Low and no content publishing: earn money on amazon kdp

low and no content publishing is a good way to earn money online

Amazon kdp is a platform that allows users to upload their books, set a price, and choose which country they want to sell their books, low and no content publishing is the process of creating an info product, this can be made in day or hours and it can be notebooks, logbooks, planners and so on, you can then upload this on your kdp account to start making sales, nowadays publishing and making a sale is difficult, but as every business, it takes time but pays off.

This short guide here will guide you in the process of creating a mid or high content ebook to publish on kdp

Kindle is a book-reading platform, so we are talking about books, but don’t worry, you don’t need to write a book if you don’t want to, creating your first low-content publishing may be easy, the real task is making sales, you have to do keyword and niche research, of course, you are not going to earn 10k monthly with one notebook, there are people earning 1 or 2k or more, but they already have more than 200 ebooks published, so, it takes a good look and hard work but you can get a real income doing this.

is kdp publishing worth it in 2023? start your business today

Is kdp publishing worth it in 2023? publishing your ebook on amazon kdp is great, but you will be able to survive the competition? check this out if you want to learn more!

Low and no content publishing categories

Notebooks: The fastest no-content material we can create, this category includes journals, calendars, planners, log books and so on you just have to do keyword and niche research, this niche will help you find the best cover design, I recommend using canva to create a good cover design, is easy and fast, but if you have a professional design program, then you can use that, once you have the right measure, page numbers and interior design of pages, then that’s it, use powerpoint to create all the pages with the right measure and copy paste your interior design, once you have this, upload your notebook into your amazon kdp account.

Be warned, competition for notebooks is very high, every kdp beginner wants to make money selling notebooks, so in order to make sales, you have to do great keyword research and impressive niche research too, and even if you do all this, there’s a lot of people creating ad campaigns to get their content on the first amazon’s query results.

Coloring books: this content is getting popular, as notebooks are harder to sell, so coloring books are getting more attention, you can create a good coloring book fast using some applications, you can draw your own designs, or you can get some images from google and use some programs to create the draw or design, coloring books can be from 50 to 120 pages, and as stated above, you have to do a good research and niche research to generate sales.

coloring books are a good example of low content publishing on amazon kdp

It’s recommended to avoid using copyrighted designs or images, most of the time amazon will reject copyrighted content, sometimes you will upload this content, but it may be removed and you will get no royalties from that content, so avoid filling your coloring books with copyrighted images.

Kid Learning books: This content is also popular, and that’s because you can use simple shapes and patterns and create activities inside the pages for kids, you can use square, circle, or triangle patterns for them to identify, use letters for them to learn how to write or color, this kid learning books can be as long as 40 to 100 pages, the design here is important too, as your target is children, you have to avoid every adult topic, choose warm over cold colors and for instructions, write a simple and short sentence with a medium to big font size.

amazon kdp find your favorite book hardcover printed version

Get the hardcover version of your favorite book with amazon kdp: check out here how you can get hard cover versions for a lot of books only on amazon!

Game books: Another good and popular category, game books can be for adults or kids, they can be as short as 50 pages or up to 150 pages, the games you can include within your book can be, a maze, letter soup, sudoku, crossword and so on, you can even specialize your book in a single game, creating a sudoku specialized book, a thematic crossword, of course, you might need more help to get great quality covers to hook people and make some sales, you can’t create a sudoku game with a plain and simple red cover with yellow big text with the title “Sudoku”, you will need to create a perfect cover to get traction, and start making sales.

niche game books are low content publishing on amazon kdp

Software you can use to start your low and no-content publishing business

There are a lot of tools out there you can use, there’s not a special app or software to help you create the perfect ebook, start by using canva, it will definitely help you to create good designs fast and easily for your covers, and even for mid or high content publishing, but if you already have Photoshop, that will definitely do the job, another nice and free software is a gimp, but it’s not as user friendly as canva, but it worth a try, use powerpoint to create your notebook pages, there are a lot of websites that offers free or paid templates to use on your work, the sky is the limit if you have a nice budget.

low and no content publishing on amazon kdp will help you earn income, invest on the best tools to create the best content


Amazon kdp is the perfect platform for you to create ebooks to sell digital, and even hardcover printed versions, everyday its getting more popular the fact that low and no content publishing to earn money, of course, there is a lot of competition, but it’s not impossible to start earning money from this, so, if you are a professional graphic designer, or a freelancer, a student or just a mom with some time to spare, you can create 10 or more books monthly and start earning money on 7 or 8 months, so start now, let’s take action and create your own online business today.

this are the cover dimensions for low content books most used nowadays

Cover dimensions for low content books on amazon kdp: Check out how you can optimize your cover, using the most popular cover dimensions!

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