start creating a good income with your own infoproduct, and start making sales.

Create an infoproduct and earn money 2022

There’s a lot of ways to create a good income online, you can start a youtube channel and start monetizing once you meet the requirements, you can create an online store, if you are an artist you may sell your art online, you can start a blog or create a website to start making money or you can create an infoproduct to sell in different digital platforms.

An infoproduct its a digital resource created by you, to sell and make money, this can be a course or masterclass, a podcast, webinars, ebooks, printables, artbooks, drawings, pieces of code and more, this infoproducts are often created taking feedback from an audience to fulfill their needs, and satisfy their expectations, this is a good way to start making an income early, so keep reading cause im going to show you how to start creating an infoproduct to make money.

infoproducts will help your create a full income fast

Why would i create an infoproduct?

Creating an infoproduct its a great oportunity for you to start monetizing your content early, you can even create one now if you already have enough content and want to start earning money, once you create and start making sales, the earnings are unlimited, you can dedicate time to promote all your infoproducts, to start posting them on social media and if you already have a good amount of followers, viewers or pageviews, you can make a good income out of it.

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Pros and cons of creating an infoproduct


  • Its scalable: you can start by creating an ebook and sell it for $12 USD, and maybe sell 10 copies a month, but then you start making an audience and start selling more, then you creare a webinar or a podcast, another ebook, so theres no limit on how much money you can earn by selling your own infoproducts.
  • Unlimited stock: You can sell an infoproduct forever, at least until the information within this infoproduct its relevant, fulfill user’s needs or its a good ebook, you have not a limited stock of books.
  • Your own price: its your product, its your price, unless you submit your products into a third party platform, you can price it and get all the benefits.
  • Experience: With each of your infoproducts you get more experience, so you will get better at producing them, pricing, and to promote each one of them, so even if you have very low experience you can start now and begin to earn money.


  • This takes time: Maybe a lot of time, unless you are a famous influecer, blogger, youtuber or something like this, you need to have a good audience to start making sales.
  • Promotion can be hard: You can make a good promotion on social media, your own website, youtube, but sometimes its recommended to create ad campaings to make more sales, so this can be one of your expenses.
  • Not every niche will sell infoproducts as others will: So invest some time making a good research about your topic and the best infoproducts you can create.
creating an infoproduct is hard work, but its totally worth it

How can i start creating an infoproduct

First you need to think about your niche or topic, writing about coding websites its not as writing a comedy book, or a drama, so you need to think about what your users need, what problem will your infoproduct solve, will your infoproduct help your audience to learn some skills? then you need to write this down and start working.

Its very important for you to write your content, even if you are doing a video, you may write a script about it, you can always then come back to this as a backup, for most of the people, creating an ebook its the most easy way to start monetizing content, so you may start creating one, or you can try with a podcast or webinar.

Creating an ebook

For ebooks, the recommended lenght its about 10k words thats not too much, but its a good start, for bloggers or video creators, you can create an ebook about your blog posts, always trying to add a little extra to give your users a feeling of having the ultimate guide, or the most complete form of your content.

Creating an ebook its the most common way for bloggers, youtubers or beginner influencers to monetize their hard work, to start making sales you need to create cool content, but you will also need to promote your infoproduct before launching it, so you create expectation, you start creating your audience the need for this product, then you do a great launch, create a video, podcast and webinars talking about the benefits people will get from buying that infoproduct, that’s how you will make good sales.

If your are making videos, podcasts or webinars, try to create many short clips, for users, having to wath a 10 hour lenght of information its overwhelming, so make many short videos, straight to the point and with the best audio and video quality, once this is done you may put all those videos in one folder and promote it.

Create an online course and sky rocket your earnings.

Once you have reach a good number of infoproducts, you can create a course, for this you may want to create new content, or repack a number of your videos or infoproducts, create your course index, objectives and requirements, then search a platform where you will host your course, even you can create a website to host your course and sell your infoproducts.

an online course is one of the most profitable infoproduct, but it takes time to create

There are too many people creating courses right now, there’s also a lot of platforms that will host your course, and do everything for you, this platforms are, udemy, coursera, class central and so on, so you can create a course and start using these platforms, there are however, some things to consider, this platforms may take a lot of the earnings and you are likely getting a comission for your job, they may put your course on their special day offers to crazy low cost, so you will earn $1 to $5 USD, and you have to keep track of all of your students problems and questions and solve them, so you are doing all this job, getting almost no money, and keep doing customer service for a bunch of one dollar comission sales.

Create a website to host your infoproducts

So you have now an infoproduct or more, even if you have not launched any of them, or you have, but you are not making any sales, it will be always a best choice to create a website to host and sell your infoproducts, you can even craft a good membership site to give access to people to your online courses, or an online store to sell your courses or infoproducts separately.

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Creating an infoproduct early its a must for a beginner entrepeneur, that’s because it takes time for you to start earning money from the content you create and more important, because this will help you not giving up before you start earning some money from your effort, so start working hard on your next infoproduct, and plan your schedule accordingly to create at least 4 infoproducts a year to start making money online.

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