How do you price low content books on Amazon KDP?

short guide on how do you price low content books on amazon kdp

Pricing your low-content books on Amazon kdp can be difficult and sometimes confusing. You want to set a price that will attract customers and generate sales, but you also want some profit for your hard work, so, there are many factors to keep in mind when setting the right price, that’s why here I will show you how do you price low content books on Amazon kdp.

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There are some things to consider when setting your low content book price, first, as a beginner, your books may require a lot of revisions to ensure you are creating a good quality product, so, give some copies of your book to someone you know, and ask them for some feedback, ask them if they would buy your book, that’s the first step to take when pricing a low content book.

Second, once you upload your first ebook, you can decide if you want people to buy the digital and paperback versions of your books, your royalties will be less because the printing cost will be reduced, and the amount is specified in the amazon kdp website, so, check this out every time you upload and prize your book, making good sales but earning less than $1/unit can be demoralizing

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How do you price your low-content book to maximize royalties

Analyze competition

Competition research is key, and you have to do this even before you start creating your very first low-content book, creating a book about a wide niche or a high-competition topic will bring you zero sales, stay away from the niches with a lot of high authority and famous authors, at least if you are not doing ad campaigns and are on a very low budget, even with a good campaign, you will lose money most of the time. Look at books that are similar to yours to analyze their price. This will give you an idea of the average price range for books in your niche.

In order to make good competition research, you have to look and analyze every word and phrase related to your niche on amazon, if you get more than 10k results, it will be rough for your book to start making sales, even if there are crappy low content books, if they have a good ad campaign strategy, they will appear on the first page.

Consider production costs

Production cost is the most important factor and must be considered when pricing your book. This includes any software or tools you have paid for and used to create the book, as well as any costs associated with printing and shipping the book.

Avoid purchasing expensive software or tools right now if you are a beginner, as you will not get any return on your investment at least for some months, start with some free software, or software you already own, and start working, you can create really good quality books with free software, practice is needed at some point, but you will get expertise on the go.

Of course, if you have paid for a lot of tools, consider every purchase an investment and try to not overprice your book, try to keep a reasonable price while creating more books to reach your return of inversion (RoI), and you will only get your inversion as you create quality catalog.

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Determine your profit margin

Once we have every cost and expense recorded, you’ll want to determine your profit margin, of course, we need a nice profit to keep working. This is the amount of money you’ll earn per book sold, to do this, you may want to check amazon kdp official website. To determine your profit margin, subtract your production costs from your desired selling price.

As stated above, you are most likely not making any sales soon, but once you start making some sales, my advice is to invest your profit in ad campaigns this will help you get more sales.

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Adjust your price based on demand

If your low-content book is in high demand, you may be able to price it higher than books in your niche that have lower demand, identify and analyze your best-selling book and adjust the price, don’t go too high or you will end with no sales, just adjust a bit higher and keep analyzing your sales.

There are some seasonal niches in which you may want to invest some time and creativity to create some great books, for example, thanksgiving recipe books, or Christmas coloring books, having some seasonal niche books is highly recommended.

Experiment with pricing

You can always adjust the price of your book, changing price is recommended as in some months, you will have low sales, of course, most of the time it will be the first quarter of the year, so, adjust prices, make some tweaks here and there, and analyze your results after that.

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Offer discounts and promotions

Amazon kdp allows you to give your book for free for a limited time, so, you can get more people to know your work, discounts, and promotions must be analyzed, you can start joining Facebook groups or making your own, so you can give discounts, or give rewards to your audience by giving some free things, that will help you grow your audience even more, and of course, it will make wonders for your sales.


Pricing your low-content books on Amazon kdp requires taking some factors into consideration, production costs, profit margins, and competition. analyzing the competition is key to knowing how your book is going to perform on the platform, considering production costs is a good practice to predict the return of inversion, and experimenting with pricing can help you determine the best price you can set for your book.

Don’t forget this can be a full-time business, you have to get serious if you want to get good revenue from this, you don’t need to be an expert or have a unique talent, hard work, perseverance, and patience are what you really need to start, and to keep creating low-content books the first year, but once you have a nice catalog with best selling books, you will start investing on growing, even more, your digital business.

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