Blog format to get more traffic in 2022

Blogging format and layouts will be a part of your successful blogging experience

Blogging can be challenging and sometimes overwhelming, there’s a lot to do when you start a project of this magnitude, there are a lot of mistakes or doubts about the blog format or layout to use, and there are so many themes or templates to use, and so many are well optimized for websites, online stores or another specific purpose, so the objective of this post is to help you get the more of your blog if you already have one, or to choose a good theme or template to start with.

Before we start, you want to think about the purpose of your blog, it’s informative, it’s for product reviews, and formative, most of your content is from videos or images, for starters, its a good practice to make posts with at least 1000 words, then you can add some images or video, always doing good keyword research, so we can plan the blog format or layout accordingly, so let’s start.

blogging platforms for beginners 2022

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Themes with the best blogging format or layout

Presence: Its a very powerful theme to create your brand, the layout of this theme is perfect for blogging, the front page shows the featured post images with the title and part of the text, and it comes with some pre-made pages for an easy start, is very fast and has a very cool set of colors, a nice set of fonts, also its fully responsive on mobile, a good choice for you to start with a strong theme to grow your brand.

Customify: One of my favorite themes, customify is excellent for bloggers, it’s very visual and SEO intuitive, so it will help you get traffic early, it works perfectly with most plugins and page builders used with WordPress, perfect if you want to start your online store, and much more, really easy to use, use this theme if you want a perfect, responsive and fast blogging layout.

Astra: the most popular theme right now, multipurpose, sites with Astra load very fast, it offers many layouts, many of them perfect to craft your blog, but you can create every kind of website, it let you take control of the design of your website as very few other themes lets you, so if you still have no choice, this is what I recommend you to go for, developers have made a very good work making of this theme, the best available for WordPress, it worth every penny.

OceanWP: This here is a powerful, multipurpose theme, it comes with a free page builder that help will help you build a good-looking professional site, you can choose from more than 200 templates that you can fully configure to craft your site, its a very popular theme, now it has more than 700k sites online, so it’s powerful, it’s fast, and perfect for beginners, so take your time and choose wisely, this here is a perfect choice.

Ultra: A good-looking and powerful theme, multipurpose and fast, this is one of the few themes that lets you choose a layout to start with and demo sites to start creating content asap, it has a powerful menu that comes with widgets to personalize as you like, very nice and good looking to start an e-commerce, so this here is a good choice if you want a powerful and good looking site or blog.

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Best blog format or layouts

blog layout for vloggs

Type A: this layout is perfect for blogs with lots of videos, images, or online stores, it shows the image with a short description or the post title, it’s very simple but it will get your audience interested in your content from the start, I recommend this if you are blogging about graphic design, comics or manga if you have a wide variety of clips to show, if you are starting e-commerce this is perfect to highlight the offers and best-selling products of your store.

classic blog format, really a classic to use for new blogs

Type B: This one is a classic for blogging, most commonly used for e-commerce too, still I prefer a big image for the logo and navigation, but you can still use the header/banner area to put a good image, an intro area of text is sometimes mandatory, most of the front pages have less than 1500 words, so you can keep it or leave it, but for beginners who wants to apply to google AdSense, you need at least hit the 1000 words mark.

this layout is perfect for informative blogs

Type C: This layout is used for informative blogs, with a sidebar for widgets for recent posts with featured images, the body area is mostly used for text and images, it a very common, simple, and fast as you are not filling it with video or too many images, perfect for beginners who are creating content, unless you already have 20 posts, lots of videos or images of your own to post immediately I recommend this layout to start creating content and grow, then you can change to a more structured and visual layout for your blog.

magazine blog format is a well used to show news or a good format for recent posts

Type D: The classic news website layout, you can even add a sidebar to the left or right for those crazy widgets, but it’s good as it is, you have your logo with your navigation menu, your most recent or best post to date, then you have the last news or posts, you can show the posts by category, or just by date, then you have the footer with the legal pages and another thing you may add as widgets or the like, a good and powerful blog format to start, just start creating good content quickly and it will look nice and professional.

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Choosing the perfect design for your blogging website can be tough, and most of the time you will not be so happy with your actual blog format or layout, so that’s the reason why there are a lot of themes out there, the best blogging layout doesn’t come from the most expensive theme, you can even start your blog with a blank theme and start creating content and make a good job with, but the thing is, websites needs to look good, professional and well crafted to get traffic, and it takes work and time to create good content to grow an audience, so pick a theme, free or paid, and get to work, thanks for reading this post, if you liked it leave a comment.

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