How much does amazon kdp pay?

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There’s a good reason you want to start a business on amazon kdp if you are a writer or a content creator, the main reason is, kdp is the most important platform to sell ebooks, with millions of users daily, and the second is, amazon kdp has paid more than $500 million dollars last year on royalties, keep reading if you want to know how much does amazon kdp pay to big and small authors.

Amazon kdp pays a royalty once you make a sale, the percentage depends on many factors, but it can be from 35 to 70%, you will get your money after 90 days of making that sale, and there’s no a minimum payment unless you want to receive wire or check, for this, you have to reach a $100 dollar threshold.

best selling book category in amazon

Best seller book category in Amazon kdp: Check out the best seller book category and start writing your books to upload it and start earning money in amazon kdp.

How long does it take to sell on Amazon kdp

For long content books, it can be from 24 to 72 hours after publishing, for low or no content books it may take longer, about two weeks, keep in mind that, you need to choose carefully a good niche and keywords to rank your books.

As for how long its going to take you sell your first book on the platform, it can be from 3 to 6 months without an ad strategy, but of course, paying for ads requires a budget, and sometimes it can be a very big one, so, you need to focus on creating a decent amount of books before you get your hands on the ad strategy.

Can you make a living from kdp?

Yes, as a business you can make a living from kdp, you can scale it from two or three figures to six figures monthly if you focus on a digital business, of course, you will have to put in some hard work, invest your time and some money on this, but you will have your rewards, if you are a writer, you will need to write a lot, or create great low content books, but of course, you can get a full income from amazon kdp.

There are a lot of people earning thousands monthly. Still, of course, this is less than 10% of kdp authors, and that’s because you have to be prepared to learn, about marketing, keyword research, ad strategies, design, and more, so start by creating a daily routine where you can write, creating a good design, or develop something.

is kdp publishing worth it in 2023? start your business today

Is kdp publishing worth it in 2023? publishing your ebook on amazon kdp is great, but you will be able to survive the competition? check this out if you want to learn more!

How do start selling books on amazon kdp as a beginner?

Start by creating an amazon kdp account, and fill up all the information you need to start selling, now, I recommend watching tutorials to start learning the basics of how you can create a low-content book, of course, you can write a full book if you want, or if you already have one, but, I recommend to publish some low content books, along with your long content.

how many low content books do i need to 1k

How many low content books do I need to make 1k/month on kdp: Check out how many books do you need to reach 1k monthly revenue, and start earning an income from your online business.

There are a lot of youtubers you may want to follow to watch their full tutorials, one of my favorites is Ben Chinnok, Paul Marles, and Rachel Harrison-Sund, some of their videos are just informational, some are inspirational and some of them are step-by-step tutorials to create low content books.

How can I expect to earn royalties without paid ads on kdp?

how much does amazon kdp pay depends on how much you invest on it.

Of course, you can earn royalties without paying ads on kdp, but you can’t just create an ebook, throw it in the platform and wait for the royalties, so how much does amazon pay to the big players creating good ad strategies, probably thousands monthly, publishing is a whole process, and you have to learn every step for your books to succeed and start making sales.

Creating a book or low-content books is just the first step of the process, to start making sales you have to put your book in a sub categories or a sub-niche, selecting the right keywords and niche is going to help you rank your book on a less competition group, you can expect to be ranked sometimes with books selling thousands of dollars a year.

There are a lot of people doing this right now of course, amazon kdp has grown almost exponentially in the last five years, so, you can expect great competition, but that’s where creating a good amount of content comes in handy, try to publish every month, every week or every two days if you are making low content books, that’s how you can start earning royalties without paid ads.

minimum number of pages for amazon kdp books

Minimum pages for amazon kdp books: Check the average page count for every amazon kdp book, and start planning every piece of content you have right now!


Earning a passive income on kdp is not going to happen fast, this is a long run business, so, you have to stay focused, keep creating content and uploading your books, now you know how much does amazon kdp pay, in order to earn the highest commission on kdp, you have to reach certain exclusivity level, you can earn up to 70%.

I hope this informative post was helpful to you, keep doing a good job, keep writing and creating, and one day you will succeed and earn a full income in amazon kdp.

why are my low content books not selling on kdp

Why are my low content books not selling in kdp? Follow this guidelines and start making sales on your amazon kdp business

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