How long does it take to edit a book 2023

how long does it takes to edit a book for amazon kdp

Self-publishing platforms like Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) have empowered writers to bring their creations to life independently, however, the key to success in this competitive arena lies not just in crafting a great story, but in presenting it the more professional manner, this is where the art of editing comes into play, editing isn’t merely a technical endeavor, here you will learn how long does it take to edit a book and more, we’ll go deep into the world of editing for Amazon KDP so you can learn some of the aspects of editing your own masterpiece.

How long does it take to edit a book

First, editing is a full process that takes a lot of time, for some authors, it takes even more time than writing, editing your own book can take between 4 to 6 weeks, unless you are a professional editor yourself, it can take some 2 or 3 weeks, of course we are talking about fiction novels, books from 70k to 120k words, non fiction books can take one or more years in the edition process, keep in mind that, you need to edit two or three times a book in order to have a professional, polished work.

There’s a lot of work once you finish writing a book, and if you are a lone writer, and your plan is editing all by yourself then, I advise you, to take a break, maybe some days or weeks before you start, if you already have, or you are on a rush, start slow, take your time on these 3 step process to edit your book I recommend.

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Content Editing (Structural Editing):

Content editing, often referred as developmental editing, is the first big step in the editorial process, this involves a comprehensive review of your text to address larger structural and thematic issues. Here’s how you can approach to content editing for your Amazon KDP book:

1. Story Analysis and Structure Enhancement:

  • Plot Consistency: You need to ensure that the plot unfolds logically and cohesively throughout the book, avoid excessive use of flashbacks, time jumps and secondary character stories.
  • Pacing: Evaluate the pacing to maintain a balanced rhythm, avoiding lulls or rushed sequences, sometimes you need to keep it simple to get your audience reading from start to end.
  • Story Arcs: Verify that each character’s journey follows a satisfying arc, with clear motivations and growth for each relevant character.

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2. Character Development:

  • Character Depth: Ensure that your characters are unique, relatable, and evolve throughout the story, every character must have his own personality and background, it takes time and patience to create a perfect character combination, but that’s the key when creating your story
  • Consistency: Check for consistency in characters’ traits, behaviors, and dialogues.
  • Motivations: Ensure characters’ actions are motivated and align with their personalities, a story with no objective or motivation can be dull and boring, create a strong objective for one or more of your characters and keep them encouraged to accomplish their goal while your story evolves.
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3. Dialogue Enhancement:

  • Natural Conversations: Review dialogues for authenticity, gramatical errors, and coherence, ensuring they reflect the characters’ voices and give movement to the plot.
  • Subtext: Assess if dialogues carry subtext and emotional depth, contributing to character dynamics.

4. Narrative Flow:

  • Transitions: You have to make smooth transitions to keep coherence between paragraphs, chapters, and the different storylines for your book, check every scenario and chapter ending to maintain continuity.
  • Clarity: Your readers have to follow the narrative without confusion, making the reading experience seamless.

5. Themes and Message:

  • Theme Integration: Verify that themes and messages are mixed naturally into the narrative, avoiding heavy-handedness, unnatural story changes and hard to explain meanings and contexts
  • Depth: Ensure that the book resonates with readers on multiple levels, offering layers of meaning, readers love immersion, the depth level of your story depends on multiple factors, give your audience enough depth to keep asking for more.
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6. Eliminate Redundancies and Fluff:

  • Trim Unnecessary Content: Cut redundant scenes, explanations, or descriptions that don’t contribute to the story’s progression.

7. Maintain Consistent Tone and Voice:

  • Narrative Voice: Preserve a consistent narrative voice that suits the genre and tone of the book.
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8. Reader Engagement:

  • Opening Hook: Assess the effectiveness of the opening, ensuring it grabs readers’ attention from the start, these are the first pages of your book, and you have to do whatever it takes to write a great first chapter to keep your audience reading.
  • Climax and Resolution: Verify that the climax is impactful, and the resolution satisfactorily addresses plot threads.

