How long does it take to write a novel for amazon kdp?

how long does it takes to write a novel

Writing a novel is a dream shared by a lot of people, a creative endeavor that promises adventure, and the opportunity to share unique stories with the world, for first-time authors venturing into the world of self-publishing through platforms like Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP), can be both exciting and daunting, the most common question once starting is, how long does it take to write a novel for amazon kdp? so, keep reading to know how much, and the process needed to write and publish a book for amazon kdp.

Remember, writing a novel is a marathon, not a sprint, or at least, that’s what almost every seasoned writers say, It’s essential for first-time authors to set realistic goals based on their schedule, commitment, and the complexity of the story they want to tell, an average writer will finish a novel within 2 months, the editing part can take up to 4 weeks, creating the art cover and blurb can take one week, beginners might need more time as they learn the tropes of storytelling, so, don’t worry if you have 4 months already and your book is not finished.

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Beginner tips to finish your book successfully

Understanding Your Writing Pace

Assess your writing habits and productivity realistically, some writers thrive with consistent daily word count goals, like writing 1k or 3k words daily, while others might prefer more sporadic bursts of creativity, some days you will not be in the mood to write, or you’ll have no time at all to work on your book, acknowledge your natural writing rhythm, experiment with different schedules and see what works best for you. It might take time to find your optimal writing routine, so be patient with yourself during this process of discovery.

Breaking Down Your Project

Instead of viewing your novel as one colossal task, break it down into manageable chunks. Set specific milestones, such as completing a certain number of chapters, rest a bit after reaching your goal, this will help you avoid getting burnout, celebrate each achievement to stay motivated, establish daily, weekly, or monthly goals, that way, you will have a better pace and you will end by finishing your book faster.

Considering Your Commitments

Recognize that writing a novel is a significant commitment, so you will need patience, consider your existing responsibilities, your actual job, daily chores, study and family time are important, plan your writing pace around these activities, don’t cut the important things as time for you and your family from your schedule, this is more an advice than a recommendation, having a buffer in your timeline ensures you can catch up without undue pressure.

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Embracing the Editing Process

  • Revision goals: Remember that writing the first draft is just the beginning. editing your input will be a more challenging and crucial task in order to have a professional looking book, but it always pays off, sometimes this will include focusing on a particular aspect of your manuscript in each revision pass, like character development or pacing.
  • Feedback integration: If you plan to gather some feedback from beta readers or writing groups, spare some of your time to read their feedback and recommendations. Take some weeks for revisions based on feedback, this will help you enhance the quality of your manuscript.
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Staying Adaptable and Positive

  • Flexibility: Life is unpredictable, and sometimes your writing schedule might need to be adjusted, that’s pretty normal, be adaptable and willing to modify your goals, avoid being a square, rigid goals can be frustrating to accomplish, if unexpected circumstances arise, your adaptability will be your best friend.
  • Celebrating progress: Celebrate not only the completion of your novel but also the small victories along the way, hard work needs to be recognised and celebrated, completing a challenging chapter or receiving positive feedback from beta readers are achievements worth acknowledging, and of course, it will give you the motivation needed to complete your book.

The Planning Phase

  • Outlining: Spending time on outlining your novel can significantly streamline the writing process, as this will help you divide your work into chapters you can easily write in short time periods, this will also help you have a clear vision of the plot, characters, and major story arcs, depending on the complexity of your story, outlining can take anywhere from a few days to several weeks.
  • Research: If your novel requires research, allocate time for gathering information about relevant topics, research can range from historical facts to technical details and might take weeks or even months, depending on the depth of knowledge required.

For authors venturing into the world of self-publishing via Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP), meticulous planning is the compass guiding their literary expedition, so you have to plan every step, as sometimes you can get stuck and have some analysis paralysis, so here’s a comprehensive guide on how to effectively plan a novel tailored for success on Amazon KDP:

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Conceptualize Your Story

  • Idea Incubation: Allow your ideas to percolate. Explore different concepts, themes, and genres. Consider what excites you and what might captivate your readers, but keep in mind you have to write to market if you really want to make some sales.
  • Develop a premise: Formulate a clear premise or central idea for your novel, of course you can create certain chapters with another ideas in mind, but keep your main idea alive, and your characters focused on their main role, this short statement should encapsulate the essence of your story, providing a foundation upon which you can build.

Character Development

  • Create charismatic and deep characters: Craft multidimensional characters with distinct personalities, motivations, and flaws, readers engage with characters they can relate to or empathize with, take time to write a great, indept story about every character you get in your story, some of theme may bright and some not, once you get enough feedback from your audience, you will know about your most popular character.
  • Character profiles: Develop detailed character profiles and backgrounds, desires, fears, and character arcs. Understanding your characters intimately will inform their actions and decisions within the story.

Outline Your Plot

  • Structure your story: Choose a narrative structure that suits your story, whether it’s linear, nonlinear, or employs multiple perspectives, develop a rough outline describing the major plot points and the story’s progression.
  • Plot points: Identify key plot points such as the inciting incident, rising action, climax, and resolution, these are basic pivotal moments that provide the framework around which your narrative unfolds, once you get experienced enough you will get these faster, and will use it to your favor to write faster and get your hands on the character and world development.
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World-Building (For Fiction)

  • Visualize the setting: Create a vivid, immersive world for your story, go in depth. Whether it’s a fantastical realm, a historical period, or a contemporary city, visualize the details that breathe life into your setting, people love to get immerse in fantastic worlds, so, do your best to describe every detail of your world.
  • Consistency is key: Maintain consistency within your world’s rules, culture, and logic, readers appreciate a cohesive and believable environment.


