How to Monetize a squarespace blog on 2022

How to monetize a squarespace blog on 2022 and create a passive income

Choosing a blog platform or page builder to fulfill your needs can be a bit of a task, but to monetize your content created on that website, that my friend is the hard part, you will need some patience, and be smart to keep your audience hooked with your posts and get convertion clicks, squarespace is a website builder with a wide variety of services, their web templates, drag and drop functionality and easy to use tools to learn how to monetize a squarepace blog with an almost perfect design and a great performance.

As you can do with another platforms, to learn how to monetize a squarespace blog you need to know about your niche and create a good strategy to create sales, there are very few differences when trying to compare services from another platforms vs squarespace, as stated above, perfect design is why you need squarespace, even at their low tier service, they offer a great amount of professional designed templates to start creating your website fast and good looking.

Pros squarespace vs wordpress

  • A nice and well crafted amount of profressional web templates.
  • In depth classes and tutorials for the most tech things you need to know.
  • Drag and drop easy to use page builder.
  • Built-in SEO
  • Ecommerce optimization
  • Built in web and ecommerce analytics with android/ios app
monetize a squarespace blogg easy with their cool looking templates.


  • Not so good for SEO as most wordpress paid themes.
  • You can’t migrate to another server as templates are owned by squarespace.
  • Services can be even more expensive than most hosting sites.
  • not so many plugins options.
  • For ecommerce, squarespace may take a cut off your sales.

How hard is to monetize a squarespace blog?

To start monetizing a site you need to focus on traffic and content, your audience will pay for your service or click on your affiliate links on your posts if you made a good job writing great posts, theres a lot of squarespace users complaining though on how slow their websites are growing, the difficulties they have trying to get accepted into advertising programs and even the slowest updates to the platform.

As a platform that offers easy to build website creation, squarespace is a nice option, if you have a solid audience on social media where you already make sales and monetize, squarespace will help you to create a perfect brand design, even you can start your ecommerce on your website and start selling fast, but again, some people may refuse squarespace for taking control over everything.

How to monetize a squarespace blog within a specific niche?

Branding and design is very important, but theres a lot of reasons why i will recommend everyone using wordpress instead, and thats freedom and flexibility, something squearespace will restrict, so there’s really a small number of niches i recommend using squarespace to grow their audience and create a well designed website and those are fashion, beauty and health niches, i dont even recommend using squarespace for news because of the issue with seo they have nowadays.

If you are starting one of the above listed niches, and you have no knowledge of website development, then i strongly recommend squarespace, as you will have your site online with just a few clicks and with good looking templates, just keep in mind you have to focus on selling your products, ecommerce or driving traffic from this website to your funnel site or your social media product listing to get convertions.

squarespace page builder is powerful and easy to use

What monetizing sources will squarespace restrict

Theres a lot of users complaining about how hard is to get accepted into advertising programs for their squarespace blog, and how long it takes to rank on google, its difficult even to get affiliate links to work properly, and for some users this is a very important issue, so affiliate marketing will be hard, and eve if you get accepted on google adsense or another web advertising program, those ads will not be displayed properly and google will not count your clicks or impressions.

Ecommerce is not restricted, but its well know squarespace and another platforms will restrict the number of product listed, so you need to upgrade your service to increase your product list, even as you are using their platform to make sales, they will get a cut of your sales, so this could be something to avoid squarespace.

monetize a squarespace is easy, but the restrictions may be a real issue for professional bloggers

Will squarespace help me increase sales for my ecommerce?

Yes, in fact, one of the most powerful tools on squarespace is the store editor, not only for the template design, they will help your site to be in good shape to pc or mobile users, and help you create purchase funnels to keep people interested on buying your products, so if you are interested in ecommerce you may want to start here to simplify and start getting sales fast.

How to monetize a squarespace blog if you are a beginner, you will need tools to start doing things fast and right, and squarespace has a good amount of built in tools, the content planner, analytic tracker, email and social media campaigns, so this definitely a nice service to get your hands to work with a good and well organized schedule, so this is a good way to have lots of tools in just one place.

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Theres a lot of website builders out there, you need to choose carefully or you will end losing all the work and money invested on your site, monetizing a website can be difficult and even if you are a beginner, i dont recommend using squarespace as your starting platform, you will be learning a lot of things along the way and you will get to a point of no return, where you will regret choosing a platform with too many restrictions, so at this starting point, go with wordpress instead.

If you are an influencer in the health, beauty, or fitness niche, i recommend you squarespace, this will cover the need to get a service provider with the best template designs, and a lot of built in tools to get started and keep track of your website metrics, if you are going to start an ecommerce, then you may want to see their store templates to see if they fulfill your needs, they are nice and you will keep tracks of every analytic.

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