Blogging niche ideas for 2023

Guide for blogging niches, discover the wide variety to choose from and to stay away

Starting a blog can be a difficult task, there are many aspects to keep in mind, in order to make a nice and succesful blog website, competition for the best keywords is tough, its like starting a race against formula 1 cars, but you are starting by foot and with no shoes, because there’s very talented people and companies paying to get traffic to their websites, so you may want to start with a niche, a topic you are interested in and of course with low competition.

Blogging niches are websites used to post articles about a single and not too broad topic, this kind of websites are often made to rank on google search engine faster for long tail and low competition keywords, by doing this a website will start getting traffic and authority, growing an audience and start making money from different sources, so blogging niches are a good way to start a business, to grow an audience and earn money.

building a niche site is always exciting

How do i start a blogging niche site?

You can start building a website easy, there’s a lot of platforms there for free, but if you want to get serious and professional, you need to invest a little money, check my guide on how to create, a website fast here, basically i recommend to start with a blogging platform like wordpress, these platforms normally comes with page builders, themes or templates to start creating content fast, then you need to choose a good hosting service for your site, there are many of them with a wide variety of services, you can even pay for the hosting first and then start your site, many of these hosting sites will automate everything for you.

this guide will show you how to create a blogging content strategy

How to create a blog content strategy for 2023: This short guide will show you tips on how to create a perfect content strategy for your blog!

How to find the best niche ideas

This is up to you, creating a blog means you will be writing a lot about a topic, you may even create books with the posts you will write, so your first blogging niche needs to be one you have a passion to write for, it could be a sport, books, a videogame genre, food, health, cosmetics, tech, gadgets, you name it, however, there are some things to keep in mind in order to choose the right niche:

  • Competition: this is key, right now, you will compete with a lot of people for a post or keyword, almost every blog niche is taken, but this does not mean you have to quit, you have to keep in mind that, if you pick a high competition niche, you have to do it better than everyone in order to succeed, gaming niche it’s a tough one, so what you will do? pick a single game, or a game genre and start solving problems, making guides, gameplays, and drawing game art, that’s making a difference and creating competition.
  • Search volume: Some niches have low competition because there’s a very low search volume, which means that very few people search for that topic online, and there are very low-paid keywords, so you need to do good keyword research about your blogging niche before you start your website in order to get the rewards.
  • Search intent: this is the smart and most interesting part of creating a website, you have to think as your users, search intent refers to the intention behind the query, if you are capable of doing this right, you will be making content to satisfy your users and this will grow your audience, you will start getting traction and if you want, earning good money.
  • Business opportunity: If you are reading this to start a blog to earn money, then you need to pick a niche with a business opportunity, to make some sales, it could be affiliate links, infoproducts, merchandising, monthly memberships, and so on, of course, you may place ads on your sites and that will earn you some money, but its slow and unless you have more than 1M views, you will earn pennies monthly, so you need to start thinking now on the ways to monetize your site.
best paid blogging niches are always very competitive

Highest paid blogging niches to earn money

Of course, you may want to create a blogging niche for fun, topics that you have the passion to write for, but at the end of the day, does that niche will pay the effort? if you want to monetize from the start, you have to create many income sources, so first, you may want to display ads on your website, and some niches have very well paid ads, so this is a list of the google adsense highest paid niches:

  • Online education
  • Insurance
  • legal ( lawyers or law firms)
  • online banking
  • Internet
  • Marketing and advertising
  • Cryptocurrency
  • Home and garden

The list is not in any specific order, so choose wisely, if you choose one of these topics for the money, keep in mind you will compete against big companies and other big bloggers with lots of experience and money to invest in the game, these niche ideas are the big leagues of blogging, so you should narrow your niche to gain authority, always choose a topic related to your hobbies, interests, and passions, and you will do a good job, if you already have experience and you can even outsource some of the jobs, then go for it.

These are great lead magnet ideas to take your digital business to the next level.

Blogging niches to stay away from

Ok first, the ones you need to stay away from unless you are an expert, its science or medicine, even if you are a physician, google will check out every bit of information you post, will check for your credentials, and your website will take longer to rank, but it’s still possible and you will still earn money, but if you are not an expert try to stay away from this topics, weapons and firearms are topics to stay away too as google may not show your site, it will not possible for this sites to show ads and will possibly get banned.

medical and science are blogging niche ideas for 2022 to stay away, you will rank slow and will need credentials

There are some blog niches that have suffered from serious traffic decrease due to the actual world situation, these niches are mostly traveling blogs, even now when it seems things are getting better, I recommend staying away at least one more year.

Blogging format and layouts will be a part of your successful blogging experience

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There are tons of blogging niche ideas for 2022, and there are so many people trying to earn money from their sites, unfortunately, too many bloggers give up after one year, the main reason is that they see no money from this, so the key is persistence and patience, be smart, learn new skills, don’t be afraid to pay some courses to grow and learn whats necessary to succeed, start a good niche with a good quantity of topics to write, and try to create as many sources of income as you can, I hope this blogging niches guide was useful, leave a comment if you liked it, your feedback is very important to me.

start creating a good income with your own infoproduct, and start making sales.

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