Get inspiration for your romance novel

how to get inspiration to write a romance book for amazon kdp

Romance is a category on Amazon KDP with a lot of competition, but maybe the most profitable too, there’s a lot of great books and veteran writers creating books for this genre, but don’t worry, there’s still room for more if you are passionate about this category, finding inspiration to write a full series of books can be hard though, so, keep reading because i will list some great tips to get inspiration for your romance novel and maybe your next best selling book at Amazon kdp.

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1. Read novels in the romance genre

A great and proven method to get inspired is of course, reading books from the romance category, there are a lot of books to pick from, reading is not only going to get you inspire, but imagine how can you write as an expert on the niche, try to read both contemporary and classic romance novels to get a feel for the genre, to see how much you can sub niche and take some keyword elementes for your book description at Amazon, doing there you will understand what readers are looking for in a romance story.

There are countless romance novels out there, by reading you are already working on your book and getting some experience on the romance category that can provide inspiration for your own book. Here are some popular romance novels, some of them are great titles that you might want to consider reading for inspiration:

get inspiration for your romance novel
  1. The Time Traveler’s Wife by Audrey Niffenegger
  2. Me Before You by Jojo Moyes
  3. The Notebook by Nicholas Sparks
  4. Outlander by Diana Gabaldon
  5. The Fault in Our Stars by John Green
  6. Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen
  7. The Bridges of Madison County by Robert James Waller
  8. The Wedding by Nicholas Sparks
  9. The Hating Game by Sally Thorne
  10. The Proposal by Jasmine Guillory
  11. Beach Read by Emily Henry
  12. The Kiss Quotient by Helen Hoang
  13. The Flatshare by Beth O’Leary
  14. The Unhoneymooners by Christina Lauren
  15. Red, White & Royal Blue by Casey McQuiston

These romance books offer a variety of settings, themes, and characters that can inspire your own writing some of them are best sellers published the traditional way. I recommend these but of course you can choose whatever you want to read, but start now and try write the best ideas you get from your readings.

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2. Explore your own experiences

Romance is a genre that often draws from personal experience, from the joy, love, pain or sadness from the author, think about your own romantic experiences, or those of your friends or family, and consider how you could use these experiences as inspiration, sometimes the best stories are from real experiences, you could write a story based on a real-life romance, or you could use elements of real-life relationships to create a great story.

3. Watch romantic movies and TV shows

Movies and TV shows can also be a great source of inspiration, some of them are really great, of course sometimes movies are pretty fast and the story is not too well developed, look for stories with great and interesting scenarios and complex characters, pay attention to plot twists and turns. take notes to develop a great story about what you see on the screen, the dialogue and the way the characters interact with each other is key to a great story too.

watch romance movies to get even more inspiration for your romance novel

Here are some popular movie titles with amazing love stories that you might want to consider watching for inspiration:

  1. The Notebook
  2. The Fault in Our Stars
  3. The Time Traveler’s Wife
  4. A Walk to Remember
  5. Ghost
  6. The Princess Bride
  7. Love, Simon
  8. Crazy Rich Asians
  9. Notting Hill
  10. Serendipity
  11. Sleepless in Seattle
  12. You’ve Got Mail
  13. Pretty Woman
  14. Dirty Dancing
  15. Before Sunrise

I bet you have seen at least a pair of these movies, this are popular and classics, with a great story and well developed characters, these movies are great to get the inspiration yo need to write, despite having some cliches here and there, and sometimes being somewhat predictables, you will entertain yourself and get your creativity working.

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4. Research popular romance tropes

A trope is a repetitive structure behind the book narrative and sometimes is like a cliché for some people, novels often use popular tropes, and sometimes authors make tropes in a unique way to give their book a personal touch, such as the enemies-to-lovers trope or the fake relationship trope, researching these tropes can give you ideas for your own story, and can also help you understand what readers are looking for in a romance book.

