How to monetize a recipe blog on 2022

Learn how to monetize your food blog on 2022

Food blogs are one of my favorites, thats because you can just search any recipe you want to prepare, and there’s going to be a lot of information about it, with a full in depth recipe, some posts are even made by professional chefs who likes to share their knowledge online, and thats why this niche has a lot of competition, you can always start a new blog about food you like, but in order to know how to monetize a recipe blog, you have do a very nice job.

Thats right, there is a lot of people working really nice on the food niche, great professionals, passionate about their job, sharing their recipes, teaching people the right way to mix the best ingredients to create a delicious meal, some of these people are popular influencers with millions of followers, so you have to do your best, but don’t panic, if you are passionate for food, and you have a really good approach to this niche, you will still make it.

There’s always room for one more.

Food niche is an enormous topic to cover, thats why there are a lot of food blogs out there, many of them doing a very well job monetizing, so, you have to worry more about how you want to start creating your food blog, i always say to every people that wants to start blogging, “doit!, just start now!”, but you have to do some research before you even start thinking on a hosting service.

You have to start this research by checking on your future competitors, those food blogs on the first ranks of course, watch their website template, the layout they use, how many recipes they have, if you look carefully, you will even notice how some blogs specialize on one or a few food categories, and thats maybe the path you must follow.

Create a good subniche or pick 5 to 8 categories to rank faster

Once you are pretty excited and motivated about to start your food blog, then pick a sub niche, or some categories, there’s a lot of options to choose, as an example you can write about every food you can prepare with a grill, italian food, you can start writing posts on how to prepare delicious recipes with every kind of cheese, or create a vegetarian or kosher menu and start researching for this recipes.

Creating a sub niches will help you monetize your food blog faster

There are some recipes you may want to stay away for now, and those are turkey recipes, or those recipes people will only search for an specific season to prepare, those blog will probably create a big spike of traffic on this season of the year, but then, your traffic will fall again to almost zero, also i recommend you stay away from diet recommendations, supplements, vitamins or else your post will sink and will problably lost on google results.

How to monetize a food website with ads

It will take from 4 to 6 months for a blog to start ranking and get a nice amount of organic search on google, thats because google will try to figure your niche topic, creating cluster topics and categories will help google undestand your niche and indexing your site faster, thats when you need to apply to google adsense, i recommend though having at least 10 pageviews , displaying ads on your site its going to be one of many ways you will monetize, for you to start creating a good income, you need a steady amount of traffic and a great amount of nice posts.

There’s some people who struggle to get accepted on adsense, there’s many reasons, being low content value the most common, but worry no more, click here and learn how to be accepted fast with just a few pageviews dayly, and avoid the most common issues to be rejected.

Check this post to know more about web advertising to earn money.

How to monetize a food website with infoproducts

We all know infoproducts are a good way to monetize your knowledge from internet and it doesn’t even matter if you create a website to sell your infoproducts, you can upload them on different platforms and start selling very fast, but, if you have a food blog, then you can create a recipe book, with the bests recipes of your blog, or create a sub niche recipe book with just cheese recipes, or just vegan recipes.

You can even create your own cousine course, teach people how to cook some of your most popular recipes, you can host this course in a website like udemy, clickbank and so on, or you can learn how to host your own course on your website, doing this is the most recommended way, as you will take all the benefits of hosting your own course.

infoproducts will help you grow your recipe blog  and will give you a great income boost

How to monetize a recipe blog with affiliate programs

There’s always a good affiliate program for every niche, but if you haven’t found a good program with good comissions, you can go with amazon first, and start growing your audience, once your pageviews start hitting a nice amount, search another affiliate program to apply for, some of these companies will requiere you to have at least 10k pageviews monthly, and thats a great milestone, you need a nice amount of quality posts to get there, so start right now adding those amazon affiliate links into your website and wath how you can get some money off them.

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Create a youtube channel to add another income source

Its a good practice to create a youtube channel related to your recipe blog niche, to create videos from every post yo have, so if you create a blog post about different kind of pizza, then you make a video talking or making a pizza, you can link a comment to this blog post, and of course, copy this link into your post to enbed your video, this is a good way of creating page rank, engaging your audience, and help you monetize a youtube channel fast.


Food niche is very competitive, but you can create a nice recipe blog from a differente approach to keep people returning, this way you will earn pageviews, this will help you monetize, as this is going to be easy with 10k views/month, you need to create good and informative content first, a great amount of recipes about some specific niche, at least 30, then you start creating those post you will fill with affiliate links, linking your most popular posts to your affiliate posts, this way, you will be adding ads, affiliate links and then you start creating your first infoproduct.

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