Copy Editing

Copy editing stands as the bridge between a manuscript and its final polished form. This is a meticulous and very tedious process that goes beyond surface errors, going deep into grammar, punctuation, and syntax to ensure clarity and coherence, a skilled copy editor not only eradicates typos but also improves sentences, refining the narrative flow and enhancing the reader’s experience while reading naturally.

  • Sentence Structure: Edit sentences to be read with more clarity and good flow. Ensure a mix of short and long sentences.
  • Grammar and Spelling: Correct any grammatical errors, typos, and spelling mistakes, believe me, there are some of these hiding there.
  • Punctuation: Check for correct punctuation usage, including commas, periods, semicolons, and quotation marks, sometimes this can be a huge difference, giving a new meaning to every paragraph.
  • Dialogue Tags: Ensure proper usage of dialogue tags and punctuation within dialogue, this is crucial for your audience to understand the interaction between your characters.
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Proofreading is the last, crucial step in your editor journey. This meticulous process focuses on detecting and rectifying the final, subtle errors that may have slipped through the first two steps, a proficient proofreader meticulously examines grammar, spelling, punctuation, and formatting to ensure flawless accuracy. Beyond technical precision, proofreading contributes to the overall professionalism of a book, leaving readers with a polished and enjoyable reading experience. In the world of self-publishing on Amazon KDP, meticulous proofreading can be the defining factor that distinguishes a book as a well-crafted masterpiece.

  • Proofread Closely: Go through your manuscript word by word to catch any remaining typos, spelling errors, or grammatical mistakes.
  • Read Aloud: Reading your manuscript aloud can help you catch errors that you might miss when reading silently.


Consistency within a book is the thread that weaves the narrative into a coherent and immersive experience, It encompasses various elements, from character traits and dialogue styles to the rules of the fictional world, and consistency ensures that readers are not pulled out of the story by jarring discrepancies or contradiction on the story of your characters or the timeline of your story, a consistent narrative fosters a sense of trust between the author and the reader, allowing the story to unfold naturally and believably.

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Last details

  1. Formatting:
    • Chapter Titles and Headings: Ensure consistency in the formatting of chapter titles and headings.
    • Font and Text Size: Choose a readable font and consistent text size for the entire manuscript.
  2. Get Feedback:
    • Beta Readers: Share your edited manuscript with beta readers—trusted friends, family, or writing groups—for feedback on the overall story and writing style.
    • Professional Editor: If possible, consider hiring a professional editor to provide more comprehensive feedback and polish your manuscript.
  3. Revise and Repeat:
    • Revise Again: Based on the feedback you receive, make necessary revisions to your manuscript.
    • Repeat Editing Steps: Go through the content editing, copy editing, and proofreading steps again after making revisions.
  4. Self-Publishing: If it is your first book, go with Amazon KDP, then you can choose another platform, self publishing is growing, there’s a lot of competition, but the market is big and growing every day.
  5. Formatting for E-Book: Format your manuscript according to Amazon KDP’s guidelines for e-books.
    • Book Cover: Design an eye-catching book cover that represents your story and genre.
    • Metadata: Write a compelling book description and select appropriate keywords to help readers discover your book.
  6. Final Review:
    • Read One Last Time: Before publishing, read through your final manuscript one more time to catch any last-minute errors.
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Editing is hard work, but it has is rewards once you know what you are doing, my advice as always is, hire a professional editor once you get a decent budget, but of course, you can edit your first books if you want to start from scratch as a self publisher and you want to learn every aspect of the self publishing process, so the answer to the question of how long does it take to edit a book is now easy, it depends on you, your budget, and your expertise, you can write a book in 3 or 4 weeks, and the edition process may be 6 or 8 weeks, sometimes you will wait for a book to be released as sometimes the edition cuts a lot of content and you may want to keep writing or write a sequel immediately, I hope this short guide has helped you, now lets get to work and write your own masterpiece!

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