blogging platforms for beginners 2022

Blogging platforms for beginners on 2022

Do you want to start a blog but think you do have not the necessary knowledge or skills to do it?, want to know which blogging platforms are the best for real beginners like you? then, keep reading because you will be amazed!, at the options, you have to start a professional blogging website, with no knowledge, to start your blogging career, to be an influencer, or to make money blogging.

As a person who is not very attached to computers, I always thought that creating a website, blog or anything else related was impossible for someone like me, but it seems times have changed, and with a little research about some technical things I was able to start blogging a couple of years ago, now I want to share my knowledge to all the people there, looking to start a new project on their own, and the will to learn about the best blogging platforms and the ways to make money online.

Blogging for a purpose

Setting up a blog and creating content to start getting traffic are two very different things, it requires some minutes to set up, maybe more if you are getting a domain name asap, to get the traffic you must start creating good content, write useful information for people, research about the topics you want to write and then, after some months you will begin getting traffic, so you need a purpose, objectives, and patience to see the benefits of blogging.

Theres a lot blogging platforms, choose wisely
Choosing the right blogging platform is very important, analyze your options, and choose wisely.

Blogging platform features to look for

Most of the time as a beginner, you may skip every part of programming, as it may be difficult for you and is not mandatory for you to learn as these platforms are so automated, you will most of the time drag and drop, click or write the content, so, here’s a list of features to look for a blogging platform to start as a beginner in 2022:

  • Learning curve: Some platforms have a steep learning curve than others, but the most automated and easy to use, often limit user’s design, and brand your site heavily, so even if you have zero skills or knowledge, try to learn how to do some important things, it will pay off in the future.
  • Design: Even when most of the time I don’t encourage people to spend hours on web design, it’s a very important aspect of your website, there are a wide variety of themes to choose from so, with this in mind, choose wisely, don’t underestimate it, but try not to waste too much time on it.
  • Coding: If you know, it’s ok, and it will help you customize even more your blog, but for beginners, we need to avoid coding, since most of the platforms will help you do this job, try to choose the platform that still lets you customize your site by giving you the choice to code even if it’s not necessary.
  • Flexibility: Some blogging platforms will normally let you migrate to another, stay away from the ones that not, you may want to migrate as your site grows, not every hosting service may be prepared to host a big site with million views or they may overprice your hosting making it too expensive.

Take a los at this post if you want to know more about blogging niches to earn money online.

Best blogging platform for beginners on 2022

WordPress: is without a doubt, the blogging platform, not only for the tons of themes and plugins to craft your site to your will but the cause of all the freedom and flexibility it offers, you can buy a domain, a hosting service, and start designing your site fast with just a few clicks, create just a blogging site, a media site with photos and video, start your online store or a membership site.

wordpress is without a doubt the bes blogging platform to choose
WordPress is not as friendly user as other blogging platforms, but it give you the freedom to create whatever you want with your site.

Even when WordPress is good for starters, it has a steep learning curve in some aspects, but this is not a letdown, because it let you customize your website as you learn more about it, as, for the price, WordPress is a free platform, but it is recommended for you to buy a hosting service and a domain name (domain = from the start to do this as professional as you can.

Wix: One of the most popular blogging platforms with a lot of marketing going on right now, sites made with Wix are beautiful, is almost impossible to make a badly designed site with its nice and wide variety of templates, for me, the downside of using this platform is the branding and ads they put in your site, their monthly hosting plans are a little bit expensive than other well knew hosting companies.

The choice is up to you, if you are a person who is bad a designing, this may be the answer for you, create a site with a very good-looking design with few clicks and start creating content right now, but, if you want a well-monetized site with more functionality, working with APIs or plugins or start an e-commerce, you may want another platform.

Weebly: This is a website builder and blogging platform with blog tools and templates, that are good for beginners, their tools are really easy to use, and its more optimized for e-commerce, its a good place to start, the downside for me, there’s just a few templates, it’s free service has limited bandwidth and they will put their branding and ads in your site, so I don’t recommend starting here, even if you have not knowledge and want to start easy.

Squarespace: This is a big one, a website building that started in 2003, there are tons of sites made by this builder, its tools are very easy to use and have tons of templates, it has e commerce-oriented tools, I recommend this for beginners who want to start a build fast and easy, the only downside, there are very to no third-party tools integration, so, you are limited to the tools offered by this blogging platform.

squarespace page builder is powerful and easy to use
Create and grow your brand with one of the most easy and powerful page builders out there, thats squarespace.

The platform has a wide variety of paid plans, from $16 USD/mo for blogging sites, to $26 USD/mo for e-commerce sites. so choose carefully and think about what you need.

Squarespace is an excellent platform for a wide variety of niches, take a look at this post to know how you can monetize a Squarespace blog.

Blogger: It’s a blogging platform developed by Google, a really simple, free blog builder, with really few options to customize your site, it does not receive frequent updates, so even when this is as WordPress, a free service, I don’t recommend starting here, you can grow a blog here, but it would be slow even with a paid domain.


The best blogging platform for me since I started blogging is WordPress, it lets you take control of your blog, and customize it to your will, you can start a blog, convert it into a forum, e-commerce, o whatever you want, so start right now, don’t let time pass and create great content to grow your site, I hope this post was useful to you, thanks for reading.

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