low value content rejection from adsense can be avoided following these guide

Low value content: 3 steps to get accepted on Google Adsense on 2022

Nowadays you can earn money from your website by different methods, displaying ads is the most common, there are a lot of network ads to choose from, but, I recommend you to start with Google AdSense, when submitting your website to AdSense, it will be analyzed by a google employee, I will list the requisites you need to fulfill to get accepted and tell you my strategy to avoid getting rejected by “low-value content” or “valuable inventory no content”, so keep reading.

So, if you want to monetize your website and earn money from your audience, there are a few steps you might want to know before that, first, I recommend you to have a domain and professional hosting, you can monetize a blog from blogger, but you will get traffic and get rank faster having a good domain, then you need to have your website “done”, websites are often updating content, by done I mean, official or legal pages done (contact, about us, privacy policy…) and have a decent amount of content.

Google Adsense is the first ad platform you want to apply to get early money from your website, you can even earn up to 10k from AdSense if you reach the huge amount of one million page views per month, click here to know more.

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Requisites to apply Adsense

In order to apply to Google Adsense, your website has to meet these requirements:

  • Write quality content: You have to create great content in order to grow your website, engage an audience and gain domain authority, doing this, AdSense is going to accept your website easy, you only have to create good content, match search intention to keep growing and you will do it.
  • Avoid copy/paste from other websites, create your own content, be original and learn how to create the best content.
  • Age: You need to be 18 years old in order to be accepted.
  • Content policy: Adsense is going to refuse your website if your niche is about: adult content, tobacco, alcohol or drugs, insulting content, piracy, violence, false content, weapons, illegal content, so stay away from this.
  • Using a domain: Using a domain is recommended, but nowadays you can monetize blogger websites, so you can start for free, though I don’t recommend this, keep in mind you can’t earn from money Adsense with a blooger and a youtube channel.
  • Privacy policy: you have to create this page on your website along with a cookie policy, about us, and contact, these are mandatory pages, so, start by creating these from the very beginning of your website.
  • Traffic source: You need organic traffic, there’s not a definitive amount, but I recommend that at least 60% of your traffic is from organic search, this is not too hard, but it’s going to take some time, so if you have not reached this already, wait a couple of months.
  • Pageviews/ sessions: this is not an AdSense rule, but if you want to display ads, wait to have at least 20 pageviews daily, even if you will not earn too much, you will see how your Adsense account is growing.

Getting rejected due to low-value content

how to solve low value content and get accepted on adsense on 2022

Case study

My first website was on the gaming niche, and when I started, as a total newbie, I made a lot of mistakes, the first one, was filling my website with amazon affiliate links, now, the gaming niche is very competitive, RPM and CPC from google are the lowest, so when i started writing real content for the website, it was 3 month old, so I started, and by the 5th month I had 50 posts, and I was getting from 20 to 30 page views daily so I applied to Adsense.

I was very disappointed to see my website rejected 5 times so, I had my legal pages made, 50 posts with 1000 to 1500 words length, and still getting rejected.

Steps to solve low-value content to get accepted in Adsense

1. Search for no indexed URLs

First, I analyzed every URL on the google search console and discovered that only 15 posts were actually indexed, even when I started indexing manually after I finished writing each one, then as time passed I was getting no posts indexed, I kept reading posts and searching, and then I analyzed each post, some of them were using the same keyword, this is called cannibalization, maybe google is not indexing more posts within the same domain, using the same keyword because is basically talking about the same thing, so I somewhat improved my knowledge a bit, my keyword targeting and SEO now are slightly better, and changing keywords made most of my posts indexed.

2. Write at least 1000 words on each page and post

Later some days almost every post was indexed, so I applied again, can you guess right? “low-value content” again, this time I was really feeling like a total failure, but then I remembered, that real people are analyzing my website, maybe they are only seeing my front page, legal pages, and some random posts, my frontpage was almost filled with images, no text added, so I added 1000 words of text, every legal page but contact, was more than 1000 words too.

3. Add at least 10 or 20 more posts if you are at 30.

After doing that, I was successfully accepted on Adsense, so the low content value was fixed, and started earning money from my website traffic, my website was growing slowly, but steady, I have heard some sites were accepted with just 10 or 20 posts on them, for me was 50, but I definitely recommend you to fill your pages with text to get accepted.

solve low value content and start earning money on adsense now

How to fix “Valuable inventory: no content”

This is a common beginner’s mistake, affiliate programs help webmasters to have another source of income, this may be one of the most important sources of income for them, there are a lot of people earning thousand dollars monthly with affiliate programs so, is not a surprise for beginners to get rejected frequently with the statement “Valuable inventory: no content” if their websites are filled with affiliate links and products.

Don’t get me wrong, this is not bad or is illegal, but, AdSense will refuse heavy affiliate sites, you will still earn money with a website like this if you create a good amount of posts, just keep in mind that, in order to earn money, real people have to buy that product, and you have to engage and earn those clicks, so in order to pass this issue and get accepted in google AdSense, create enough content to have just 20% of your content with affiliate links, and don’t fill pages or posts with affiliate links, create a post with at least 1000 words, then use your affiliate links there.


Getting accepted on google Adsense is the first step to start earning money with your website, once you start getting good traffic, you will see an increase in revenue, getting rejected for low-value content or whatever reason you got, is tough, and you will feel you are going nowhere, but believe me, your website will be accepted if you work and set your goals, I hope this short guide was helpful to you and soon you get accepted.

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