How to find good affiliate partners on 2022

how to get affiliate partners, monetize your website early for beginners and newbies

One of the most common ways to monetize your audience is affiliate marketing, this means you can promote products listed on a third party platform and you get a comission if someone buys that product, this is a good way to create a good income for the early stages of your blog, so if you are struggling with monetization and dont know how to find good affiliate partners, keep reading and this guide will help you make some money.

There’s a lot of affiliate programs out there, one of the most used by far is amazon affiliate program, you can register by going to, and asking some questions, and that’s what you have to do for most sites, you go to their website and go down to the foother website so you can see if they have an affiliate program, then you register, some of them will accept every application, another programs will check your website, social media profiles or another platform you have to make those sales.

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Analyze your audience to create a good affiliate income

One of the most important to know how to get affiliate partners is analyzing your audience, if you create a beauty blog, you will need to target your niche audience, so you should analyze age, gender, interests and hobbies, if you have a website, you can even search for more parameters once you some traffic, then you search the products depending on that analysis, if you have a very young audience, then you should search and go for not so expensive products.

analyzing your audience is a crucial step to get success on affiliate marketing

Using google trends and social media to see whats on trending topics within your niche is going to help you make a good amount of sales, go to google trends, search for the most recent trending topics on the US, or you can even search for trending topics on new york, next, create a good amount of posts on social media, your blog and some short videos to upload on youtube, instagram and facebook, you can start making sales even with one follower or pageview, but to start creating a good steady income, its recommended at least 5 – 10k followers.

How will people click into my affiliate links?

It’s not a secret that most of people avoid making clicks into ads or affiliate links, so you have to be smart and create a good strategy for people to click on your links, to do this you have to do a good promotion of the products you want to sell, reviews, comparisons, good looking image or videos, you can even create an in depth guide on how to use that product, that way people will trust your content and they may click on your affiliate links.

Avoid trying to hide the fact you will get some comissions off that sales, you dont have to advertise on every post on your website or social media profile, but, you have to create a page with your privacy policy statements, and there you should post you have affiliate links , same goes for your social media accounts.

How to find good affiliate partners outside of amazon?

Its a common mistake for newbies to rely on just one affiliate program, there are a lots of websites and big companies creating affiliate programs to make big sales, so start looking how to get affiliate partners on big websites, then go for small companies with a few products, and once you have a good amount of traffic, and your site has some authority, you can even make some calls to companies willing to pay you directly to make some sales.

in order to know how to find good affiliate partners you have to search the internet for a product, and a companie website.

Affiliate programs like amazon are a good way to start, but making your first sale can be tough and you will earn as low as 2 to 6% comission rate with amazon, so there’s a lot of sites who will pay even more, shareasale, shopify, clickbank, travelpayout, expedia, fiverr and so on, some of this programs will pay even up to 60% off the sale.

There’s no affiliate programs for my niche site

Wrong, you can monetize every website with a good and stable amount of traffic with affiliate programs, you dont even need to do product reviews, in order to learn how to find good affiliate partners, you just need to create content related to a product, most of the time you will be creating content, so put your affiliate link in those posts getting the most traffic to highlight your affiliate posts that way you will pass some rank to that url, and you have the oportunity to make your sale.

You can create a landing page or a funnel, so if you are getting traction with one or more posts, put a link in the text of that posts pointing to your landing page, there are more techniques i will teach you to do this, and i will show you how to create a good landing page and funnel, but for now, take your time to analize your most viewed posts and let those highlight your posts filled with affiliate links, so stop thinkig you cannot monetize your website, and start creating ways to convert those clicks into great comissions.

How can i start earning 1k monthly with affiliate links

learn how to find good affiliate partners with great comission rates.

Affiliate programs are one of the early methods for us bloggers to make money, it still depends on your strategy, but, you can start making money after some 5 or 8 months with your blog, creating a great amount of content, and having at least 5 affiliate programs running on your site, traffic is important too, even when you are monetizing early, those convertion rates will take time to raise, so you will start making sales from 1.5k to 3k pageviews, so unless you are a real pro, it will take time, and it will depend on your niche.

Best niches for affiliate programs

There’s a lot of niches to start an affiliate program, you can even choose some products, and start a full niche site around those products, by doing that you will start getting rank faster, you will become an authority on that kind of products and will probably make sales faster, just keep in mind that, in order to create a good website, to rank on google and get organic traffic, your affiliate content needs to be around 20 to 30% of your website only.


This short guide on how to find good affiliate partners has finished, remember, every website can monetize with affiliate programs and start making good money, your first sale will be hard, but its going to be great and it will be the beginning of your digital career, so, don’t be afraid and start monetizing right now, even if your site is too old or brand new, you can go with affiliate links to start monetizing those great posts you have made.

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