Web advertising placement: create a passive income online

website advertising is one of the most common way to monetize your site

As internet and social media has grown up to the massive platforms they are now, companies have created a solid network, full of people around the world that has many interests and hobbies, this has brought a lot of interest to all kind of brands, business and big markets, so web advertising has become one of the multiple ways this social media websites use to monetize, now its the time for you to do that, earn money and create a passive income off your audience by creating a website and amazing content.

Web advertising is a common way you can earn money by displaying ads on your website, this ads can be placed as banners, pictures, a set of links, video or in audio format, the income you get dependes on the number of ad impressions displayed and seen or clicked by your users, so, you have to activate ads on this website, then you need to configure ad positioning, you can create and place ads manually or activate automatic display where you can choose the ad density you want on your website and where you dont want to show ads.

Why do i need to display ads on my website?

google adsense is the most used for web advertising

To start monetizing your great content, even if you have a good plan to monetize your site, i recommend you apply to an advertising platform, this way you will have another income source, so, unless you dont really need the money or want your good content to be free, having your site not to show ads will not destroy it, or will stop your audience to visit your site, so if you have a site already getting traffic and its not showing ads, go for google adsense or ezoic if you have more than 10k view.

How can i earn money with web advertising placement

In order to do this you first have to create a website, you can start with a free platform, but, i recommend you to start creating your website from a paid services hosting who will automate almost everything for you, then you can start creating content, you do this by writing useful information for your users to start getting traffic, you can start displaying ads early if you create good enough content and then apply to google adsense, if you get accepted then you will start displaying ads and earning money.

How much money will i earn with web advertising placement?

You will start earning with website advertising once you start getting enough traffic, below 10k pageviews you will likely earn between $100 to $150 USD with adsense, so you need to do a good keyword research, looking for high value and low competition keywords to help you increase your RPM( Revenue per 1000 impressions) and CPC ( Cost per click), this is how you will likely start increasing your earnings.

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web advertising will pay more when you hit traffic milestones

Earn more with premium ad platforms

Google adsense is a good way to start monetizing for your pageviews, but its not the only ad platform out there, i still recommend you to start with google adsense because if you get accepted to display google ads, you may get accepted into premium ad platforms like ezoic, mediavine or ad thrive, these platforms will have their own requeriments, but with their ads you will get very nice growth and get more revenue, keep in mind that, you need to have a good amount of traffic to apply these sites, and they even requiere that 80% of your traffic comes from the US.

best blog hosting platform to help you start makin money online and automate your website

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Will ads make my web slower?

Displaying a bunch of ads on your site will slow it down, you need to configure your ads preferences on google adsense, you can put manually each ad on every page, or let adsense do it automatically, then increase or decrease the amount of ads, you can even choose the parts where you dont want ads to display, like your header, i recommend you start with 3 or 4 banners in 1000 words pages or posts, one or two into the widget lateral bar, and the popup one, your website will not slow down like this and you will not ruin your users experience.

How do i earn money without web advertising placement?

There’s a lot of ways to monetize a website, first you know your niche, so you can sell something related to your website, there are a lot of affiliate programs that will let you sell their products in exchange for a comission, you can even get 60% comissions, you just have to look for good affiliate programs, you can also start a membership site, if you create nice content and have good audience, you can create content to members, creating membership levels will make you earn more money from your loyal subscribers.

Another choice to start monetizing your content is using a crowdfunding platform, there are a lot of them out there, you can register to these paltforms, then you start promoting your platform to your audience and start getting paid, there are a lot of people making money this way early, this platforms are patreon, buymeacofee, kickstarter and so on, so you can start right now with one of these and get to work to get money.

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affiliate marketing, the best method to monetize without website advertising

What do i have to do to increase my web advertising placement revenue?

There are some things to keep in mind, first, you may want to start a niches site, identify the best niche sites to earn money, then choose the one you like, as this post mention, there are some niche sites with higher ads rpm and cpc, now as for the placement of your ads, once you get accepted on adsense, start by placing your first ad just below your H1 or post title, if your theme or website layout have side bar, place some ads there too, this first ad below your title and the one on the side bar, are the most getting prints and earning money for me.


Making money from web advertising placement is a good way of creating a passive income, blogs and websites will increase in traffic with time if you have great content, so the key here is not to give up early, there are websites starting to earn money after 2 or 3 years of hard work, so creating good content and watching traffic increase will be your first rewards, then after arriving to 10k pageviews and getting into premium ad platforms you may get the nice revenue increase, i hope this post was useful, leave a comment and thanks for reading.

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