Paranormal reverse harem books I recommend 2024

Paranormal reverse harem books I recommend reading 2024

In the ever-evolving landscape of literary exploration, authors and readers alike find solace in the realms of paranormal reverse harem (PRH) books, this niche genre has carved its place in the hearts of those seeking an otherworldly escape, some of these books are best sellers, masterpieces crafted by very experienced authors, but there’s room for indie authors too, some of them, have created great books and you can find them on Amazon and other platforms in digital form or paperback.

At its core, paranormal reverse harem is a subcategory that weaves elements of the supernatural, paranormal, and fantasy with the dynamics of a reverse harem—where a central female protagonist forms romantic connections with multiple male characters, sometimes, male protagonists are key in the female protagonist development.

Here you’ll find some of the best paranormal reverse harem books on Amazon kdp.

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1. Dragons of mount Aterna by Riley Storm

Dragons of mount aterna is maybe one of the best book series in the paranormal reverse harem books universe

We start the list with this book series, and the best example of what a paranormal reverse harem is, Dragons of Mount Aterna is a book series you need to read, full of fantasy, sexy dragons, and plot twists, the author Riley Storm, has created a great world of paranormal magic and a great story, every character feels very unique and our female protagonist is a very strong woman.

This is a 5 book story, each book can be read separately, but of course, as the books have some story-wise connections, you may want to read them in the right order, be prepared for a great story, passionate love, and even some spicy scenes between the protagonist and the dragón shifter males.

2. Mated to four wolves by Laura Wylde

Like wolves and reverse harem, this books are for you.

This is a great book, I’m not that much into werewolves, but, it has a bit of everything a romance story needs, but with hot and sexy werewolves in a short but great story, these four guys are ex-navy seals, and each one has unique and interesting personalities.

A great book if you want a fast but great story you can read from start to finish in some hours, the only downside of course is, being a short book, it doesn’t offer a much detailed backstory for each one of the involved characters.

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3. Infinity Chronicles by Albany Walker

Infinity chronicles has a great story and is a great reading for almost everyone who likes paranormal books, not only reverse harem.

Another great book series, this time you may want to start from book one, and although it’s a great series of books, it’s not perfect, Laura, this story main protagonist, is a pretty and intelligent girl, she wants a good life, and have Friends, but her mother is a nomad, and want an anonymity life for her daughter.

She meets some guys in school, and they have secret powers or gifts, that’s the paranormal part of the story, this book is very popular right now on Amazon, but has some downsides, the long pace is the first, but the most important is maybe, there’s not a single steamy or sexy scene and that may be a big flaw for this kind of book.

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4. The piece you broke by Marleigh Kassidy

A great book series to read from start to finish, you will not be dissapointed.

A great book series about a girl with a rough past, she escaped from a bad person and fell in love with a wolf shifter, one with a lot of money and dangerous for her, after years of suffering, she escapes again, starting a new life again, she meets another three guys, they offer love and safety to her, but their past will go after her.

As I stated above, I’m not so much into werewolves, as much as vampires or other kinds of creatures, but this book is great, there’s a lot of spicy moments and it’s such a great reading, you can easily read the book in one day if you want, so, it’s highly recommended if you like reverse harem with werewolves involved.

5. Legacy of shadows by Tessa Hale

Tessa Hale is a great author, and this paranormal reverse harem masterpiece its probably her best work.

A great book series you may want to read, and not just for the reverse harem, but it’s just a great romance book, with a great story, not so dark, but with a lot of action, a great pace for people who are into action or get bored easy with the low burn reading, but it still has some steamy scenes to enjoy.

I have read only the first two out of three books, but trust me, these are some of the greatest paranormal reverse harems I have read this year, filled with action, great characters with a lot of secrets, and a female protagonist that evolves and get stronger as we read.

6. The Blood of Monsters by Mia Hartson

A great story about a girl that wants to retrieve his sister from what she thinks are evil monsters.

This book is a real surprise, it’s a great paranormal reverse harem, with a great story, and a strong female protagonist who wants to take her sister back and is ready to do what it takes to accomplish her objectives.

One of the most intriguing and full of mysteries reads I have had in a while, I have read the three books almost from start to finish in almost 2 weeks, and that’s because it has a great pace, and has one after another good scenes.

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7. Society of Ancient Magic by Fiona Starr

There are some harry potther vibes in these books, but maybe it's just me, one of the most magical paranormal reverse harem.

One of my favorite book series, even when I didn’t know the reverse harem category, this was one of the first paranormal romance books that introduced me to this, Joely is a good protagonist who, like Harry Potter, has parents with magical powers, she is a witch, and has been accepted into a secret magic organization.

She meets three handsome men, they love her and are willing for some of her attention, but the secret magic society in which they are involved has plans for them, this is a great series I recommend reading if you like a reverse harem, and magic, witches, sorcerers and mages, secrets and great story twists and turns awaits for you.

8. Royals of Villain Academy by Eva Chase

great story, enemies to lover situations and a fast pace reading, you will love royals of villain academy.

An excellent 4 book series, and maybe one of the most popular here, Eva Chase is almost a paranormal romance rockstar, as this is a book once you start, you have to read to the end, once you start reading you will be immersed into a magic world, full of magic, monsters and demons.

Our protagonist, Rory, has suffered the murder of her parents and now has been dragged to a secret magic society, here, she discovers the truth about her real parents and her dormant magic skills, she meets four men, their fellow heirs, which are as sexy as they are powerful, arrogant and ruthless, I recommend these as one of the best paranormal reverse harem you may find on Amazon right now.

9. Cursed by S.J. West

Paranormal reverse harem, angels, demons and a powerful female protagonist, a great book series.

Lilly Raine is our main protagonist in this story, a girl who thinks fate is trying to remove her from earth, she has a protector, Will, he is always looking after her, saving her life and watching every step to keep her safe.

This is a paranormal reverse harem book series of three books with a story about angels and demons, our protagonist has some secrets to discover, and the story has some twists here and there that you may want to discover on your own.

10. The Bonds that Tie by J Bree

This is maybe one of the most intrincate, but wonderful paranormal reverse harem i have read, strongly recommended.

Broken Bones is the name of the first out of six book series, and remember these words, one book is all it takes, of course, this is a paranormal reverse harem, but this is by far the best of them all, J. Bree has crafted an excellent masterpiece of a series with these books, and at the same time, has created rich story world.

We get into this story from our protagonist’s point of view, Oli, a badass female character, then, she starts meeting their bonded, handsome, overprotective characters who love her, the story has everything from enemies to lovers, suspense and destruction, everything blended to create one of the best paranormal reverse harem book series you can find.


I will be adding more titles as I read them, I hope you read at least one of these great books, of course, these are great titles for me, as I have read these books and got hooked by the stories and characters, this book category has a lot of books on Amazon, and you may find books that are better for you, for now, these are my recommendations, keep reading!

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