  • Thorough research: If your novel requires historical accuracy or delves into real-world subjects, invest time in thorough research, reliable sources and historical context lend authenticity to your narrative.

Writing Style and Voice

  • Define your voice: This determine the narrative voice of your novel and the way you give that special touch to your story, whether it’s first person, third person limited, or omniscient, your voice shapes the reader’s connection with the story and characters.
  • Experimentation: Don’t be afraid to experiment with different writing styles or perspectives. Find what resonates best with your story and your own unique voice as an author.

Revise and Polish

  • First draft completion: Write your first draft without incessant self-editing, let your imagination go wild and write whatever you need to, you will find this is a good exercise to . Let the creative flow guide your initial writing, once the draft is complete, take a break before revisiting it with fresh eyes.
  • Multiple Revisions: Revise your manuscript multiple times, focusing on different aspects with each pass. Address plot holes, refine dialogue, enhance character development, and polish your prose for clarity and elegance.

Beta Readers and Feedback

  • Beta readers: Enlist beta readers to provide feedback, avoid giving your mansucript to friends or family, as they will often give just positive feedback based on friendship, grow an email list and give some of your chapters to some of them, and ask them for feedback to keep improving your text, constructive criticism from fresh perspectives can illuminate areas for improvement and highlight the novel’s strengths.
  • Objective evaluation: Feedback will not work if you are not open to make changes to your manuscript, once you have that feedback, don’t go serious on negative feedback, just try to improve your manuscript, an objective evaluation of your work is invaluable in refining your novel.
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Formatting and Cover Design

  • Professional formatting: Format your manuscript according to Amazon KDP’s guidelines, a professionally formatted book ensures a seamless reading experience for your audience, professional formatting and editing requires a budget, so, if you actually can’t pay for it, do it by yourself, try to learn the basics and check step by step how to do it as a professional, this way you will learn all the process needed to self publish all by yourself, then you can afford for profesional editing and formatting.
  • Eye-Catching cover: Invest in a professionally designed cover that encapsulates the essence of your story, is highly recommended that, unless you have some graphic design experience, try to outsource this part of your book, if you can’t, you can do it by yourself with the free Canva version, don’t hesitate however, if you have the budget to pay for it, as this can be the real difference to start making sales faster, a visually appealing cover is the first impression readers have of your book.

Publish and Promote

  • Publishing process: Follow Amazon KDP’s step-by-step guide to publishing your novel, pay attention to categories, keywords, and pricing strategies that optimize your book’s visibility, this may be the fastest steps of the process, but, learning about keyword research wil bring visibility faster and of course, sales.
  • Promotion and marketing: a good marketing strategy is key to make sales, here is where you can spend a lot of your budget money, so make a good strategy, if you are not experienced enough, go low budget, utilize social media, book blogs, author websites, and newsletters to reach your target audience, engage with readers and participate in book promotions to boost your book’s visibility.

The First Draft

  • Writing speed: The first draft is often considered the stage where you pour your story onto the page, for first-time writers, aiming for consistency rather than speed is key, writing a rough draft might take several months to a year if this is your first novel, and especially if you are balancing writing with other commitments like work or education.
  • Daily or weekly goals: Setting achievable daily or weekly word count goals can help you maintain momentum, and it will ensure you to at least reach your goal of ending your manuscript, so, write down your writing strategy, donĀ“t stuck everything in your head just to be forgotten, even if you write a few hundred words regularly, you can add up over time.

The Revision Process

  • Editing and revisions: After completing the first draft, be prepared to spend considerable time revising and editing your manuscript, here you can check a guide on the entire process of editing your own book for amazon kdp, check it out. Revisions involve refining your writing, addressing plot holes, improving dialogue, and polishing your prose. This phase can take as long as writing the initial draft or even more, as it demands careful attention to detail and at least reading your manuscript three times before submitting to KDP.

Formatting and Publishing

  • Formatting for KDP: Once your manuscript is polished, formatting it according to KDP’s guidelines is crucial, check out cover measures and text formats on Amazon KDP official website, this formatting process it not going to take too much time, but, it’s essential to ensure your book looks professional and is compatible with various devices.
  • Publishing: The actual publishing process on Amazon KDP, including setting up your book’s description, cover design, and pricing, can be completed within a few days.


Writing a novel is not an easy task if you are a beginner, you can easily spend up to a year and not even get close to publish your first book, so how long does it take to write a novel? it dependes on the writer of course, I stated above that, it will probably take as much as four months to do so, but of course, you need commitment and the time to sit and write.

The amount of research required, and the individual pace of writing, embracing the journey and staying committed to the process, regardless of the time it takes, is the key to successfully completing and publishing your first novel, remember, each writer’s path is unique, and the accomplishment lies not in the speed but in the completion of the creative endeavor.

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