How to get a book edited for free

Check out this guide to learn how to get a book edited for free.

So, you’ve just finished writing your masterpiece, and now you want to give it that extra sparkle without breaking the bank and try to find a way to get it edited for free or by another kind of deal, check out this short guide on how to get a book edited for free and you will be amazed about the many ways you can achieve this goal.

Here you will find some quick tips and tricks to get your book edited for free, sometimes you will have to work a little, give something in exchange or sometimes give free copies of your book, so, take some time to read and plan your strategy to get your book edited for free and start your self publisher career right now.

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DIY Editing Vibes

Before diving into the editing whirlpool, take a step back and rest a bit, let your first draft and your brain cool off, and then come back to it with fresh eyes, you’ll be amazed at the stuff you catch on the second go-around, give it some days, even a full week, you will have a new perspective to enjoy the process.

Get cozy with grammar and style guides, these are the writer’s bread and butter, The Chicago Manual of Style or Strunk and White’s Elements of Style are like the wise elders of grammar, give em a shot and learn everything you can to give your writing a little extra, your readers will love the extra effort, and of course, your own unique style will be the extra spyce you add to your book.

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How to get a book edited for free easy mode

Your ride-or-die crew can be your first line of defense, friends and family who can give it to you straight are gold and sometimes always needed to a first and free honest review, just make sure they’re up for some honest critique as sometimes your parents or friends will try to soften their words to avoid hurting your feelings, a good and honest review, even a negative one, it’s a great feedback to keep growing, and that’s what will improve your writer skills.

Online Editing Tools

There are a lot of editing tools that will help you and improve your quality of life when writing your book, of course, some of these are not for free, but they have a relatively fair price, you can get some of them for free, keep in mind that you will at least edit for yourself at least for the last step or ask another person to do it, online editing tools will never be as good as a professional fine touch.

  • Grammarly Magic: Online editing tools like Grammarly are perfect for editing each word you write, the free version is what you really need if you want to catch those sneaky typos and grammar blips fast and make chances as you write, It’s like having a personal editor in your browser, its great, free and an amazing tool to edit typos, mispelling and even grammar errors.
  • ProWritingAid High Five: ProWritingAid is another cool tool, It dives deep into your writing style, pointing out areas where you can flex some word wizardry, it’s like using an AI tool to edit your text, but of course, you need the final touch a professional can.
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School’s in Session

If you know peeps in college or university, tap into that student power and don’t underestimate it, as students can be methodical and really dedicated to their work, some students are itching to edit and polish your manuscript, and you might just have the perfect project for them, justo remember to always offer a good reward for those hard worker students.

Swap Skills

If you’re a jack-of-all-trades, trade your skills with a friend or a person who find your skills useful, If you’re a graphic design whiz or a marketing maven, swap services with an editor, this way you will spend less money and are going to get your text polished by an expert.

Social Media SOS

  • Tweet the Universe: Hit up Twitter with hashtags like #amwriting or #writerscommunity #selfpublish and the like, writers are all about supporting each other, you might just find an editing buddy willing to trade favors, be warned that, sometimes, there are scammers here and there so, you have to be careful when handing your text to someone else.
  • Facebook Crew: Facebook groups are like the watering holes of the writing world, join some groups and start adding value, asking helpful questions and adding free content, toss out a request for editing help and offer some of your services in exchange, or money if you can afford it, and see who’s up for the task.
  • Internet Playground: Dive into writing communities on Goodreads, Reddit, or Scribophile, It’s like a giant online campfire where writers swap stories and give each other a hand. Post a shout-out for beta readers, and you might just catch some interested folks, just beware, cause as I stated above, scammers are everywhere and can be a pain if they publish your work elsewhere.

Library Quest

Local libraries are low-key editing havens, some librarians might have resources or leads on editing help in exchange for a service or some little pay, plus, you get that cozy library smell, and a good área to inspire yourself.

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Online Communities FTW

  • Wattpad Wonderland: Wattpad is like an online treasure trove, here you can engage with the community and get some audience, this way you will get beta readers to do some light editing of your text, of course, you need to be careful about the people you hand out your manuscript, but, you may find a lot of help on this platform.
  • Inkitt Adventures: Platforms like Inkitt are not just for readers; they’re for writers too, dive in, share your work to get some reviews, people here love to give their points of view, and maybe you can snag some free editing love for your text.
  • Sites like are matchmaking services for authors and beta readers to meet up, you can even learn about some seasoned veterans here, so i recommend this site to search beta readers, editors and learn a bit about editing and writing, just set up a profile, spill the beans about your book, and see who’s game.
  • BookSprout: Platforms like BookSprout are another avenue that welcomes new authors and readers, just list your book, and readers hungry for a sneak peek can hit you up faster tan you think, try it!
  • Freebies Galore: Some people just don’t like to give their work for free, and it’s ok, but once you have made some sales, a good strategy is to handout a piece of your work for free, and sometimes this strategy will net you a lot in revenue.
  • Shout-Outs: Promise a shout-out in your book for your beta readers, this means, showing your beta reader’s names in your book, you can use some pages to greet them or a special text for them. People love seeing their names in print, even if it’s just in the acknowledgments.
  • Home Base: If you have an author website, create a cool page where beta readers can sign up. It’s like having a clubhouse for your early readers, but one you can monetize to get an extra revenue.
  • Newsletter Magic: If you’ve got a newsletter, drop a line to your subscribers, your biggest fans might just be the perfect beta readers.

There are a lot more platforms or websites as these ones, register and interact in forums about your niche or self publishing books, here you can post some pieces of your book and let the community start working on a good review.                                                                                                                                                  

Set the Ground Rules

When you find your editing prospect, make sure you’re on the same page, as sometimes editors don’t have a clear idea of what your book is all about, let them know what you need – whether it’s a proofread, a style check, or just some general vibes.

Editing doesn’t have to be a bank-breaker, if you apply one of these strategies you will have your book edited for free. With a dash of resourcefulness and a sprinkle of networking magic it can be done nice and fast, without parting with your hard-earned cash

Get in the Mix

Hit up writing conferences or genre-specific events, some of your readers may be excited to meet you at these events. It’s like a treasure hunt for potential beta readers, so don’t miss the opportunity. Network with fellow word wranglers and see who’s up for the beta reader challenge.

If you’ve already birthed some books into the world, invite your readers to the party. Gauge their interest in beta reading your next brainchild, this kind of events are agreat, you can grow your audience, give them some freebies, and gather information about what your audience want for the sequel.                                    


If you still have doubts about how to get your book edited for free, read carefully the text above, sometimes you will have a lot of people to read your manuscript and really help you with tipos and text structure, but, most of the time you will be needing some of them, even profesional editors, to give your book a more stylish and polished configuration.

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