Self publishing benefits in amazon kdp

this are the self publishing benefits in amazon kdp 2023

As a self-publishing platform, Amazon kdp allows authors to easily publish and distribute their books on the Amazon marketplace with no extra cost, but charging a percentage of every sale. You will find a pretty variety of publishing options within kdp platform, including eBooks, print-on-demand paperback books, and audiobooks this last category is raising in popularity. This article is about self-publishing benefits in amazon kdp that you may find useful if you want to start a digital business.

To get started with Amazon KDP, you first need to create an Amazon account and then sign up for a KDP account. Once signed up, you need to get to work on preparing your book’s manuscript for publishing. This involves formatting the manuscript to meet Amazon’s digital publishing standards and creating a book cover that meets Amazon’s guidelines, don’t worry, you can work on the cover later. Choosing the right book category and keywords to ensure the book is discoverable by potential readers is the last thing you will do, but is key to making sales.

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Benefits for self publishing authors in amazon

After the manuscript is formatted and the book cover is created, you can then upload your book to Amazon KDP. During this step, you can choose the book’s price and royalty options and preview the book before making it available for purchase on Amazon. Once the book is live, authors can begin promoting their book and utilizing Amazon’s advertising options to increase visibility and sales.

One of the biggest benefits you get on Amazon KDP is access to a global audience. Amazon is the world’s largest online retailer and you have now access to publish your own book here for people from around the world to buy, it sounds great, isn’t it? Once published, your book will be available on Amazon, so, start writing and creating a great story.

KDP has the option to increase your book’s visibility, this is, creating ad campaigns, in order to create ad campaigns you will need money, I don’t recommend creating an ad campaign if you are a beginner, but, once you have a great book catalog. Advertising campaigns are a great way to scale your sales, for this, you need strategy and marketing knowledge, so start reading and learning more about this, participate in promotional events like Kindle Unlimited, and access data and analytics on book sales and performance.

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Self publishing benefits on Amazon kdp in 2023

  1. Global Reach: This, of course, is one of the greatest features you can get, Amazon gets bigger every day and makes billions in sales each month, to have access to a massive audience is a big opportunity to make a serious business online, of course, I always recommend every author to have a website to get more traction and to tell your audience more about you, your work, and incoming books, but there’s no bigger online store as Amazon right now.
  2. Control: KDP, give you complete control over their publishing process. They can choose the price of their book, the book’s format, and even decide on royalty options. This means that authors can set their own prices and earn more for their hard work.
  3. Easy to Use: Amazon KDP is incredibly user-friendly and easy to navigate. The platform provides step-by-step guidance throughout the publishing process, making it easy for authors to prepare manuscripts and upload their books for publishing. This means that you can focus on writing your books rather than worrying about the publishing process.
  4. Promotional Tools: As stated above, ad campaigns are a great way to scale your sales, and once you get used to it, you will be selling a lot and earning good revenue, these tools can help you to get your book in front of the right readers and increase their book’s visibility at the best time or season for your book.
  5. Quality Control: Amazon KDP has strict guidelines for book quality, which ensures that readers receive a high-quality reading experience. This means, your book has to meet specific formatting and cover design requirements, that’s why you have to learn everything about creating a book here, not only the creative process, which can be challenging, but, it will lead to a better reading experience for your audience, and for you, to achieving a goal and learning everything you can about the platform.
  6. Faster Publishing: Traditional publishing can take months or even years to get a book into the market, and of course, this will be expensive. With kdp, you just upload your book, and it will be available for purchase in a matter of days. This means you get your book into the market quickly and start earning money sooner.
  7. Low Cost: If you are only using Amazon to publish your book, you will spend no money whatsoever, you can publish all the books you want for free. This means that you don’t have to spend a lot of money to get your book into the market. However, sometimes you may need to invest in professional editing and a great cover design to get people hooked with a great cover and a great story.
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Publishing options and their benefits in Amazon kdp

Kindle eBook

This is the most popular publishing option on KDP. It will allow you to publish your books in digital format and sell them through Amazon’s Kindle Store, these eBooks are compatible with Kindle devices, and there is a Kindle app you can download for smartphones, tablets, and computers to read every ebook on Amazon. you can choose between two royalty options: a 35% royalty on the list price or a 70% royalty on the list price, this depends on certain criteria that you should check on kdp website to learn more about, this includes the book’s price, file size, and distribution.

Benefits of Kindle eBook publishing:

  • Quick and easy to publish as you are not printing books
  • Low costs that depend on your editing software and tools.
  • Instant access to a massive audience
  • Ability to update and edit your book at any time
  • Royalties go directly to your bank account

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Paperback publishing on KDP allows you to create physical copies of your books that are printed on demand when ordered by customers. The paperback option is a great choice if you want to offer your readers a tangible copy of your book. you can choose between two royalty options: a 60% royalty on the list price or a 40% royalty on the list price, this is why low and no content books are so popular right now.

Benefits of paperback publishing:

  • Create a digital book and offer a tangible copy
  • No investment in printing stock
  • Your book will be available at Amazon and other retailers.
  • Easy to make changes or updates to your book
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Hardcover publishing is a recent addition on KDP, see how can you get your favorite book with a hardcover, offering authors the ability to create high-quality hardcover copies of their books is great and encourages people to buy physical copies. Hardcover books are printed on demand. Hardcover copies are a bit more expensive and you will receive fewer royalties, but, if you have a great book catalog, your audience will buy your hardcovers as collectibles.

Benefits of hardcover publishing:

  • You will be offering a high-quality, durable copy of the book
  • No investment needed
  • Encourages people to buy your book as a collectible

Audio Book

Allows you to reach a new audience by offering your book in an audio format. Audio books can be sold through Audible, Amazon’s audiobook platform, and can also be bundled with the eBook and paperback versions of the book, this is a great strategy if you want to encourage people to buy your books and grow an audience. Authors can choose between two royalty options: a 40% royalty on the list price or a 25% royalty on the list price, depending on certain criteria such as the book’s price, file size, and distribution.

Benefits of audio book publishing:

  • Reach a wide audience
  • No need to invest if you are your own book’s narrator
  • Wide distribution and a format getting popular
  • Your book will be available in many formats


There are a lot of benefits to self publishing your own books in amazon kdp, for now, writing and creating the best stories you can is what you want to do in order to get your book ready, sometimes the creative process can be hard, and you may get stuck on a part, or loose inspiration, but once you finish, and start the last steps for edition, cover design and keyword research, your job is done.

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