Keys to content optimization for seo beginners

content optimization is a very important step of your website posts

If you are about to start your first website or an online store, there’s a lot you have to learn about creating a cool web, with a good design, great content, and well optimized to start ranking on google, to do this, you have to start learning about SEO(Search Engine Optimization), you don’t have to be an expert to get your site to start ranking, keep reading because, im going to show you how the keys to content optimization, so you can create a good website, doing content optimization and using tools to get your business to the top search results.

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You can say you are doing content optimization, when you modify your post to rank for keyword group, to do this you will need to start writing articles and naturally add those keywords in your text, it doesn’t matter how you write your posts, don’t stop writing, input all your passion on those posts, so people will read from start to finish, then try to optimize for a group of keywords based on competition, search volume, and how much is being paid, this way we know we are doing a great job, first write for your users, then you write for the algorithm.

Blog, ecommerce, or website, you’ll have to write content

You can find millions of websites on the internet, most of these websites are targeting thousands of keywords to get high levels of traffic, even if some of the websites are just online stores, they have a blog with lots of well-written articles ranking on google, it’s very important for you to realize that, in order to start ranking your business on google search, you’ll have to start targeting a lot of keywords, set your goals to target a good amount of keywords within 6 months or one year, of course, you may want to start with low competition keywords to get traffic early.

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Most important keys to content optimization

As a beginner, if you are creating your website with wordpress, i recommend using some plugins to help you with your SEO, Rank math and YoastSEO are the most used plugins for beginners, these plugins will guide you through all the process you need to do in order to do a well content optimization of your posts, keep in mind these plugins are made for beginners, so you have to learn more about this in order to do advanced seo.

yoast seo and math rank will help you with content optimization

Writing is something you can easily do if you are experienced, writing while you are doing SEO is a little tricky and sometimes it can be tough, so let’s start with the title of your post, if you are writing a post about a product on amazon to compare or to do a review, you should put the name of the product in your title (H1), as the name of an amazon product its probably a high competition keyword, you should create your post with long-tail keywords to start ranking on the first google search.

Long-tail keywords will help you rank faster

A long-tail keyword is a short phrase that combines a high competition keyword with another 3 or 4 words, as an example, if you are creating a post about a laptop, you will notice the keyword “laptop” has high competition, so you will not rank for this keyword until you create a google ads campaign and you pay thousand dollars for that keyword, so you will add more words, example: ” gaming laptop under 1k USD”, by writing this on your title your post is going to rank faster and will probably show on the first page on google.

This is a powerful strategy even for old posts, if you have an old post with just a few page views on your website, you can change your title(H1) to a long-tail keyword with low competition and search volume, don’t change the url as this is like creating a new post.

Content optimization is not keyword stuffing

Avoid doing this mistake, keyword stuffing your text, or alt text will destroy your SEO, and your website will sink into the deepest google searches, so, if you are doing posts with 1500 to 2000 words, use at least 6 times your long-tail keyword, this will get your post doing fine, and of course it will get rank as people read and stay and dive in your website for a long time.

Headers are a real source of power for your posts

headers will ease your post legibility and engage your users

To write a good post you have to create a structure, this is made using headers, We talked about the Title (that’s H1) for the body of your posts you will be using H1, H2, H3, and paragraphs, it is recommended to write one or two paragraphs with 4 lines max, and then use a header, you can use headers to create different sections on your posts, to create a list, or to highlight the most important line of text of a paragraph.

Avoid making walls of text, headers will help your users understand your content easily, and it will be a better post to read, more interesting, and user friendly, headers are used too as a powerful SEO tool, you may write this keyword you use on your headers, at least part of the longtail keyword, so you will start ranking for another related keyword too, the result of this will be more impressions on google search and of course, more impressions mean you can get more clicks.

Choosing the appropriate layout for your blog its a very important strategy, click here to know more about blog format and layouts.

Creating your own images is one of the most important keys to content optimization

We all know posts need images and posts to survive, people feel more attracted to colors, well-crafted images, photos, or videos, so start adding images, its recommended to use at least 4 images on a 1000 word post, adding those images will lead you to start adding alt text, google use this text to show users what’s the image about, so this alt text will help your SEO, as with your post, avoid doing keyword stuffing, or you will see no page rank on that post.

creating your own image is part of your content optimization task

It’s very important for you to at least create an image for every post, or every two posts, a good, useful, and well-made image will help your ranking, often a good and useful image gets popular on google searches, and people start using that image on their blogs, adding the source of the image ( a link from a website pointing to yours, that’s called a backlink), often this backlinks will help you rank on the first stages of your website, as Google counts this links as a good sign, so you will gain authority.


If you have made things right, creating a post with a good keyword research, good, useful, and engaging content, using images with appropriate alt text editing, adding keyword related headers, and sometimes creating your own images or videos, then, you will start getting traffic, that hard to find content will lead you to get returning visitors who will maybe pay for something you sell on your site or support your website on a crowdfunding site, I hope this post was useful to you, keep in touch as I will be creating more content about this topic, with more advanced SEO tips.

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