Some tropes are widely used by many authors so, try to give your book story trope some originality, a twist that your writers will not expect to happen and ensure this makes your story different from the others.

5. Use writing prompts

Writing prompts can be a great way to jumpstart your creativity and get inspiration for your romance book, these prompts will help you start a story, prompts give a base idea to start your creativity engine, once you start, you keep writing with your personal touch and of course, you can use this writing prompts on every part of your book, every chapter, or a part of your book where you got stuck, you can find writing prompts online, or you can create your own prompts based on themes or ideas that interest you.

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6. Get out of your comfort zone

Sometimes, the best way to get inspiration is getting out of your comfort zone. Try writing in a different genre or experimenting with different writing styles, adding some new characters to your story, give a new fate to a common character on the story. You may find that this new perspective helps you come up with nice and fresh ideas to use on your book.

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7. Take a break and do something creative

If you’re feeling uninspired to write your novel book don’t worry, it happens, take a break from writing, this can actually be beneficial, sometimes we need to stay out of the process a bit or we are just not getting any inspiration after trying, engage in another creative activity, such as drawing, painting, go out with friends, go to dance, this can help your mind to relax and get new ideas and inspiration.

go out with friends and do something creative to get inspiration for your romance novel

Go out and visit different places, this can be a great way to find inspiration for your romance book. Here are some places you might want to visit:

  1. Museums and Art Galleries: Visiting museums and art galleries is going to inspire you, be ready to make some notes, pay attention to the stories and emotions in every piece of art, you may find that a particular piece of art or exhibit sparks an idea for your book.
  2. Parks and Natural Settings: Nature can be a great source of inspiration, take a walk through a park, forest, or beach and pay attention to the sights, and every aspect of nature sorrounding you, you may find in nature, something that can inspire you to describe a great scene .
  3. Cafes and Restaurants: going to cafes and restaurants is always to get a great atmosphere for writing and can also inspire ideas for your romance book. look and analyze the people around you and take note of the interactions between them. you may also want to try new foods or drinks, at the cafes, which can help you to describe scenes and settings in your book.
  4. Historical Sites and Landmarks: these places provide a rich background for your book, take a tour to a historical place or landmark and pay attention to the stories and emotions they evoke, you may find that the setting inspires a particular character or plot point in your book.
  5. Bookstores and Libraries; these places can provide a lot of inspiration, try to read some good stories, and you will sure get your imagination flowing by allowing you to discover new books, authors, and genres, you can get inspiration by watching the books, covers or reading the book blurb.
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8. Get inspired by real-life love stories

Real-life love stories are great and will inspire you to write a great story for your book, look for stories of couples who have overcome obstacles or have a great love story. You can also get some inspiration from the way people express their love for each other in real life, whether it’s through grand romantic gestures or simple acts of kindness, sometimes you can get the inspiration you need watching a family enjoy their vacations.

9. Brainstorm with a friend or writing group

Brainstorming with with friends is a great idea to get your inspiration working, sometimes you can get great ideas from another people. Share your ideas and get feedback from others to get inspired by popular ideas, ask for suggestions from your friends, they may offer valuable ideas to use on your story . This will help your ideas get better and to come up with new ones that you may not have considered before.

10. Set aside dedicated writing time

Finally, setting aside dedicated writing time is key, some people write on their free time, and sometimes, there is no really free time, so, they write between jobs or after job. Set a regular writing schedule if possible, make it work, even if you don’t feel inspired, write ideas and wait for them to . Sometimes, the act of sitting down to write can be enough to spark inspiration and get your brain working on a great story, so take time for you and


Getting inspiration to write a romance novel requires a good combination of talent, being a good reader in the genre, watching romantic media, researching popular tropes, using some prompts, and sometimes getting feedback from family or friends. By utilizing all these strategies stated above, you will find the inspiration you need to write a captivating and engaging romance book, of course, sometimes we are under too much stress, and have a rough time at home or in our workplace, but take everything you can and use it to write the greatest story.

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