Best lead magnets for 2022

top lead magnet ideas to grow your business on 2022

There are a lot of digital business starting every day, competition is ruthless out there, and you have to give real value to people who wants to buy something or just want some information, driving traffic to a website can be hard if you are a beginner, but it depends on your expertise, your well-written article and the information quality you give, but to generate sales, and grow an audience of loyal customers, you have to learn about the best lead magnets that will help you make those sales.

A lead magnet its an infoproduct, an ebook, a webinar, podcast, a slideshow, some images or video, lead magnets are used to grow email lists, you may have a good traffic to your website, but, growing an email list is going to help making sales for you, its like fishing, you lure your customers with a good quality infoproduct, thats your lead magnet, people register, and you get your mail list growing.

Top lead magnets for online stores

  • Webinars: you can create a good webinar, with slides, good quality images and your voice, and get extraordinary sales, in fact, webinars are often used to sell courses and another infoproducts, you can even use some platforms to host your webinar, you can then invite people from your website to see you webinar, you will use this webinar to get emails, and to create the need for people to buy your products.
  • Videos: you can create and edit videos to show a product features and functionality, you can create good videos with actors, or doing it by yourself, if you are known by your friends for your great personality, get your audience to know you, this will help you get a bond with all these people, they will start following you, once you have done this right, you will become an influencer.
  • Podcasts: you can create a podcast with video format, to show the video and upload it on youtube, then you extract the audio to mp3 format, and you can upload it to your website or another platform, podcasts are often informational, or made by entertainment, but, there is a chance that, once you have a good audience, you start creating ads for that podcasts, recommend products and talk some minutes about your store, thats how you want to start creating a good business oportunity.

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Best lead magnets for blogs and affiliate websites

  • Ebooks: creating a good quality ebook can be one of your best lead magnets for your blog or affiliate website, an ebook can be a guide, a calendar, digital notebook or another piece of content that can add value to the information your blog posts give, you can even create one now if you have at least 10 good articles, this lead magnets are easy and their convertion rates are good.
  • Images: You can create a good image and offer this as a good lead magnet if your niches is about: art, design, fashion, anime or manga, gaming, photography, this kind of lead magnet is to show your audience a good quality image created by you, it can be an edited photo, a good paint, or an excelent draw.
  • Courses: once you enter in the world of courses, is hard to leave, and thats because, once you make a best selling course, you will feel great, you can offer a short class from your course to your audience, so they can see how good the course is, you can even create a video to show your viewers how good you are at explaining your method, or to show them you have real expertise about this.

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Best lead magnets ideas for 2022

  • Digital tools: This is a more complex and not so budget friendly but is one of the best lead magnets you can get, this is without a doubt one of the best, and there’s a good reason you need to consider having at least one of these when you have some money to spend, a digital tool like an api, a great piece of code, or resource to get your audience hooked to your website is what you want, there’s a reason why websites like Facebook or Google are on the top of the internet, and that’s for their website functionality, so once you can, invest on some tools, it can be a mini-game website, a tax calculator for finance websites, an automated google map web page that search for restaurants near you serving the recipe your audience is searching.

Digital tools can be expensive, but there’s a lot of people selling some clever and great source codes out there to add to your website and start hosting great digital tools to keep your audience hooked, believe me, there are a good amount of websites with 2 or more digital tools, getting millions of pageviews monthly and earning more than $15k , so this is the next step for your blogging career once you have a decent budget.

  • Free trials: Once you have some content and a growing audience ( i recommend at having at least 5k pageviews to do this), you can offer free trials to your services, this lead magnet idea may not be for every niche, bu almost every niche site can offer some digital services like consulting, banner displaying, sponsored articles and so on, you will offer these free trials to people who subscribe to your email list, in order to do these its recommended to use plugins to get payments.

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Offer something for free sucks sometimes, but this is a very high converting idea if you offer a good digital service to your audience and fulfill their needs, so think about the service you want to offer and get your audience to know its limited time, and you will get those sales.


Creating the best lead magnets is a great way to start increasing your revenue, there are a lot of things you can do to get your audience to pay for your services, you just have to evolve and start thinking about how to deliver something your audience needs, doing that in a clever way to get customers hooked and satisfied is what you want to do, is not always about what people want to buy, is what they need, and how you will deliver the right service or product for them.

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