How long does it take to make money on KDP

Check out how long does it take to make money on amazon as a beginner author

Creating content, writing and then putting your work live is hard, its a full process that needs to be planned, the main goal for the self publisher is to get the job done and then, make money from their books, so, how long doest it takes to make money on kdp or another platforms once you have finished your work properly? Keep reading!

For most people, it takes from one to two years, just keep in mind, you will be seeing one or two figures monthly those first years, don’t give up and keep working, of course, you have a lot of options if you really like to see your sales jump, there’s Tik Tok, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Ads campaigns, and that’s where all depends on your Budget my friend.

Amazon KDP ad Campaigns

There are some things we have to get clear now that you have your book done, It will need promotion to be read, for those little rich fishes, it would be not that hard, as you only need money and learn the basics about Ad campaigns to start getting sales.

But hear me out! Ad campaigns can be tricky, if you don’t have a good strategy and already know your main keywords to get close to your audience, you will waste chunks of money to get no sales.

My advice, start using ads only if you have a great book series, at least three books ready to get live, once per month, use social media to engage people, get some reviews, make giveaways in exchange for those reviews, then you can get into ads for your second and third book, or the whole series.

how long does it takes to write a novel

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How long does it takes to make $1K monthly on kdp?

It will take three to four years and at least 5 books to earn $1k monthly income steadily, however, this depends on many factors I will list here:

Writing: Of course this has to be the first one, if you can’t write a good story, people will not buy your book, even if you have a great cover art, your book will get a lot of negative reviews and people will pass from buy it.

Editing: The editting process is quite a challenge for every author and can’t be taken lightly, you will find yourself paying the consequences for a bad edited book, so, if you are editting by yourself, do it carefully.

A great book cover: I mean, some authors tend to spend a lot of money on a good cover, made by experts, but then, they make a lot of sales, so maybe spending $500 on a good cover is not that much if you end up making $1k/ day, don’t underestimate the power of traction a good cover has.

Promoting: I will use this part and put it away from Ad campaigns, when I talk about promoting, I refer to social media, every interaction counts here, try to engage your audience with content, don’t send links to go and buy your books, people hate that, dont’ ask for anything, just create content, interact with your audience and you will earn they trust and eventually they will buy your stuff.

Tiktok: has become a great social media platform for authors, you may want to create videos and use the right Hashtags to reach your audience, and that’s where Tiktok shines, a lot of people are already looking for the Hashtags here, plus, if you get an influecer to review you book you may get a lot of sales quickly.

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Facebook: Another great tool to get traction and reach the right audience, just search for the right groups, people talking about the theme of your book, book clubs and interact with them, of course this takes time, and you have to invest some time.

You can do Facebook Ad campaigns too, and there’s a lot of people showing good results from this Ads, as it’s a great way to put your work in front of the right Audience.

Pinterest: Using Pinterest is easy, if you use a good tool to make pins, it’s time consuming, but, its a great platform to get traction and drive your audience to your work. of course Pinterest have their own ad promotion, but you will not need it at the beginning.

Ad campaigns: I recommend spending on Ads once you have at least a three book series, or five non related books, writing books in series is recommend though, but then you may want to start spending at least $10/day on ads, this will be a starting point, once you make sales you will be increasing your Ads Budget.

Is it possible to make a six-figure income with Amazon KDP?

Of course it is possible, there are a lot of authors making that revenue, keep in mind that, these authors have written, at least, more than 30 books to make six figures, they already know how to keep their business going, creating the right strategy to make sales even before their book is live.

Six-figure income authors are less than 10% of all of them, as there are a lot of authors actually, some of them are creating low or no content books like planners, notebooks, coloring books and some more, that’s why you have to learn more about this, learn to write to market, to write a good story and create a make a great editing job.


There you go, if you are actually thinking about writing your own book, or have a great idea you want to write, do it, don’t overthink it, maybe it will be your best seller, or maybe not, but, you will get experience to have future success.

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