How many low content books do I need to make 1k/month on kdp

how many low content books do i need to 1k

Creating your own business from scratch is not an easy task, you need to invest money, time and a lot of work, this is a long process and sometimes you will have profits, and sometimes you will have losses, but it’s interesting and exciting to start, creating an online business on kdp was a great challenge for me, as I started the most common question I had is how many low content books do I need to create a constant flow of passive income, so this post is to show you how to achieve this goal.

You will need at least 50 low-content books to start having at least a $5 commission per month, as you start your own digital business on kdp, you will understand how to create an ebook, how to create a good niche cover, how to put a price, and finally to upload your new book into the kdp platform, once you are in, you can start uploading your books to start selling, but sales are not easy to make, you need visibility and of course, a product lineup.

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How much does amazon kdp pay? Learn how much you can get on amazon with a book catalog.

How many low content books do i need to earn 1k/month

This is one common question among beginners, earning 1k/month is one of the first goals every young entrepreneur has, but it’s not so easy, at least not at the very beginning, in order to achieve this goal you will have to learn the basics first, I mean, how to use apps or programs to start creating books, covers, designs and using the right keywords, once this is done, you can start automating your process to do this two or more times per week.

Rachel Harrison-Sund is a youtuber, entrepeneur, and self-publisher who is actually generating a 5 figure income from amazon kdp, her videos are step-by-step tutorials on how you can create ebooks, how to analyze and use keywords and she talks about different kdp niches to succeed as a self-publisher on kdp.

She has some videos about how much monthly revenue she creates books for kdp consistently and has said in some of her videos that, she can create up to 10 ebooks in one month, and thats because she is constantly creating low content books, and uploading them to kdp

this are the cover dimensions for low content books most used nowadays

Cover dimensions for low content books on amazon kdp: Check out how you can optimize your cover, using the most popular cover dimensions!

Which is the most profitable low content book?

Nowadays, the most profitable low-content books on amazon kdp are adult coloring books, the average price these items is from $5 to $15 USD, so, low content books are profitable, making sales is the real task, and something you have to figure out how to accomplish, so you have to make your way through the competition, and, in order to do so, you have to create a great book and get visibility.

this are the self publishing benefits in amazon kdp 2023

Self publishing benefits in amazon kdp: Check this out to see the benefits of kdp as a self-publisher, start your own digital business and scale your sales to earn a great income.

Here you have it, this is a list of the most profitable low content book in amazon kdp in 2023:

  1. Adult coloring books: Yes, as simple as it seems, there are a lot of people that love coloring books, sometimes to learn how to draw, to relieve stress or just as a hobby, so start collecting some good designs for adults to draw, you will see there’s a lot of people interested in coloring books within a great niche.
  2. Planners: This here is a very competitive one, you have to be really good in order to sell your planner, there are some planners being sold with time management online courses included, so, is not about creating a good planner design anymore, of course, you can still make sales with great designs, but, let’s think out of the box, and find a way to deliver an extra reason for people to buy your planner.
  3. Recipe books: There’s always people looking for a good recipe book, and for this kind of book you really have to do a great job with your images and interior design, of course, choosing a great niche for your recipe book is key, it will be easier for people to find your recipe book if you name it “Texas-style brisket” rather than “Texas style food”, so work on your recipe book ideas to get visibility.
  4. Children’s activity books: There’s no doubt this is a great market, there are always people buying activity books for children, in order to create a good book you have to create a great design that children would love, and of course, good interior designs to keep child’s attention, you can create a letter soup book, simple math, challenging mazes and so on, there’s a lot of choices and designs here, so, there’s always room for more activity books.
  5. Sketchbooks: as a notebook, to start selling sketchbooks you need a great cover and some interiors to add some value, this option is one of the easiest to make, but at the same time, has a lot of competition, so be careful, starting your amazon kdp business creating notebooks and sketchbooks is great and easy, but is not a good idea if you want to make sales soon.
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how do you price low-content books? Check out this short guide and start pricing your low-content books the right way to get real profit!


With great content and a great ad strategy, of course, you only need a book to sell on amazon kdp, but that means you have a budget, that’s why I recommend you start working and uploading your books on amazon kdp, by doing this constantly as a routine, you will ask how many low content books do I need to earn 1k on kdp, of course, you will earn more later if you have a great book catalog and your ad strategy is great.

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