits

  1. Price: You will pay less when using new media, traditional media is known to be expensive, you will reach a lot of people, but you will reach a lot of people out of your audience’s demography, so new media is less expensive, as we are collecting our audience data to get a buyer persona and learn more about their profile, new media become more efficient as we are targeting our audience, conversion rates are higher than traditional media, you can get track of every move so you can create new strategies to make sales.
  2. Engagement: Your audience are going to buy something from you, it doesn’t even care if you are not selling directly, they trust you, and they will buy the product if you are writing good reviews or creating content around a particular product, this means you have to recommend good quality products to increase your user’s satisfaction and that’s how your audience recommend you and your products too.
  3. Global reach: new media advertising is not only less expensive, it can reach a global audience, this can lead to a huge amount of people who reads and watch your content and of course, every new users is a new buyer, so this is one of the most important new media features, of course, traditional media and their tv broadcasts have a lot of reach, but this is often the most expensive kind of advertising from traditional media.
new media advertising has a huge global reach

4. Viral content: There is a chance a piece of your content gets viral, that mean, thousads of people will share your content, and it will be seen even by millions, so this will help you generate more sales, it doesn’t care if your conversion rate is the same, getting all this people attention will generate trust and will give more value to your content.

5. Localization: Creating the perfect new media strategy you can reach your users wherever they are, as people use mobile phones every day, strategies to generate fast sales opportunities get more important, with a good mobile marketing strategy, localization is not a problem anymore.

6. Easy to use: New media advertising platforms can be a little tricky to use at first, but once you start woking on these it becomes easy, this platforms are very flexible and will allow you to run multiple campaigns and focus on every audience profile you have.

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At first this post may seem as a battle between new media vs traditional media, but it is not, this article’s objetive is to show what’s the difference and benefits between them, as your business grow, you will be using both probably, but as a beginner, you will use new media advertising, as it’s cheaper, easiest and you can track all the numbers to design more strategies to grow your conversion rate.

digital marketing improves business by reaching millions of users

How digital marketing improve your business

Digital marketing has evolved since the internet was born, and this has become the new way for businesses to grow and make sales, so if you are creating and growing a brand, you have to know how digital marketing improve your business and get you to the next level, from a zero sales business to a millionaire enterprise, so keep reading and learn the different ways digital marketing will help you earn money and grow your business from scratch.

Starting a business the old way, growing from zero to generating your first 100k is going to be tough, nowadays digital marketing can help your business grow faster, from that first sale, building a millionaire enterprise with your own brand, and growing your business to a successful and well-know brand, digital marketing is going to help you improve your business from start, you need to think outside the box, do not start an old fashion business, plan a great digital strategy to generate sales as you start.

What’s digital marketing?

We call digital marketing to every method and strategy we use on the internet to generate sales or start earning money as we grow a business, there’s a wide variety of options to do this:

sem will improve your business, you will need a budget and keyword knowledge

SEO: It means search engine optimization, and this is one of the best methods to start growing a business online, creating a web, blog, or online store is good, but in order to get traffic and start getting people to actually find your online store, you have to learn about SEO, do search and keyword analysis and start writing informational content for people to find your website.

Click here to learn to use free tools to improve your SEO

SEM: You can always start an online business and get sales and traffic by creating ad campaigns, this is a great way to start earning a good income, of course, you still have to do good keyword research, but this is a fast way to earn money early and sometimes it will help you get some traffic from the start.

Content marketing: A website that offers a good article, solves a problem, and help users to find the correct answer they need is going to get you the traffic to get traction, content marketing is creating informational content, so you can grow an audience and hook your users, then you can link the informational content to monetizing articles, affiliate links or your online store, this is one of the best methods.

Click here to learn how to optimize your content to grow an audience.

Affiliate marketing: this is the favorite among entrepreneurs and bloggers, with affiliate marketing you are promoting a product, creating reviews, writing about the best features this product has, and then offering links to a third party online store with an affiliate program, like amazon, there’s a lot of affiliate programs out there, amazon is pretty popular but nowadays, it offers a pretty low commission rate, there are a lot of websites and online stores who will offer up to 70% commission rates, you have to know where to look.

Email marketing: Using mail lists is always a nice way to create a business, but in order to get those people’s emails, a great effort is needed, you will have to create magnets, or offer some infoproduct to get your audience email in exchange, of course, a good email list can help you get a lot of sales, the conversion rate is a lot higher than affiliate links on a website, there are email marketing platforms that will help you manage your clients and even automate the mailing process like Omnisend or Mailchimp, so start creating your email list, engage your audience even more and get more sales.

email marketing has a high conversion rate, grow your email list now

Social media marketing: in the last years, social media has evolved into a powerful tool to earn money, there are some businesses and brands that were created just with social media marketing, it’s not a secret that once a piece of content goes viral, it can help to generate sales, to grow a business and make a lot of money, so, if you already have a business, you need to have social media profiles, post content, and give people something to start following you.

Why does my business need digital marketing?

A business needs advertising, you need people to hear or see your business, a great quality product is not enough, a great informative website is not enough, you need your business to be seen by your clients, as you learn more about digital marketing and the methods to get people’s attention, the benefits will be clear, getting seen by millions, and get some of those millions to buy your products or buying from your affiliate links, giving you great commissions, that’s the real advantage you use digital marketing for your business.

Digital marketing for local business

If you have a local business like a restaurant, a cafe, or a beauty salon, you can grow exponentially your earnings, social media marketing and niche websites are perfect for your local business, using the right keywords to get users near you or from another country who will be visiting your country area is what will take your business to another level, create a facebook page or group, post on twitter often, use hashtags, create videos and show the world what is your business all about.

local business can benefit from digital marketing too

It doesn’t matter if your business is not so popular or if you don’t have a great budget, you can always learn and do digital marketing by yourself to improve your business, this ways your expenses will be low, and you will be, of course, investing your time, but it will worth it, start learning about keyword and niche research first, then learn about SEO, and start using social media with the perfect strategy to generate sales.

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Digital marketing is the perfect tool for businesses to start getting traction, reach millions of users around the world and make sales, there are a lot of experts and gurus out there, but believe me, it will not hurt if you learn about this, don’t waste your money on magic courses, there’s not a step by step guide or 5 steps to get millions, it’s just about not giving up, and give quality to your clients.

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