How to create an ebook for amazon kdp

How to create an ebook for amazon and start earning money

Nowadays, amazon is the most popular ecommerce you will find on the internet, amazon sales are massive, and the product variety you can find on its website is huge, they have a huge affiliate program for you to promote their products, so people use this platform to monetize their website, one of the best features of amazon is kdp, where you can publish your own ebooks even hardcover printed versions and start earning money, so this post is to tech you how to create an ebook for amazon to start monetizing and stop worrying about commissions.

Creating an ebook is one of the most common ways for people to start monetizing their knowledge, as a digital entrepeneur, creating your first infoproduct is quite a challenge, but calm down, you don’t have to start right now, your first ebook is going to suck probably, but you have to do the most interesting and highest quality piece of content you can, so in order to create your first ebook fast, you will use your already written content, a post, a video script ( if you do these) and so on, we want this first ebook to be at least 10,000 word lenght, with a nice format, some images, and links to your website.

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Quantity is not quality to create a good ebook for amazon

Amazon kdp is a program for writers and content creators to make great value ebooks, once you have finished your ebook, you have to upload it into epub or pdf format, you have to submit separately your ebook and your cover, and make sure your cover design is great, so you engage users to click and maybe to buy your ebook, once they pay for your ebook, amazon will send a printed version and digital version.

Ebooks can be labeled as high, medium, or low content, an ebook with more than 50k words lenght, its a high content ebook, of course creating this kind of books requires effort, and knowledge, we are going to call medium content to an ebook from 5k to 49k words lenght, and a low content ebook from 100 to 5k, this kind of ebooks can be notebooks, journals, calendars, comic books or drawing books.

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Niche research is one of the most important steps

As with a blog, you have to do niche research, this is if you are uploading your ebook on kdp, to do this pick a niche and search on amazon how much content about that niche you can find posted already, basically if you find more than 50 products related to that search, search for another niche, you can still have a chance to compete of course, but in order to do that, you have to create a better strategy, and for kdp only users, that often involves paid ads.

niche and keyword research its important when creating and publishing your ebook

Of course, learning how to create an ebook for amazon , and start ranking on the first search results are two different things, to achieve this you have to do keyword research, google keyword planner is a good and free tool you can use to get those low competition keywords that may bring you sales, use this research to copy-paste those keywords into your file description.

Tools to create an ebook for amazon

There are some tools you need to use to create a good ebook, I recommend to help you create a very nice design fast and easy, I use canva for many purposes, and believe me, it will save you a lot of time, its a great tool, but you can choose the program or app you want, you can even write all your content in a word document and then save as pdf, then you create your cover on canva, but if you are creating a low or medium content book, use canva to create a nice design of your ebook, then you can download the file as pdf, and last but not least, create your cover.

short guide on how do you price low content books on amazon kdp

how do you price low-content books? Check out this short guide and start pricing your low-content books the right way to get real profit!

How to submit an ebook to amazon kdp

Create an amazon kdp account, its free, then in order to submit your first ebook, you have to fill your billing information, so they can pay you for the sales you make, you will, of course, have to pay taxes, but creating good content and a good amount of ebooks monthly will get you a nice income within a year or two, so start working hard for that nice future passive income.

How many ebooks i have to create to earn 5k each month

its possible to earn good money on amazon kdp, you have to publish a good quantity and quality of books and dont give up

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As you create content each month, you will become a more experienced publisher, then you may start earning money even in the first year, there are some people making even 10k from amazon kdp, but of course, in order to earn this money, you will have to create up to 600 ebooks, that’s it, it may be a lot to you, but believe me, once you start creating content, getting experience, you will create a low content ebook in 2 or 3 days, so you can publish from 10 to 20 ebooks monthly and to achieve your 5k goal might be creating and submitting up to 400 ebooks into amazon kdp.

this coloring book niche ideas will help you earn $1000/month in amazon kdp

Coloring book niches to earn $1000/month on Amazon kdp: Check this list of coloring book niches and start earning money on amazon kdp, you can create some of these books in less than one week!

Influencers with a good income with amazon kdp

There are a lot of people making money on amazon’s kdp program, search for low content books on youtube and you will find a lot of people creating tutorials about this topic, so I recommend starting with these nice tutorials, my best recommendations are, of course, Ben Chinnok, Sarah Larson and Paul Marles, their youtube channels are filled with videos about their strategies to find niches, keyword research, and even their monthly income, this way they are motivating people to start creating content.

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earning money on amazon kdp by just publishing your books, but donĀ“t give up, it worth it

An ebook is not just a digital book filled with words, it can be a nice piece of design, it can be just a notebook with a cool cover people buy to make a present, it can be a drawing book for a mom who wants their kids to play, it can be a videogame guide, a visual tutorial and so on, you just have to think about a good topic, and start creating, work hard on your content and create a cool and stunning cover that helps you make those nice sales, that way you will start making money, and can even become a full-time ebook publisher.

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