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this post is to show you how to set realistic social media goals for influencers on the first year

Social media goals for influencers: Start monetizing from day one

Starting your own influencer career is both a challenging and fun project, there are a lot of things you have to keep in mind in order to be a successful influencer nowadays, your first year can be tough so, there are social media goals for influencers that will help you keep track of your progress.

You will need to establish some goals for many reasons, mainly because it’s easy to give up if you are not seeing any progress, then, you will work harder and may achieve your goals faster.

I don’t like to be a negative person, but, unless you already have a great strategy, you are not getting a million followers your first year as an influencer, maybe not even 100k, but hey, there are a lot of people earning money with only 10k followers right now.

This post’s objective is to teach you how you can set realistic goals for your first year as a social media influencer, this is based on the average influencer growth seen over the last 5 years.

Month 1: strategy and important choices

The first step to starting your influencer career on social media is to plan your strategy, choose your niche carefully think about a product to start monetizing with an affiliate program from the start, it can be a single product or a variety of products to sell, remember that ultimately, if you want to monetize and earn money, you need products, and affiliate marketing is a great way to earn money since the beginning.

Learn about branding, and design a good logo, you can outsource this if you have some money to spend, or do it yourself, choose your colors and an inspiring quote.

Learn to do keyword research, as it’s recommended to créate content with an established keyword selection, this will help your content to be more reachable.

Goals for month 1:

  • Niche selection done
  • Logo and colors selection done
  • Create your social media platforms
  • Followers: 10 (optional)

Month 2 and 3.

This month is very important, as you will start creating content for your social media profiles, of course, your content is mainly about your niche, but, it’s recommended for you to try to stay on trending topics, or at least, the most trending topic related to your niche, that way you will maximize your reach.

Almost every social media platform use hashtags, this will help your content to be shown to people with the same interests or looking for this topic, so, analyze and use hashtags on your posts.

Try to post two or three times a day, always post your content and ask a question on your post to enforce people to interact with you and others about your content.

Video is the best format to engage and keep your users hooked, you can create long or short videos, it doesn’t matter if you don’t show your face, write a short script if you want to, or just talk as you were talking to anyone.

Monetization can be possible at this point, if you have done a good job with your content, creating some posts with affiliate links, but conversion rates for affiliate links are usually under 5%, and you have to earn your audience’s trust to click on your links.

Goals for months 2 y 3:

  • Followers: 100
  • 60 + posts on every platform
  • At least 20 people sharing your last 10 posts
  • 8 uploaded videos
  • Create your own website
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Months 4 – 6 (Q2)

Keep doing keyword research to use these keywords on your posts, analyze your first 3 months to see how your users react to your content, and use the same formula you have used on your most popular posts to keep your audience growing, the secret here is consistency.

Start building a user’s database, ask for your user’s names, email, and phone numbers, use automated tools to obtain your user’s info and send automated emails with your regards.

Keep posting at least 2 times a day, and don’t be afraid to ask for your content to be shared, keep in mind every piece of content shared will be shown to more people.

At this point you have at least 400 followers, monetization is possible with affiliate links but of course, I recommend you to wait until you have at least 5k followers.

Goals for months 4 – 6 (Q2):

  • Followers:  400
  • 150 + posts
  • At least 80 people sharing your last 20 posts
  • 20 uploaded videos

Months 7 – 9 (Q3)

Keep posting, by the 9th month you may be reached at least 1k followers, by doing this right you will start getting up to $100 from affiliate marketing.

Analyze your audience, you can use apps or third-party websites to help you analyze your social media activity and help you enhance your strategies to grow even more.

Start using your social media to drive traffic to your website, your website can be used as another great platform where your followers can get more of your great content, you can monetize your website by displaying ads.

Find an influencer within your niche and ask for collaboration, creating posts to highlight your content will benefit you and your partner, growing your followers even more.

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Goals for Months 7 – 9 (Q3)

  • Followers: 1000
  • 220 + posts on every social media
  • 250+ people sharing your content
  • 30 + uploaded videos
  • $100 USD with affiliate marketing

Months 10 – 12 (Q4)

This quarter is the most profitable for everyone, your strategy here needs to be more transactional, creating posts with affiliate links almost daily will help you get more conversions, and you can earn up to 1k on commissions.

By the end of the year, your followers may be up to 3k, this is a great number, if done right you can reach even 10k or more, if you are under 3k don’t frustrate, growth is not equal for everybody, keep posting and eventually you will get there.

You must have at least 50 videos now, analyze your video performance, create a youtube channel if you have not, and start uploading your videos, there is a big chance for you to meet the requirements to monetize fast.

Goals for months 10 – 12 (Q4)

  • Followers: 3k
  • 450 posts on every social media
  • 500 + people sharing your content
  • 50 uploaded videos
  • $250 USD from affiliate marketing

The goals here may be high for some, or too low, every journey is different, and sometimes it can be difficult, earning money on social media is difficult at first, but once you see the real potential and start growing, you will see you can scale your earnings dramatically as you grow your audience.


These were social media goals for influencers, you can set this goal and see if you can achieve them or you can set your own, at the end of the day, this is about consistency, not giving up, and create good content. Once you get to 100k, you can search for brands that pay for your collaborations, you will increase your income streams, and maybe reach a 6-digit income, so keep working hard, and don’t give up.

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become social media influencer as a student on 2022

How long does it take to become a social media influencer as a student

Earning money online as a social media influencer is a reality, there’s actually a lot of people that don’t believe this can be achieved, you don’t even need to spend a lot of time, but a few hours per week to spare between your homework and your daily tasks, how long does it take to become a social media influences as a student depends on how you manage your time, and your strategy to create content and getting an audience, it can take from 6 months to 3 years,

Being a social media influencer is a real job, and you will be spending a lot of time at the beginning, but once you understand what you need to do in order to grow an audience, and you start learning about analytics to create real digital marketing strategies, you will start doing great at less time, and the most important, building your own business.

