How to create value information products

how to create information products an earn a full income

As a beginner entrepeneur, you need to create a good amount of great content in order to start growing an audience and getting traction, i recommend at least having one site to promote this content, but if you are getting serious, start by creating a website, create a youtube channel and at least open an instagram and a twitter account, this will help you start growing on multiple platforms and increase your audience fast, then you learn how to create value information products or infoproducts.

Creating a value information product is not as difficult as making your first sale, you will need programs such as office, obs or streamlabs, and a video editing software, if you already have a website with a good amount of posts, start using those posts as the source for your first infoproducts, by doing this you will create your first 2 or 3 infoproducts fast and maybe will start creating some money off them.

How to create an ebook as your first information product

To learn how to create information products you may want to start with an ebook, this is one of the most easy to make information products to begin with, you can create an ebook with your own well written blog posts within 1 or 2 days if you have a blog, just copy and paste 5 or 10 of your posts into a word file, word count needs to be at least 10k for an infoproduct, but dont worry, if you think your ebook is of grate value, 5 or 8k its ok, create an index, an introduction and your cover, then convert this file to pdf and there you are, you have created your first ebook.

start creating a good income with your own infoproduct, and start making sales.

You may want to use your first information product or part of it as a magnet, this is, a product that you will use to give for free to your audience in exchange for their registration to your email list, you need an email list in order to send your users, your brand new content, and to sell them your infoproducts or to use with affiliate marketing.

So there are many programs to create infoproducts, office is not the only one, but the most commonly used for people and students, so you can use them for this purpose too, to create a good design of your covers you can go to, there are lot of tutorial on youtube to learn how to create good cover designs.

Create a series of podcasts as information products

Podcasts are getting more popular, there are many youtubers creating podcasts right now, they extract the audio from the video and upload this audio file to the most popular platforms, do a good research about podcasting topics, then train your vocalization and start creating your podcast, uploading to your youtube channel your video and extracting the audio

Video editing software

As with ebooks, there’s a lot of programs to start creating videos and audio editing software, but i recommend using obs to record your video, for video editing, you may want to use filmora, it is a good program i have used a lot and its super easy to use and to create proffesional edited videos with little to no knowledge, Da Vinci resolve is another one, but one is for free, it has a steep learning curve, but its a very powerfull software.

podcasts are infoproducts getting more attention lately

Audio editing software

One of the best audio editing software you may want to download, free to use, and very light and fast, is Audacity, you can download it, but in order to extract the audio from a video, you need to download a plugin, then you can start creating audio channels with sound and effects to the audio extracted form your video.

Creating your first course as a strategy to create full income from information products

Once you have reached some level of expertise on your niche topic, you can create a course, to create a course, you may want to do a series of videos or webinars to teach your knowledge to your audience, i recommend creating a course once you have launched at least 3 or 5 infoproducts and 10k followers or pageviews on your website or social media.

To create a course you need to do a study program, write the objective of taking your course, the goals people will reach after they complete all of it, you will want to tell your audience, for whom this course is created, its a beginner course, a mid level or only for professionals.

Why i need to create a course

If you have choose an educational niche site, creating a course can be considered one of your goals, you can create a full income of 10k/ month in a short time if you create one or more courses in your own website, there’s a lot of platforms out there that will host your courses, but they will take almost all of your earnings and most of them will force you to do customer support so, basically you will work for them.

Webinar is a good way to do an infoproduct or it will help you launch your already made ones

if you want to know how to create information products and make sales keep reading our posts

A webinar its like a kind of interactive slide show, its often used to launch a product, with webinars you create informative content about this product or service, and then link the people to your sales funnel, its a good method to get create more sales, creating engagement, and offer a limited time price to create the need for the user to buy your product, there are well know platforms to create webinars, one of them being youtube live, webinarjam, gotowebinar and so on, you can go live, or record your webinar and make a schedule to invite people and get them to watch your content.


Learning how to create value information products is the first step to be a successful entrepeneur, you just have to focus on the good quality of your content first, then to reach your audience, theres a lot of professional people out there creating information products, and making good money, so, be patience, it takes some time to create a product and start making good seales.

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