As a student, it’s a great time to start learning about everything involved in social media marketing, and content marketing to understand this business. Maybe you can pick a professional career related to this.

A great thing about being a student is the potential audience you can reach as you can meet many people with the same interests and hobbies, that also means more reach, as it will be easy for you that these people you know in your school will share your content.

Skills to become a social media influencer faster on 2023

To be a social media influencer you need an audience that trust you, and believe in your knowledge about a specific topic or hook these users with your charming attitude, so, in order to grow an audience and get these people to trust you, you have to create great content and learn along the way this crucial skills to become a social media influencer:

  • Go for trending topics and helpful content: it’s ok to create content about your favorite topic, but we have to be realistic, sometimes people is not looking for this kind of content, so, go for trending topics, people will follow and share your content if you are on trending topics, so this is a must, you have to create a strategy to mix this trending topic with your content.
  • Be organized: As a student, your homework and daily tasks will eat your time every day, so your best bet here is to look for and manage a posting schedule, mark your posting schedule on a calendar, that way you can plan your next post or you can create content for a whole week.
  • Keep an eye on your competitors: You need to see your influencer career as a business, so, now, as a business owner, you have competition, and it’s recommended that you keep an eye on every step your competitors have made, watch their videos and like their posts and even write comments, this can be the beginning of a great journey.
  • Be reachable: As an influencer, your audience will write comments, ask questions and sometimes criticize your work, so, it’s always recommended to answer them, comment back, solve doubts and try to accept bad critics, once you have millions of followers it becomes hard to answer, but try to do it sometimes as you will gain trust this way.
  • Innovate: to become an influencer you have to stay on trending topics, you have to choose the right content for your audience and you need attitude and great energy, you will also need to be innovative with your content to avoid getting stuck on a single niche or topic.

How to choose the right social media platform to become an influencer

To choose the right social media you have to think about the content you are more comfortable with, creating text posts, taking photos to post them, and creating and editing videos, of course, its recommended to create content in every format, you have to know which is the most profitable content for social media, and then, of course, choose the right platform for you.

If you have great writing skills and sometimes you like sharing images with some text, Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook are more suitable for you, Facebook is still one of the most profitable social media platforms out there, so, that’s something to keep in mind.

Short video format is the most profitable content for social media nowadays, so if you like creating this kind of video Tik Tok may be more suitable for you, youtube, Facebook, and Instagram are promoting short video format too, so you can even upload the same video on different platforms to have more reach.

If you are a photographer and you have a talent for image editing, then Instagram, Facebook, and Instagram are for you, try to copyright your images and offer a portfolio and maybe you will get some offers on them.

TikTok and Instagram are platforms with a large student audience, only in the US, up to 70% of high school students have profiles on these social media platforms, so it will be easy for you to hook your mates with your content.

this post is to show you how to set realistic social media goals for influencers on the first year

Social media goals for influencers: Start monetizing from day one: Learn how to set realistic goals for your influencer career to avoid frustration and kee up the hard work.

Create your own brand and start being recognized

Nothing will help you grow a business fast, creating a brand is going to help you get more traction, you may be a student, but with consistency and hard work, you may be creating a great multimedia company, that’s why branding is important, and from now on you have to keep your branding in mind as you create social media content

Tips for social media branding

  • Fill up your brand information: Once you create your social media profile, try to fill every text box with your complete information, your hobbies or passion, objectives and goals, and your contact information, you may choose to show a personal photo or a logo to serve as an introduction for your audience.
  • Choose the right colors: This may sound easy, but it takes time and some kind of expertise to choose the right colors for a business, sometimes your color choice seems to be great but, it will not resonate with your profile or your content, so don’t worry, for now, just select your favorite color, you can change later, but for now, try to choose a great color.
  • Be yourself: If you are creating videos and you will stay in front of the camera all the time, you have to be yourself, of course, try to show some energy, even if you have a great script written to create the perfect video, you have to show people you have passion for your topic.
  • Be original: We are creating content sometimes as we keep an eye on our competition, so, it doesn’t matter if we are creating a video talking about the same product, you have to do it your way, and branding will help you to be original, creating a perfect introduction for every video, choosing the right word combinations and of course having fun as we do it is the right way to show people our brand is original and worthy of their trust.

Increase your reach by having multiple social media profiles

Having multiple social media profiles on different platforms will help you increase your reach, you can repost your Facebook posts on Twitter, Instagram, Reddit, and so on, every social media profile you use will earn you more audience, so better start creating content for every profile you have.

You won’t need extra time to post on every social media profile you have, there are apps or platforms that will automate your process s Hootsuite, plannable and so on, these platforms will help you to automate everything, you only need to create one post, and this will appear on every profile you have registered on the platform, some of them have free trials and sometimes free limited services.

Having a website will maximize your brand awareness and will help you to have another income stream, as once you have an audience, your website can benefit from this traffic, but also needs to be optimized for SEO, so, you better start learning about this, you can start monetizing your website content asap with ads, google ads passive income will give you a boost on revenue as you create a strategy to create leads for your business.


It’s up to you now, in order to become a social media influencer as a student you have to learn a lot of things, but you can do this along the way, as a student its ok if you have a low-budget, or no money to spend at all, but the thing is, you don’t need a budget right now, but some time to spare and the will to start learning new things to succeed.

Once you have at least 50k followers on a social media profile, I recommend creating a website and getting more serious with your branding and posting consistency, it’s a great number, but once you start getting traction, you will grow a bit faster every day, so start now, this is a long game, and with patience and the skills above, you sure will be a great social media influencer.

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